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Advance Auto Parts Customer Service

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Advance Auto Parts customer service is ranked #96 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 60.98 out of a possible 200 based upon 353 ratings. This score rates Advance Auto Parts customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


274 Negative Comments out of 353 Total Comments is 77.62%.


79 Positive Comments out of 353 Total Comments is 22.38%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating
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  • Nice little scam going on here. Please don't buy auto batteries at Pump Rd store 8968. My 5 year 48H6 autocraft battery stopped holding a charge after 3 years. I waited 3 weeks before taking it in, charging it each night to see how long it held a charge. After it leaving me stranded 3 times enough was enough. When I took it in they hooked it up to their tester and said the 770 CCA battery still has 550 CCAs and that means we consider it fine. Yeah except it won't kick over my LS1 engine. Man behind the counter says I have a bad starter..... Come on man. I have been a shade tree mechanic for over 30 years Starter works fine after full charge and alternator is fine too. Stand behind your products. Battery will not hold a charge. Went to auto zone. They have my business from now on

    BC 8/19/14 6:50AM
  • Sadly they let there employees drink and spoke weed in park n lot at location off frontage road the warehouse where there a guard at gate but it's ok to drink and spoke in your car or van in park in lot poor service!!

    Anonymous 8/10/14 11:20AM
  • I went to the store 1269 in erie pa the one in 38 st I went to pay with my boss business check and the manager did not acept the check the same day I went to the one in peach st in erie pa they did acepted I pay part there and they did not have the part there and I pay there but pick the parts in 38 st that a big game I dont understand we have a lot of business there but every time I have problem with does people in 38 st in erie pa went sometime they give me the wrong part or I have hard time there I always spend a lot of money I have my own garage and I buy my part always there but I think im going to move my acount somewhere else they dont know how to work they need person that know what they doing that a shame that is good store

    maelos garage 8/4/14 7:48PM
  • Store in houma la opens at 8am employees smoking and talking in parking lot not opening srore and it is 815am very unprofessional have to go to autozone

    Anonymous 8/3/14 6:11AM
  • Ordered a transfer case for my o4 toyota 4x4 on 7/18/14 in the Keene NH store. I called called on 4/19/14 and told them I would be in 7/21/14 to pick it up. when I went in to pick it up at nine o'clock in the morning the manager began harrassing me about he was "going to ship it back" and that I did not call him, this verbal abuse I took personally!! I politlely told him "I came in to pay for the transfer case not to be verbally abused, With the person you put to manage and represent your company I do not need the harassment and unprofessional manner he exhibited. I also asked him for the paperwork on the warranty, he said he did not have any paperwork at his store!
    this really concerns me as I have lost all trust in Advanced Auto Parts.

    Anonymous 7/21/14 12:39PM
  • At store 6984 the more money you spend they treat you worse. the gm of the store he does not want to do returns. GO NAPA

    tubular 7/7/14 7:27PM
  • I went in looking for a fuel line hose. The guy at the cash register,Fred, measured the old line I had brought in and said it was 1/4th inch line and gave me the replacement line in the length I needed. So when I returned home I try to fit the new line only to realize it is way too big and he had measured wrong. So I return with the line I had just purchased and said I needed a smaller line. Fred said they didn't have it. So I asked if I could return the line I had just purchased. He said no. I explained to him that he had measured for me and he personally gave me the wrong size. He said it is company policy to not take returns on hoses. So I guess it is their company policy to give the customer close to what they want and if it doesn't work who cares?

    Skweeky 6/26/14 5:16PM
  • Total incompetence. At times up to 10 people in line, two registers open but not moving, why because the store on Dale Blvd, changed the counter. Now there is no register just for checkout. What a waste of an hour waiting in line to buy 3 quarts of oil. Watched 5 people walk in and see how long the line was and turn around and leave. I know I won't be going back. To top it off, that many people in line and the employee answers the phone to help on the phone instead of helping the customers in line in the hot store. No AC. Advance Auto get your head

    none 6/3/14 4:14PM
  • Just home from Advance Auto Parts in Temple, PA. Went to buy the connector and gauge for a unit to charge my car's A/C...already have the canister.

    Found just what I needed, got my Visa in my hand, and the sales guy who I am standing right in front of ignores me for over 5 minutes...not a look or a word. There are at 2 others in different parts of the store, same guy in the stock room nods at me.

    Getting very hot outside, and I have my 3 dogs in the car, so I just walked out. I will get what I need from a store that actually wants to sell something.
    I had been ignored in that store on a few other occasions, but I was not 5 feet from the sales guy and it was like I was invisible. I'm done with Advance.

