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Epson customer service is ranked #185 out of the 728 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 47.37 out of a possible 200 based upon 199 ratings. This score rates Epson customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


172 Negative Comments out of 199 Total Comments is 86.43%.


27 Positive Comments out of 199 Total Comments is 13.57%.

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  • Printer (WF-7520) worked great, until it broke 8 weeks later. I purchased this printer at the end of June, looking for a decent wireless all-in-one large format product, so I could save a bit on printing at print shops. Hearing good things about Epson, and this model in particular, I made the plunge. For the first 8 weeks, this printer worked like a dream. Today, every time it starts up, it works briefly and then freezes, forcing me to shut it off again. So, I contacted Epson customer support. Big mistake. They informed me my printer is broken due to a hardware issue, and they have to send me a new printer, which will take about a week. So, I am now out of a printer I just paid $225 for a few weeks ago, for a whole week? Now, I have to go back to the print shop for the next week, spending $0.80 per page (11x17), since I am unable to stop promoting my business on the whim of Epson's unreliable product. My reasoning for justifying this purchase, to save money on my printing costs and not go to the print shop, has obviously been nullified. To make matters worse, I was told I would not receive any charges for this printer unless I did not send the defective unit back. The $300 charge on my card states otherwise.

    dixie8123 8/11/14 3:03PM
  • Dear frds pls take any epson company printer because its a big worst company afer warranty period service not availabe

    s 8/11/14 8:28AM
  • I have purchased an Epson XP-310 printer recently. Knowing it was a low priced item I did not expect to much from it.

    HOWEVER: You must be fairly good at solving mysteries to know what to do when a problem occures with it!

    It started print blank pages! Never had a printer that did that before. Solution is hidden in the tools, inside of Windows menu!

    Select: no blank pages. Now why should one have to tell it not to print a blank page when a print text command has been issued to it??

    All you need to know about this machine is well hidded. The Small screen is somewhat of a burden to try and figure out what you want it to do also.

    Compared to my Brothers this machine lacks much in easy handling. Don't recommend it.

    I need another printer, and it will not be an Epson!

    centeky 8/10/14 9:25PM
  • I have an Epson DX series printer and I can only say that I would never buy Epson again. Mainly because, even though I NEVER print colour, it consumes all the cartridges like a milk bottle with a hole in the bottom. Epson design their printers to consume as much ink as possible. This will surely come back and smack them in the face.

    barryman 8/9/14 2:42AM
  • Hello,

    I currently have your PowerLite Pro Cinema,9700UB, serial Projector. Your product was highly recommended from one of your authorize dealers.

    I have a real concern/problem with the bulb(s)not even coming close to your projected "4,000 hours".

    I'm on my THIRD BULB!! in less than 2 years. The original bulb lasted less than 1,500 hours when I replaced it with a second bulb purchased from one of your dealers; PCNation.

    The second bulb had approximately 1,400 hours when it stopped working!

    I now just purchased a third bulb from PURELAND Supply.

    Frankly, I can not afford to continue replacing bulbs this early.

    I would like to recommend this projector to a couple of people who have witnessed first hand, the great picture quality of your projector but, I have forewarned them I the bulb issue I have encountered.

    I would appreciate some advice and help on this matter and am respectfully requesting a "valid" number of hours the bulb could/SHOULD last.

    I have read and followed all your instructions and frankly, am giving up due to disappointment and costs associated with the Epson Projector.


    Michael R Geromette

    michaelg 7/28/14 9:52AM
  • My 2530 ran out of black ink. The other colors were 1/2 full. When the black ink charged then the red one was out. Customer service lead me through all the inks buying one more color each time. (This took a month, I have a life) then they said the problem was the printer. And their records showed that the warranty ran out a week earlier. This was a calculated, time wasting runaround. The copier is designed to waste ink and has a design flaw according to the service company I took it to. I will sue in small claims. Let them sen an attorney to get it transferred to county court.