    Mark 47 6/3/14 7:06AM
  • The Advanced auto in Tupelo store number 1414 when a issue was at hand I asked to speak with the manager when I spoke with him he cussed, yelled, and hung up on me not once but twice this is by far the most unprofessional person I have ever spoke with every single time i've been in that store hes been rude and should be fired asap I cannot begin to think of an excuse as to why Advanced Auto will allow this so called manager to act this way i am sure they won't look into nor correct this issue this is the worse store ever and if this problem is not corrected other actions will be took you cannot talk to people as he does

    Anonymous 6/2/14 4:11PM
  • My girlfriend and I went into the Advanced Auto Parts store on Deans Bridge Rd. to get a replacement for a radiator hose. While we were there my girlfriend asked if they were hiring. The general manager, Edgar, told her know but about 2 minutes later told some guy who walked in and asked that yes they were hiring. I highly doubt much changed in that short bit of time, I am pretty sure that the general manager of that location is. He was also completely rude to my girlfriend and to me and was pretty much no help at all in getting us the part we needed. We went to O'reilly's and got the part immediately. I can't believe that guy like that is allowed to be a general manager.

    dengland38 5/22/14 10:33AM
  • I stopped in at the store in winter garden, fl on 4/18/14 to pick up brake pads for my 88 jeep wrangler. They did not have any and I pointed to one of the several signs stating: if we don't have your brake pads, we'll buy them for you.
    Manager said no we ain't buying your brake pads. Just out of curiosity, why is that sign up there ?

    Anonymous 4/18/14 4:34PM
  • Went to Advance Auto Parts and bought several items that were advertised as buy 2 or $9 and get a free bucket. purchased 2 of these items and some 10 gauge 1/4" crimp connectors. As I was looking at the products, the employee was there talking with me. I said I was going to buy these products, and get a free bucket. I walked back to the checkout counter to the same guy and he checked me out. Surprise, Surprise, no free bucket. Store #06118 Employee was Jeremy J

    Tiny Gilbert 4/10/14 8:11PM
  • This place is ridiculous. Assaulted by employee, who wound up denting my vehicle, and management/ corporate doesn't even care.

    Will cost more to sue than to pay to fix on my own.

    Won't be back! Ever!

    Anonymous 4/7/14 6:17PM
  • Parts reference is wrong crack heads selling wrong parts . Sold wrong parts twice now have to go back a third time . Was going to buy oil on sale but put of it . They said delivery was tommmprrpw but no guarantee they would stock the shelves . Also got pimped on a complete brake job rebate and a Monroe shock rebate 2 years ago. The Allen park store totally sucks hope they close it up .

    [email protected] 4/3/14 7:48PM
  • Bought the better gold battery for my car and its just a year old and it won't hold a charge. Took it back to store and they said it was dead and it must be my car. The car is a fair weather vehicle that I only drive when its nice out. Its a 2003 Mustang GT with 36,000 miles. The original battery lasted 10 years, this one didn't even make 1 year. Store said they could charge it for me,WOW I can do that myself. I have 7 cars and guess what, I will never go back to Advance auto again. Very disappointed Going back to my Die Hard.

    65stang03 4/3/14 4:43PM
  • I have used Advanced Auto for years for my parts .There is a store in Hampton,Va.on Lasalle Ave.,that I had a bad experience twice while in the store .On April 2 ,2014,yesterday ,I called that store ,explained what I needed ,was asked to hold on .I waited for 15 min.Someone answered and asked could they help me .I replied "I thought you were".He said rudely "what do you need".I said nothing from you.I hung up and went to another Advanced Auto.Then I went to store# 02930 and was waited on by Steven ,who was polite and informative.Please let him know he is appreciated. Someone need to be fired at the other store .I spoke to several friends who said they also been treated bad at that store .

    Anonymous 4/3/14 11:47AM
  • I am not happy with the hays kansas they treat costumer really rude I call to ask a question about a warranty and the employee that answers the phone was extreamly rude and did not even answer my question

    Anonymous 4/2/14 2:12PM
  • Ok so today I took my pristine black 1998 Cadillac Deville concours to advanced auto to have by battery checked . The worker with an attitude sets his device in my fender and kept pushing down on it real hard and when he was done left multiple deep long scratches in the top of my fender... Deep scratches it looks horrible... And all he can do as say sorry and there's nothing they can do about it.. sorry don't fix the damages done to my paint job.. I'm angry and I want my paint fixed. This car was just recently painted and is in beautiful condition.. this is horrible..

    JessieK 4/1/14 5:02PM
  • I bought some lifetime warranty brakes at advanced auto parts location Bissonett/ kirkwood location the representive was very rude his name is xavier rold us he will not take brakes back because one was worn down lifetime waranty is lifetime warranty correct?

    Anonymous 3/28/14 4:17PM
  • I was at your store on grant line rd in new Albany Indiana looking for a part that was registered on your website as in stock. An employee at the store informed me without looking that the part was not in stock. He proceeded to ask me questions that I did not know the answer to which led him to laugh in my face. He continued to speak to me in a condescending tone and I felt highly disrespected. I didn't catch the employees name but his actions have led me to believe that this is how you allow your employees to treat and speak to your customers and has prompted me to take my business else where. I will not return to this store or any of your stores as long as you allow this behavior to continue.

    Anonymous 3/25/14 4:28PM
  • i was in store 03290 on 02/17/2014 first they didnt give me all my parts had to make two trips witch wasted my time and gas i work for the dept of defence as a gs employee i ask for a discount the manager told me we dont do that here i know the other stores do because i go there i just was on the wrong side of town.

    Anonymous 3/18/14 6:06PM
  • Careful with the store on Sunshine Blvd/lee Blvds. in Lehigh Acres, Florida. They have an Assistant Manager that tells everyone she is the Store Manager, Kaylee is the worst employee I have ever come across at any of the AAP stores that I have shopped. Tampa are great. Lehigh Acres Sunshine store is unprofessional and untrained. This self professed Manager grabbed my package after charging it and getting a signed receipt from me. So I did not get my purchase and on top of this was charged to my Visa card. I will follow up on the Managers of this company to see how they will honor and reverse my charges. And my disgust at poor employee hiring.

    bttyb00p 2/23/14 10:18PM
  • I have never been treated so poorly by any store in my life as I just have at Advance Auto in Hammonton NJ. I don't understand why this store opens its doors at all if they employees find the idea of having to deal with customers such an inconvenience.

    Anonymous 2/16/14 5:19PM
  • ordered 3 different plye back up cameras from this place and all 3 had to be returned. don't know to blame advanced or pyle because of piss poor product quality control. but if I got 3 bad ones its telling me most are bad if not all.i would highly recommend not to buy any of these products. the last camera kit was an up grade the list for over 200.00 dollars and it is junk just like its name its a pyle of ----.

    randee1 2/14/14 5:45PM
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  • I have been to alot of advanced auto part stores in ohio the workers were always nice friendly helpful.never had no problems at any ohio store.if one couldnt find what i needed they got somebody to help find the part.verry nice workers always there to help id say shelby ohio had the best and cleanest store out of all the stores i been to.

    ortiz 6/6/14 8:27AM
  • I've read through most of the negative and positive comments, as well as the employee comments and I just wanted to say for the one's that posted negative comments regarding warranty claims, Advance has a page on their website, that explains the warranties in full. The most common two, batteries and brakes, I personally make sure my customers understand before they walk out of the door.

    Batteries (depending on AGM Gold, Gold, Silver, or Automotive (Economy)) are warrantied for the time period specified AFTER the battery is determined defective by the store, which in most cases, involves us testing, then charging, then retesting. At that point, we are able to diagnose whether it's the battery or something else. Personally, I have no problems warranting a defective part, but I don't want to warranty something that isn't the problem and isn't going to help the customer in the end, and will just cost the customer more time and aggravation, and I will fully admit, I've had customers get mad at me because I wouldn't warranty a battery that was still good only to have them to take it to a garage and have the garage determine it was something else. Nearly each time, that customer came back, apologized and made repeat visits asking specifically for me. It is also a ONE time replacement. The warranty doesn't start over just because you got a new battery under warranty.

    As for brakes, all of our brake pads/shoes, (Economy, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Wagners) are a LIMITED Lifetime replacement. That doesn't mean you get new pads/shoes when they wear down, because brakes are MADE to wear over time. Any one with basic brake knowledge knows that you lose a thin layer of pad material every time you touch the brakes. The warranty will, however, cover any defects (pad coming off backing, cracks, chunks missing, etc.) and PREMATURE wear. So if after a month of use they wear down, and the caliper or rotor isn't at fault, sure we will replace them. But if the caliper or rotor was to cause the premature wear, then no, we won't cover them because it isn't the fault of the pad. That's why we try and get customers to buy those little project packs of caliper grease. So you can lube up the slides so you don't have to go back in and tear the brakes out again because the caliper was sticking or seized.

    The rotors are a 2 year replacement against DEFECTS. Again, if it were to crack, chip, etc. we warranty it. Not because it wears down.

    There are days were I wish some of the customers I met would stick themselves behind the counter once so they can see how unfair they treat people sometimes.

    No one is perfect. Every store, every employee, even myself and every customer will make a mistake. I treat my customers they way I want to be treated because that's how I was taught. But if I'm polite and customer is rude and pushes my button too far, I tell them I'm sorry they feel that way, have a nice day, and I walk away.

    With all that said, I've worked for Advance for 3 years now, and I honestly genuinely enjoy the job. The only gripe I have is the poor pay the company gives to their "valued" employees. They expect people to want to work minimum wage or just above it and it won't happen. Especially where I live. Why should they work in retail getting $7.25-$8 an hour when the factories around us are starting you out at $12-15 an hour, no experience necessary. The jobs are different yes, but the actual work load is about the same.