    Anonymous 6/30/14 11:43PM
  • I've contacted their support via online chat three times now. Every time it is a short conversation ending with "you'll have to get it serviced" without offering any clues as to what the issue might be. I don't think the support through Epson is very knowledgeable of their products. They seem to just be told to direct any issues to "having your printer serviced" without offering any insight to what the problem may be.

    Every time I leave a chat with Epson support, I feel like I wasted my time because I didn't find out anything that may inform me as to what may be causing the issue in the first place.

    Anonymous 6/24/14 9:12AM
  • Just bought $50 worth of ink cartridges and was finally told that my problem is in the printer itself and I must have my receipt before they will do anything about it. Will NEVER by another EPSON product again!
    S. Crosby

    sl crosby 6/23/14 5:41PM
  • I have tried and tried to register my XP-212 home printer since I bought it from Staples in Cambridge UK on 5 May 2014. The form either does not accept the model number/name or even show (for more than a second or two) the model name on the list most of the times I have tried. I succeeded once in completing the form and pressed send, but still every time I turn my computer on or off a message comes up asking me to register the printer. Is this common to other current models? And does it say much for Epson customer service?

    Don't know-can't see a title 6/19/14 3:41PM
  • last friday I purchased a wf-3540 printer and was haveing a hard time installing it. I called the teck department for help the person that ansered spoke hard to understand english and I had to keep asking him to repete the procedure he became angry and began yelling witch maid it even harder to understand and take a lot longer than it should of. when he began yelling I told him I was old and slow it didn't seem to matter to him, I told him to quit yelling several times it didn't seem to the end he told me to do something that I couldn,t understand because of his yelling finally I asked to speak to a supervisor several times he said why I fixed your printer I said because you keep yelling at me,then he hung up on me.I am in my seventys and a little slower than a young person and this electronic age is new to me even so I don't think any one should be subjected to that attatude.Ronald Morris

    [email protected] 6/2/14 3:13PM
  • I purchased a NEW WP-4530 all in one and it never worked, they sent me a refurbished one on 2/18/14, it worked a few days, they sent me another refurbished one on 2/24/14, it actually worked 3 weeks, they sent me a refurbished one on 4/16/14, it worked 5 days, they sent me a refurbished one on 4/28/14, it had red ink on the inside door so I knew this would be bad. Sure enough this one won't work either. I called and after telling the guy numerous times that I wanted someone in a supervisory position that I was tired of playing these games he put me on hold for 29 minutes, I guess he thought I would hang up but I didn't. He then told me that he talked with customer service and he said some stuff that I couldn't understand then he said they said they are sending me a NEW one this time. We shall see. I will advise if this one works.

    Unknown 4/30/14 8:19AM
  • Tried to get the on line contact and that was not available. No explanation.

    Anonymous 4/25/14 10:03AM
  • I have been waiting for TWO DAYS for an email from your company with the FED EX information to return our defective printer for replacement. Your Tech Support deemed it a Hardware Failure. Our printer is under warranty ~ Epson WF 2540. I have spoken with THREE supervisors to get one simple email sent. This is ridiculous!

    Lynda Enright 4/22/14 8:58AM
  • worst customer service, unprofessional, rude, inpatient and bossy

    Anonymous 4/17/14 7:56PM
  • I have owned hundreds of printers since the days of CPM.

    The opportunity to buy an EPSOM WF-510 in my dotage was irresistible; I expected reliability, simplicity, and ABSOLUTE dependability. I was impressed (no, overjoyed) with the proffered features. What I got was something less than the anticipation and actual grief.

    This menace has taken over my life. Your pop-up sales ads keep me from earning a living - the controller even circumvents my FIREWALL.

    I only print 11 x 17 BLACK on this machine; I have three other printers for letters / photos of cats / and sprocket feed wire labels. However, this thing insists on printing only in color on 8-1/2 x 11 at some resolution that takes over 20 minute per page to print. What's worse is that if I can eventually get something printed correctly ONCE; it will never do it again.