    Neutral Party 4/17/14 11:50PM
  • seems like only on person at the store in clayton ga. knows anything about the basics of cars.
    I always call to see if he is there before going to the store.
    I also noticed when I'm there that the other employee's are always asking him to talk to other customers because they can't answer the technical questions.

    Anonymous 2/20/14 4:28AM
  • Advance Auto Parts

    Customer Service

    Gentlemen: As my account history will reflect I have a long history of doing business with Western Auto AKA Advance Auto Parts. I am happy to report that during my long history I have received excellent service on both internet purchases and in store services on my Jeep Liberty. I was particularly Impressing with the quality of service and professional and fair treatment by your store management at your location in W/A Caguas However I am saddened to report that is not the scenario with your facility On Sunday while shopping in Carolina PR I notice that my check engine light was illuminated I immediately used my Actron auto scanner plus and scanned my Jeep the scanner indicated A P0157 oxygen sensor circuit low voltage bank 2 sensor 2 . I proceeded to your store located in the same shopping mall and requested to have oxygen sensor #2 banks replaced. I had a dialog with the service attendant and informed him that I had several oxygen sensors replaced at the Advance facility in Caguas and that I believed that they were still under guarantee he proceeded to contact the Caguas store and confirmed that I was correct. He wrote up a service request and after about an hourâ??s wait he called me and reported that sensors #1 & 2 in bank 2 were defective as per the service tech. I reiterated that my scanner only reflected that sensor #2 banks #2 were defective and that I only wanted sensor #2 replaced.

    He stated that the guaranty covered only the part and that I was responsible to pay the labor charge. I agreed and the service tech proceeded with the service. After two and half hours I was informed the service was completed I reviewed the service invoice and it reflected tech #218708( instalacio 02 sensor)

    The invoice reflects that the sensor #2 was replaced.

    However on the following day the check engine light was once again illuminate and my scanner once again indicated that this was so. On Monday 01/21/2011 I went back to the store and complained to the store manager my situation and he offered that sensor #1 was replaced and that he was willing to install sensor #2 without labor charge and that I would have to pay for the sensor.

    In conclusion:

    In my dialog with the service advisor I had stated clearly that I only wanted sensor #2 replaced, I detected a hostile attitude from the service tech, and he was noticeably upset that I had a code sensor with me and knowledge of the problem with my vehicle. He was determined to use â??creative production â??in order to punish me for my knowledge and initiative I realize that the $55.00 labor charge is no big deal. The big deal is how his egotistical behavior and condescending attitude reflects on Advance Auto Parts Customer Relations. My suggestion is that your personnel be retrained in customer relations and the management at the SJ-20 VISIT THE STORE #3 IN Caguas and emulate the level of service at that facility.


    Angel M. Bernard

    Angel 1/22/14 7:03AM
  • had battery problem?

    went to aa on collins street plant city fl.nohelp from personell there!!!!!!!!!



    Anonymous 12/31/13 10:07AM
  • every time I go to advance auto in clayton ga. I always look for one attendant that seems to know more than anyone else there about operating systems of cars and trucks. he always goes over with me what to check first before making any recommendations on the purchase of any parts.
    don't know his name but he was there 12/7/13 and has silver gray hair.

    shadtree 12/9/13 3:37AM
  • My comments are about Cobleskill N.Y. store #06704. I have allways had very positive and informative interactions with all the help at this location.I dont always know how to explain what it is i need but they have seen enough to walk me through many dead ends.Cobyvill store #06704 has gone above and beond in coustomer service and pointing me in the right direction weather its testing starters,testing batterys or building brakelines, they have the answer. 99% of the time any part i need is in stock or first thing in the am and they are open extended hours so that works for me. great service great parts great price.

    Anonymous 12/1/13 4:01PM
  • I want to commend the Advance Auto Parts store that i buy most of my auto parts at.My store is the Elk River store Elk River Minnesota.Most of all i want to thank your employee Miguel for the great help he was to me today on 10-08-2013.He got me everything i needed He's the kind of employee that any company would be happy to have.Thank you for your great service.I will continue to get my auto parts from this store!!Mark Harris Andover,Minnesota

    Anonymous 10/8/13 11:02AM
  • I was helped by Scott at my location in south Lyon Michigan. Scott was a pleasure to do business with! He really touched my heart. He did everything he could to help me find a fan belt for my skidsteer. Scott is a wonderful person.

    Anonymous 9/29/13 5:59PM
  • I would like to express my appreciation to Ronnie Hughes who works at the Griffin Georgia West Taylor Street Advance Auto Parts store for changing my flat tire on the side of a road in Pike County, GA. I had a flat while traveling, and was unable to change the tire. Ronnie stopped, asked me if he could help, and changed the tire for me. I am very appreciative. Ronnie made a very positive impression on me for the Advance Auto Parts company.

    Anonymous 9/18/13 6:21AM
  • I had a great experience at the store in Amherst,OH. Mick and Ben were patient and helpful. I needed my battery tested, not only did Ben charge it for me (a process that took 30 mins; which was past close) he also was kind enough to put in the new one without any hassle when the old one failed to charge. I highly recommend this store to everyone!

    Anonymous 9/17/13 6:40PM
  • I was in the Advance Auto PartsGlen Allen Va. store #8720 In April of this year asked if I could have my battery chargeId the man said he did not know if he could do my brand od vehicle a Mercedes, that he would have to ask his manager. The manager came out and said no they could not do it would require too much work. Went back to the same store later in the week a young man by the name of Denis readily came out to assist me. It took him a few minutes but he got it done. Did the battery check and told me I needed to buy a new battery which I did. This young was soooo nice and helpful. He actually needs to be manager or in an higher customer service position. For this I want to thank him.

    Anonymous 8/1/13 10:37AM
  • I went into the store on Chamberlayne Ave in Richmond Va., a man by the name of Brandon Readily assisted me when I asked him if he could look at my rotors to see if they needed to be replaced. Not only did he go out to do this for me he also got down on his back on the ground to look at my rotors. Brandon went above and beyond his call of duty and for this I would like to say thank you. The date of this was July 31. I had gone in the same store #2330 earlier in the month and the young lady at the counter readily assisted me to give me advice on what to do with my battery. The store manager Sam, charged my battery and thanked me for being so patient. This store in my opinion has gone above and beyond as far as customer service. Thanks to all of the above.

    Anonymous 8/1/13 10:09AM
  • I am so glad you have a female in the Pembroke store who knows what she is doing. I went there to buy a battery she checked my batter sold me the grease and washers . I decided I needed blades she had someone put my battery in to my surprise the guys couldn't get the blades on she had to put them on thats great customer service

    very happy 7/31/13 11:21AM
  • Our main belt broke on our van. We are in our 60's and were broke down. It took us 5 hours to get belt on. A girl named Mel waited on us. She came out and checked on us 3 times and even helped as much as she could. Actually if not for her we would of been stranded longer, 80 miles from home. She went completely out of her way helping us. Advance should be very proud to have her as an employee. We were at the one in Columbus I think on Brice Road. It is the one past Target and Hobby Lobby. Thank God she was there for us and may God Bless you Mel!!! Thanks Again and hope Advance Auto Parts realize what a great person and employee you are!!!

    sandyjake71 6/23/13 7:50AM
  • My daughter attends Winston Salem State University not far from the store on Waughtown St. She was having issues with her car and I could not get there until the weekend. She told me that there was a parts store not far from the school, so she went in and I think she said his name was Mark, Wow he treated her like she was his daughter not only checked the battery but also the oil. Made me feel good that someone would help her being away from home. She said he made her feel like she had a person in her corner since dad is 3hours away, That makes me feel good.

    Anonymous 6/4/13 7:55PM
  • I Have Used The Internet Several Times And Got Your Discount But Never The Extra Gift Card As Promised Very Difficut To Order Parts At Times Will Have Parts Ordered Hit Finish Shoppind And It Kicks Everthing You Have Ordered Back To Nothing In The Order Box

    Thanks Jim Buford

    Anonymous 5/9/13 10:16AM
  • My experience was at the LaVergne, TN location. Store #06188. Dana C was manning the store and was extremely knowledgeable about the products and courteous to everyone. It was Friday morning and he was swamped with customers and help did not come until 11am. He replaced a rusty lamp light in my truck so it took awhile for the lubricant to work and I had time to watch him interact with customers. I don't know what you are paying him but it can't be what he is worth! This guy could multitask and keep customers happy and had extensive knowledge of your products.

    Anonymous 4/29/13 5:31AM
  • I want to aknowledge the wonderful work and service you provide at your Pat Booker location. I recently commented on the poor service Auto Zone does and their regional manager called me and asked to give them one more chance at the FM3009 location. The service continued being poor and I commented that I drive 10 miles out of my way to Advance Auto for the friendly service and help I receive. I just want you to know you have a loyal customer and keep up the great work.

    Anonymous 4/18/13 7:36AM
  • I've had positive experiences at the Cincinnat store which was far superior to any auto zone or mechanics I had previously been to. They helped me troubleshoot some problems I was still having with my car, although I just had a few repairs done by an auto shop in which the problems weren't really resolved. The staff at Advanced Auto were really friendly and helpful, and the store mangager helped me install the minor parts I purchased that day, and referred me to a much better mechanic.