    I bought this thing to use; not to play with. I have two advanced degrees and it is my opinion that this product was not designed for the user

    I'll even save something for his bonus - a call would be free . . .

    There is NOTHING in any of your provided manual or service that can explain a work-around or avoidance.

    Anonymous 4/15/14 9:23PM
  • sx445w, worst printer ever, facebook page full of complaints and no one seems to care. i cant scon documents as all that comes up is "replace ink cartridges" i replaced them twice and threw out the old ones. my second set printed about 10 A4 pages and has not worked since. i wouldnt even sell this second hand to someone for 10 meuro as i dont hate anyone that much. throwing it in the bin today. greatest waste of money ever. reputable company? dont make me laugh.

    Anonymous 4/9/14 8:48AM
  • The WF printer is truly awful. There is a total ink scam going on which has resulted in actual lawsuits for Epson. I blame myself for not checking the web for complaints more thoroughly before falling victim to this poor product. So I am posting in the hopes that I can save someone else the frustration of a printer that locks up completely until you buy a full cartridge of colored ink. There is no option to just print with the black ink. Not to mention the cost of replacing the cartridges that seem to run out of ink suspiciously fast.

    rtklly 4/2/14 5:24PM
  • I can not in all honesty say I am pleased by the way epson has treated me regagarding my epson Workforce 7525 all purpose printer.

    You should all beware that if you buy a multiprinter and not use all the facilities it offers and then later you try to use this facility I.e. Print photos but find the printer will not work regarding this function epson support do not want to know or take any responcibility for this misfunction after the warrantee even though it was only 1 month over the year. They were happy pounds off me to repair it. They reminded me that the Warrantee was for one year but let's face your statutory purchasing rights cover you for one year anyway so their Warantee is pointless for one year after buying the top of the range printer at high cost you would expect some consideration.

    In the past I have always used Epson I will not be using them in future so much for Product loyalty.

    My advice try all the facilities on your machine as soon as you get it because if you find they do not work just forget support from Epson.

    SteveW 4/1/14 4:56AM
  • I'm happy with my Epson XP-100, purchased 06.03.2014, but very disappointed at being invited to register several times, going through the long drawn out process several times, and not finding out until today 23.03.14 that I'm not eligible to register because the serial number of the product disqualifies me from registering it.
    At least, I suppose this means that I won't be bombarded with unwanted advertising junk: probably even more annoying than the time I wasted trying to do what Epson was asking of me.

    The grotty grump 3/23/14 1:41AM
  • I purchased a Epson artisan 1430 printer. Mostly for 4 x 6 photo printing as I have a small business. for the amount I paid for it I was so disappointed. when printing out 4 x 6 photos right down the middle is 2 lines made by the metal output rolls. I contacted Epson with the person saying it is over 14 days old, it was 2 months old. I had to take for a service even though I had only printed out 2 A4 photos.; I returned it to the store of purchase and got another one exactly the same thing. I am returning the printer to day for a refund. Epson was no help at all.To take it for a service I had to travel 2 hours to get to the only place that does it on the gold coast

    marie 3/22/14 6:07PM
  • My name is Martin Debono, I am an architect working in Malta.

    The printer was defected from the first week,it was not take the papers from the tray. Some times it would take one paper out of three tries then it kept on getting worse until no papers were taken from the tray.

    I complained to the company and asked them if there was some setting on the paper tray that the printer needs. They kept on saying that we were using the wrong paper and I bought several brands of A4 paper and still the printer was problematic.

    I have correspondence of the early complaint and I also complained to Epson Customer services who told me to return the printer to the seller as the problem has to be fixed by professionals and was not something they could guide me over the phone.

    Since it was defective from the beginning I returned the printer to the seller and asked the seller to replace the printer and they told us that they would not as they claimed that we did thousands of prints already. This was a blatant untruth.