    I finally felt comfortable and secure that my problems were going to get resolved so that I could continue to transport my chilren safely for our daily commute. I wasn't feeling that confidence and safety from the previous mechanic and was feeling doubt about them continuing to work on my vehicle. I will continue to go there for my auto parts/concerns, and let others know about their store.

    VV 3/28/13 7:50AM
  • As an Advance Auto Parts Employee i feel that some of these comments are harsh, my store #3470, does not apply to any of these. i feel that you all should look more into how this company is ran, of course you don't get tax back on cores because every time money is exchanged hands in the united states income tax and out going tax are all counted.... does not matter if your receiving or giving uncle Sam wants his share... as far as customer service at our store we will do everything we can to try and get whatever you need right the first time if we don't have it we will try to get it but please realize that we can not get every part of every vehicle... Some things are a salvage yard item only, as both a car guy and a employee of this company i feel that advance auto parts is thrashed too much and isn't even given a chance...

    Advance Employee 3/6/13 12:42PM
  • I was recently at Advance Auto in Etna,PA. There was a gentleman named Chad that was extremley helpful with me as I am not vey knowledgable with cars at all. He knew what he was talking about and was quick at it. I have never had anyone wait on me that was so passionate and knowlegeable about his work than Chad. I will ask for him every time.

    krissybug8 2/21/13 2:59PM
  • i first went to the one on erie blvd the associate i spoke with name keith didnt take the time to understand my problem and gave me a number to some guy who can fix my problem.....i then went to 5633 E Circle Dr, Cicero, NY 13039 and spoke to a guy name paul he was absolutely helpful and helped me with the problem in the cold he is one of the best workers that works for advance auto because of him i will always go there and no where else

    cuadra123 2/9/13 4:44PM
  • Ive never went out of my way to write a comment on an employee before but, I am extremely pleased with the recent customer service I have received from the D'Iberville Advanced Auto Parts. Aaron has been so helpful I dont even call around for prices, I just go to advanced auto because I know Aaron will get me what I need with sincere respect and vast knowledge, He truly made a hard day easier to face, thankyou Aaron and may God Bless You, Keep up the Great Work!

    reneepisarich 1/27/13 1:42PM
  • I had a great experience at t he Bellfontaine location Advance Auto. Deandre is very professional and is always willing to help anybody. He sold me a great battery and went over all choicea qith me when my old one went out. I offered to tip him because I was so glad that he wass so nice and patient when I was worriwd and panicking. He respectfully declined. He calmed me down and made me feel very conftable when he said he could change it. I did jot know what to do and I was on my way to work. I will always go to this location for my auto needs.

    Vette 1/24/13 8:27PM
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  • I really enjoy the job. Work with honest, genuine , generous, hard working co-workers. The problem is at the corporate level. Why do these companies have such a difficult time paying their people in the trenches a livable wage? How about giving them some respect, a safe work environment and a paycheck that allows them to purchase the products they sell? I do a fair days work, I should get a fair days pay. 3 years later and I'm still at 8 bucks an hr. It lowers moral, leads to a high turnover and excessive absenteeism. Honestly, I hired in a union plant 37 years ago at a higher rate than what Advance pays me today. Something is VERY wrong. Its not just Advance, It's low wage companies everywhere. Corporate greed is again prioritized over the workers welfare. Lets see some of these huge profits they're reaping work their way down to us...the grunts in the trenches doing the work! Help rebuild our middle class!
    DON'T AGONIZE-ORGANIZE Solidarity My Brothers and Sisters

    Anonymous 7/18/14 11:10PM

  • worked at advanced for about 8 months within that time I was frowned upon because of my lack of experience. I was hired strictly to deliver parts. got to the point where I felt like a outsider was not included in any discussions, was told that I must be slow not picking up on how to repair cars, got to the point where I was being embarraced in front of other employees and customers, was given wrong orders to deliver and was told that it was my fault and was told that I was to slow to handle the position. Mgr. was heard saying he didn't care if he was fired

    Anonymous 1/16/14 7:13AM

  • i think this company should think about doing the tv show undercover boss because there is alot of good employees that are not known to higher ups that do a great job for them i myself am one of them that is seriously thinking of leaving advance because of the manager

    employee for now 11/1/13 5:09PM

  • I was an Employee Of Advance Auto Parts till today, Iwas fired by the Store Manager this morning, I received a complaint from a costumer just when I arrive to the store, the costumer complaint that everytime he calls the store the phone rings and no one picks up or if they do pick up his left on hold, so the costumer ask where can he call to file that complaint and I just told the costumer to call the company 800 number, after the costumer left the store the store Manager started to scream at me telling to stop talking sh--thathe was tired of me, I reply that i was not talking s--- t I was just answering the costumer question and besides that he was no one to send me to shut up because I live in a Free Country and I have freedon of speech, so for that reason he send me to punch out a live.
    Something needs to change in this State, Employers are taking advantage of employees and treting employees like Slave, there is no respect for employees. I've have worked for that company for 7 years with a great volume of Sales working only 3 days a week as a partimer, I'm the only one on the Store with a Master ASE in Mechanis plus with a Parts Specialist. This what I got just for speaking to a costumer, I feel that they are violating our first Ammenment. The law in Florida needs to change and stop been a free-will to employers. I will like to see something done to this type of employers that don't have no respect for employees. I have witness of exactly what happen, plus I have the contact information of the Costumer.
    I would like the Law to be change in this State of Florida and stop been a free-will to employers, employees need protention from the government and stop this type of dicrimination and abuses. Beside you worked under pressure at all times they want to take away even the freedon it was given to all Americans by our Constitution.

    Anonymous 4/20/13 5:56PM

  • I work for Advance Auto store number 2363, (Reisterstown, MD), and let me tell you I had the worst employee experience in there I have ever had. Long story short I was helping a customer get wiper blades, and his took a specific type of blade. Well he needed them right then, and there so I told him I would try some that are the exact length as his that he needed. He needed 24-R9 blades which are designed for Pontiac Firebird Trans Ams, he knew what his were because I showed him on the screen, but he agreed with me to try these other ones.

    Well I talk with the person that is there who is a keyholder, (part time mind you, and should not be holding a key, but has one because he is friends with the store manager, and this person is not a manager himself at all). Well he is no help, so I am left with calling an employee who is not at work that day to help me through a process.

    The reason being is that our inventory system is so screwed up that if it shows we have 2 of something, most of the time we don't even have it in stock in the store at all. I try to talk to the person I'm working with about what is going on, and he flat out tells the customer I can't help you, and walks away.

    The customer is pissed, and says he wants to exchange for his money back, so I'm like ok, no problem, go through the exchange I go to this employee to get numbers, (becauase he has them as a part time employee). Again I try to talk to him about what was going on, and why this is happening, well this dude decides to be a dick about it, and starts talking down to me in front of the customer.

    Blaming me for giving parts out to this guy, when I'm showing him the receipt like look its right here! read the damn receipt its right in your face! so i throw it at him, and he keeps being belligerent, he tells me that what im saying to him is irrelevant, and im like then why are you still here talking about it? this conversation is over. i give the money back to the customer and walk away to cool off. mind you this is in the front of the store, and totally unprofessional.

    he tells me i can go home, im like you aint my manager, you cant tell me nothin. hes like ill call joe, (store manager), im like call him, ill tell him my damn self.

    store 2363 in reisterstown md is the worst auto parts store you can ever go in. the only people there who know anything is 5 people. 3 work in commercial, and the other 2 hold the front, well of course they werent there.

    matt 1/19/13 11:09PM

  • I worked for AAP in 2009 in Pearland, TX. My Store Manager stayed on the phone for several hours a day complaining about her kids. She would not update price tags and we were months behind. Her favorite employees never had to stock or keep up the store. Employees could come in and try to start fist fights with other employees. Items turned up missing all the time off the shelves. Auto Repair shops did not want to deal us. Everything was in disarray all the time.

    Ronb6388 12/28/12 6:57AM

  • I've been a manager for Advance for 8 years and some of these stories are pretty wild. In our Area (East TN) if anything like these comments were happening management would be replaced. We are givin a list of guidelines to follow but there are no rules set in stone. "Take care of our Customers" is what they say. I can't tell you how many batteries i have warrentied that are out of date or are still good, just to please the customer. I think most of these comments are either exagerated or these need to be brought to a District Managers attention. If you seriously have a problem then ask for the DM's number. It is posted in plain sight for anyone with an issue.

    Brandon6822 12/15/12 5:54PM

  • The WORST Auto parts co. to work for.I cant believe some of the things I dealt with.All the other employee comments are for one. Yeah we install batteries free. I was written up for not installing one on a Dodge Stratus or Intrepid, cant remember which,because you had to remove the wheel and inner fender shield,so on and so forth. Customer called corporate. Complaint reached Manager.I took Manager to computer had him look it up. Had a comment in the battery line " Extensive procedeure required. do not attempt to install". That was it.Had enough. Quit on the spot. Former employee,Sidney N.Y.