    If this were really the case then the printer was not new when they sent it to us as we only managed to do a few prints with much difficulty.

    When they refused to change it we asked for our money back and they refused to give us our money back.

    We told them that we were considering making a complaint with the European union consumer protection division if they do not give us what we paid for, that is, a working machine.

    They said the printer was working fine and only needed a minor setting and they told us to pay for the postage back if we want it back.

    We had already paid for the postage to the company, from Malta to Poland. We sent them the money for the postage and after more than a week they sent the printer back to us in Malta.

    We opened the printer yesterday and it is exactly the same as before we sent it to them, the printer will not pick up the papers from the tray.

    We have a useless printer that has cost us 347.17 euros plus another 150 euros in transporting it to and fro to the company.

    The service from this company representing Epson is disgusting and untruthful.

    martin 3/5/14 6:18AM
  • I have a dead projector on arrival Espon TW6100 and have been trying to reach the projector department over a resolving the issue. If you call there 1300 number it takes to the call center in manila, who does not have right to resolve the issue.

    I called the head office and it is sent to a representative who does not respond. Apparently, he is the only person responsible to handle escalation related to dead on arrival. The only response I get is someone will get in touch with you.

    The call center team in kind to inform that they have escalated and the projector department does not respond AT ALL.

    Bottom line for a customer is to Call centers who does not have authorization to handle situation and the head office will not respond. We as a customer is to left with no option.

    Kapil 2/23/14 7:55PM
  • Previously I owned a HP printer but when I purchased a new computer the HP was not compatible with it. I am not satisifed with this Epson XP400. It is hard to operate an the ink cartriges do not hold much ink they run out too fast. To refill the ink I bought the larger more expensive cartridge for the black the smaller color catridges ..First the color inks went out one by one an I had to replace them one at a time since certain colors ran out faster..It would not let me copy with out that one color being replaced. So needless to say when it was important to use it tonight an since I had no color to replace it would not let me copy in just black ink which is 3/4 full.So now I do not copy things an feel that your Epson XP400 was a total waist of my money and my time an the ink refills are too costly, expensive..HP ink is much cheaper an the HP will copy in just black if you do not want the colors.I would never recomend anyone to buy Epson XP 400. I also feel that Office Depot employes are not familar with there products..They probabbly never even try them out..A sugestion would be to have these printers on display to able to try them at the store to see how they run also how many copies you actually make on one cartridge of ink. Epson shame on you for ripping people off.

    disatified customer 2/23/14 6:30PM
  • I spent 22 min. on the phone with an Epson customer service representative regarding the fact that my R280 printer would print black text as faint magenta. The representative instructed me to repeatedly clean the heads. When this didn't work, he told me I could take the unit to a repair center at the opposite end of my state. He also gave me a code for the Epson loyalty program, which would allow me to buy a new printer at a small discount, about 10% less than Amazon prices. I was ready to buy a new printer when my girlfriend suggested I reinstall the printer software. I did as she said, and it worked like a charm. Good thing I didn't follow the customer service rep's advice! I did, however, clean the heads so many times that it emptied two of the cartridges.

    mdraine 2/22/14 5:13PM
  • People, we need to be taking our ink usage complaints to the FTC. This is in to Epson's policy of selling nearly empty ink cartridges. My personal experience has been dismal with Epson inks. In one instance a new $20.00 cartridge lastly for only four sheets of 8-1/2 x 11 pages from an ebay ad. Now I think five bucks a sheet is a lot pricey. You know this is a scam by Epson, and I suggest you get rid of your Epson printers unless you like being ripped off. I for one am removing my Epsons from service. I'd sell them, but I don't know anyone I dislike enough to stick them with one of these bank robbers.

    Pops 2/13/14 10:09PM
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  • I have contacted Epson customer service twice. The first was when my printer stopped working. After trying a few diagnostics over the phone, Epson agreed to send me a new printer. I received it two days later. No charge as long as I returned the old one in the box that came with the new one.