    Anonymous 10/9/12 1:20PM

  • i was a team member in a upstate ny. i was there for almost 2 yrs an id still be there if management wouldve done there job. i left my work shirts there on a friday because i was going out of town an didnt want then stinking up my vehicle an when i went back on sunday to pixk up my shirts so i could wash them for work on monday. but to my surprise i found my shirts in the trash an my name scribbled of the time card an my hrs givin to other employees. I never recieved any contact from the manager or any supervisors over the coures of the weekend leading up to this dismissal. i had somre personal issues with the company but i was working on changing them. furthermore i never told anyone in management that i quit or gave them anything in writing stating that so they assumed wrong and they had no right dismissing me that way without contacting me.when i went in on that sunday to get my shirts an to check the schedule i didnt exspect to be unemployed so i had to accept that i was fired bc nobody had the right to make any dicesion on my dismissal without contacting me first but that goes to show you what kind of management advanced auto parts have in thier stores. and i started out at 7.54 an hr an what a slap in the face it was when i got a $.33 raise when i couldnt make ends meet as it was an that wasnt any help bc what i got in a raise the goverment took in taxes so wheres the insentive to sell,sell,sell when you cant make a living.

    you 7/30/12 9:03AM

  • Horrible company to work for. Lazy management, they expect 3 peoples work out of one person, if you're 30 minutes over your 40 hours for the week you get written up. Wait scratch that last comment, I wouldn't know about it because I'm supposed to be full time yet I'm only getting 20 hours. Don't waste your time here, go to O'Reilly's they actually treat you like family. I don't see how this company has made it this long.

    dontworkhere89 7/16/12 2:19PM

  • I was a manager for Advance for over 7 years, problem leadership at the top. I resigned after continued micro management that was in addition to the reduced hours given to operate a disaster. Add on must areas were in a hard to hire situation. District managers are pushed to unethical problems, internal theft, lack of concern and burn out. Thanks Opey!

    Anonymous 4/13/12 11:54AM

  • I am an employee at Advance Auto Parts. Let me tell you up front: working here SUCKS! I get paid 7.54 an hour (I used to make more putting cheese on a cheeseburger). Management does not care about employee concerns OR retail customers. I catch flak and get written up almost weekly for doing something that I am told by management that I should not be doing (like, helping a customer with a broken headlight, or crawling under someone's car to make sure the socket fits before they buy it, or allowing a customer who paid with a card to get their money back as cash).

    I try my best to be helpful and polite to everyone who comes in. I am often by myself on the front counter, while I have seven or eight customers in front of me, while everyone else is sitting in the office having pleasant conversation, and two of the managers are outside the store having a smoke break. Meanwhile, I get hell because I didn't answer and help all four ringing lines as quickly as they should have been answered, all the while not being able to assist the line of customers ready to turn green, rip off their shirts, and smash the store.

    I allow customers to check out a part and compare it to their original part on their car before they pay for it, to ensure that they have the correct part. If something goes bad or breaks before it should, I understand that things happen and they are frustrated enough as it is. I DO NOT WANT TO ADD TO YOUR FRUSTRATION, and will 99.999% of the time either exchange the part or refund your money. The remaining .001% of the time, I can attribute to my boss standing over me, refusing to let me return the item for the customer, at which point I can only offer an "I am very sorry" while I pray they don't shoot me in anger.

    I try my best, but management is lazy. Management is unprofessional. Management steals. Upper management demands five people's worth of work out of two employees because they REFUSE to give you enough hours to keep the staff numbers they require. I am then forced to work alone (while the rest of my co-workers sit around and does nothing) while answering five phone lines with angry people who have been on hold for too long, eight customers who have been waiting for 30+ minutes for service, while I install batteries in the pouring rain and 15 degree cold, while also installing wiper blades, helping replace broken headlight and taillight bulbs, and helping check fluid levels. All for 7.54 per hour.

    And when I finally get it all done, and I am two hours late leaving, I get hell from my boss, asking me "Why are you leaving, we have work to do?" The next day, I came in, and he wrote me up for leaving two hours late and getting overtime.

    The life of an honest worker should not be less degrading than shoveling elephant $#!t, but it is. THANK GOD I graduate soon and can leave that hellhole.

    To all you unhappy customers, I apologize sincerely for your bad experiences, I really do. I wish there was more I could do to help. Unfortunately, I alone trying to help everyone is like three drops of green food coloring trying to change the color of the Mississippi river, I will never have enough of an effect by myself to make a significant difference.

    I hope any dealings you have at the other parts companies you shop at are better than the service you received at Advance Auto parts.

    Anonymous 1/27/12 12:41AM

  • There are inconsistencies with a large amount of these negative comments. We offer free battery and wiper instalation during absolutly any weather. we offer the absolute cheapest pricing of all the major car part retailers. one guy stated that we would not offer him an exchange on his warrantied "Interstate" battery, we do not sell "Interstate" batteries. some of the complaints were directed towards the time of delivery for their ordered parts, FDO (Factory Direct Order) parts take longer than overnight to get to the stores, no matter what store you order from. some comments were about being put on hold, how would you feel if you were in the store ready to check out just to be ignored by everyone because we had to put alot of phne calls before you. as far as someone claiming they were put on hold and nobody got back to them, that is not a possibility all of our phones will ring off the hook after someone has been on hold for more than 2 minutes.

    AAP_ForLife 11/3/11 12:08AM

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