    Today I had a problem because I had changed network name and password and did not know how to communicate this to the printer. The rep was knowledgeable and guided me through a very complex process. At the end, my printer worked perfectly.

    barbgl 7/28/14 10:04PM
  • I had to call Epson Technical Support twice and both times I reached someone quickly and my problem was promptly resolved. I have dealt with Canon and HP and there is no comparison - Epson is by far has better trained phone help.

    Villager 7/28/14 5:34PM
  • Bruce Hessowton Staples, Southbury, CT Store.
    Outstanding job illustrating Epson WF 2530.

    Purchased unit 6-6-2014

    Anonymous 6/6/14 11:13PM
  • i will only deal with epson for printers .They have gone above and beyond what a company need s to do to satisfy customer problems. Epson has stood behind the product even when there was a problem and replaced broken printers for me on-line everytime.

    bruce 2/4/13 5:33PM

    KUMAR 11/19/12 3:30AM
  • Something happened to our Epson home cinema projector. It would not cast a picture on the wall. we called Epson and the representative tried walking us through some stuff and then told us they would send a brand new projector out to us and we would put the old one in the box and ship it back out to them with one of their shipping tags, which would not be of any cost to us. Pretty fantastic service.

    aut 9/25/12 12:51PM
  • Purchased a Stylus NX415 AiO Printer after having multiple other brands that always failed. I can honestly say this is the best printer I have ever had. Never have I had a problem with the printer in any way shape or form. I contacted support once about a question and they promptly supplied the answer.

    Xmsteel 9/21/12 12:07AM
  • Had a fault developping 1yr after purchase on a home cinema projector. Called customer support, was on the phone less than 5min. Next day an engineer came to the house, took the projector away and replaced it with a new one. OUTSTANDING service, this set the benchmark, it is what customer service should be. They definitely got my loyalty and my next projector will be Epson.

    123oldboy 5/9/12 5:59AM
  • You might have had a nightmare experience with Epson due to whatever circumstance you were in to, however, mine is greatly different. I spoke with someone from the Philippines and he had walked me through comprehensively useful steps that resolved my printer's issue. And he's got an excellent speaking skill. He spoke more clearly than other non-American persons I have met here in the US.

    Martin6680 10/22/11 10:33PM
  • I had a very good experience with Epson tech support. I have a printer Artisan 810 I was calling because I needed to connect it to my WIN 7 64 bit computer as well as first time to use the fax. I spoke with a young lady named Jill and she helped me connect it and I gotta use my fax in just less than 30 minutes. What a good customer service and take note they are located in the Philipines and I can understand her English. Perfect. Awesome job Jill. I decide to recommend Epson to my friends.

    MYSQL 10/22/11 9:50PM
  • I had a problem with resetting the correct time, Date, etc. I could not find the answer in the manual or in the on-line manual. After a frustrated hour or so, I called the 800 number and got a real live person, Andrew. After a few minutes he was able to solve the problem for me. I felt the tech support was excellent!

    rgorsich 10/5/11 3:19PM
  • Spoke with Technical Advisor "Jackie" located at a call center in Long Beach, CA. She spent more then an hour with me troubleshooting a problem with my NX625 all-in-one. We finally got the problem resolved! Wish they were all like her. Thanks, "Jackie"!

    MichaelK. 9/30/11 5:46PM
  • Mixed experience with reps. Long tel hold times, very inflexible accomodating my delivery needs for waranty replacement of defective Workforce 610 ) ref 110 721 -0001 460

    micohennj 7/22/11 8:12AM
  • Dear Epson,

    I just talked to your Epson Australia Technical Support People his name is Derek. I had an issue with my Wireless Printer and he was able to fix it in less than 3 minutes.I would like to commend his technical skills and modulated voice which I really admire as I felt he was the supervisor so If you can give his details to me that will be great. I will petition him for migration here in Australia. (mail order groom, i

    Keith Anne

    Keith_Anne 5/19/11 8:26PM
  • Good morning,

    Just wanted to thank Ryan for his great service yesterday. He was most helpful and resolved my issue. This is the third call I have made as I tweak this new product (Artisan 835) and each call has been fielded wonderfully.

    Thanks for the great service!

    Tom Queen

    Ryan 5/13/11 8:58AM
  • The lady yesterday was very helpful and patient and got my printer hooked up wireless. It should not have been so difficult and I should have gotten a disc in the beginning to set up with windows 7. I wasted many hours. Now it will not print again. I just created a document, got up early to get work done and cannot print. extremely frustrating and if I keep having problems will exchange for a different brand. Hopefully it will be resolved today and for good.

    Anonymous 4/22/11 5:08AM
  • I have had no problems with Epson customer service. Though I'm not always sure the person I'm talking to knows the product, they have always replaced a defective printer if it's within warranty.
    They seem very accommodating.

    montyson 2/22/11 8:58PM
  • I spoke with someone named Ashley. She had me on the phone for only a few minutes, and solved all of my problems efficiently and professionally. Epson didn't question me, and they are providing me with a replacement very quickly. I'm very impressed with their customer service. Even the automated portion of my call was well-organized and had me speaking to a live human very quickly. I would definitely buy another Epson product, because while printers and scanners can be fickle machines, they were undoubtably supportive of the customer.

    Bre 1/29/11 12:39PM
  • I'm a very satisfied customer. I made this phone call expecting drama - I expected to be argued with and I guessed that they would make me do a lot of troubleshooting over the phone that I'd already done myself. None of these negative things happened. My printer was having some terrible mechanical errors, and I am being sent a new one. The phone call was brief, helpful, and the problem was solved in an efficient and customer-friendly manner.

    Anonymous 1/29/11 12:30PM
  • I got Kyle from a higher level of support (which is also located in the Philippines, I think). He helped me with my concern with lots of guts and skill. He wanted me to talk to his supervisor so that I could commend his service but I refused. Good job Epson!

    Merlyn Fabro 1/26/11 8:49PM
  • I talked to Rey. He helped me a lot with my projector setup. Excellent service! I think he's a good looking guy in person. One negative thing though, he talks a lot! But anyhow, I'm so much satisfied.

    Rick Brave 1/26/11 8:38PM
  • I talked to a Level 2 rep named Wayne and boy, he's the best! He is really good in troubleshooting and I wonder how Epson was able to get someone like him. Great voice, good vibes, and a very friendly experience. Thanks Epson!

    Royce Gloriani 1/26/11 8:28PM
  • I spoke with a lovely lady named Hannah, and though she was unable to make my machine do what I wanted it to, she didn't make me feel inferior for asking a stupid question. If everyone over there is trained like she is then they are doing just fine, and a sight better than Lexmark, I've had to struggle to get a good person throught them lol

    Sacred_Sagittarius 10/1/10 11:59AM
  • What are you fools talking about? Epson is greaet! I bought a new NX125 printer and couldn't get it to work with Windows 7. Within 30 mins they had it up and running and the rep spoke great English and was very professional and smart. I love Epson!

    LastCaress 8/27/10 12:29PM
  • I was trying to install a scanner that was not compatible with my laptop. A very friendly and helpful man named Kurt was able to help me figure out the problem over the phone. I would recommend using this support center to any Epson customer.

    Anonymous 7/14/10 12:30PM
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  • I used to work for Epson and I did quit for a better paying job with plenty of opportunity for promotions so I am not a former disgruntled employee.

    I have to say working there was sheer hell! The employee morale was terrible and the supervisors were a joke. The office was a hotbed of "office politics" where employees slept with supervisors and everyone partied together. No gives a damn about the customers and most of us agreed the products and policies were inferior compared to most. Most of us only worked there so we could collect a paycheck and that was it.

    Anonymous 4/9/13 10:44AM

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