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GameFly customer service is ranked #193 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 46.41 out of a possible 200 based upon 543 ratings. This score rates GameFly customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


468 Negative Comments out of 543 Total Comments is 86.19%.


75 Positive Comments out of 543 Total Comments is 13.81%.

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  • On June 9, 2014, I to take advantage of a sale that they had going on. My address and not yet been updated for my credit card billing address as I moved a year previously. When I tried to update my address, the system refused to allow it. Multiple attempts at trying to correct the address for their system put my credit card on a 24-hour hold and I could no longer take advantage of the sale. I emailed the company 3 times and the only response I got back was that the rationale for their turning them my credit card was because of the wrong address and multiple attempts. It was a stupid answer is all I was time to do was correct the address. Now almost 2 months later still attempting to correct the address they have on file, the system will not allow you to change the address of an existing credit card they have on file. They claim to have high security measures, however will not allow the customer to correct their own information. Despite attempts at calling and emailing, they will not respond and I have been a customer for several years buying many downloads and rentals from them.

    Anonymous 7/21/14 3:37PM
    Official company reply

    We'd like to assist you in this as soon as possible. Please e-mail [email protected] and let us know the e-mail address linked to your account.

    We look forward to assisting you.

    GameFly Support

    GameFly Support 7/22/14 7:22AM

  • the only 'help' I got was telling me to restart my PC and router.

    anyone else get the error "IdentityError

    The download byte size did not match the manifest byte size. " ?

    wtfbbq 7/11/14 11:09AM
    Official company reply

    Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post. We will then be able to help you out!

    GameFly Support 7/13/14 11:31AM

  • I just purchased a game off the digital section. I've purchased many before and have not had a problem. Now when I try to get my key it does not let me and just says I have to contact Customer Support, I've been charged yet I can't play what I own.. disappointing.

    Chilidawg 7/8/14 3:41PM
    Official company reply

    Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your message. We can then have a Rep reach out to you directly.

    GameFly Support 7/13/14 11:31AM

  • This is so frustrating I've been calling for days either I've been on hold for hours or now your automated thing keeps saying the short message and hanging up.. your website has messed up my information I need it fixed.. Its saying my billing information doesn't match my card information and I know it does and It matched also on everything else.

    tammy 7/7/14 7:18AM
    Official company reply

    Tammy, we can help you. Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post. Include a phone number and we can reach out to you directly.

    GameFly Support

    GameFly Support 7/8/14 6:16AM

  • my first experience was horrible you charged me when I was told on the offer it was a 30 day free trial put my money back on my debt card of 49,95

    Anonymous 6/28/14 7:50AM
    Official company reply

    Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post. We will be happy to assist you.

    GameFly Support

    GameFly Support 7/6/14 11:33AM

  • Ever since GameFly bought Direct2Drive, the $15 I spent on Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper has been essentially stolen from me. I paid for it and downloaded it on a previous computer. I have had a new one for a while now but I cannot download it. All I get is a message saying "We're in the process of making this game available to download. Please check back soon." in regards to my purchase. I have tried to reach support about making the game available sooner, but I have gotten no response most of the time, and when I do get a response, it tells me nothing more than what they've already told me. They have been in the process of making Dynasty Warriors 4 Hyper available to download for ALMOST THREE YEARS. Direct2Drive was great, but GameFly ruined everything by making mysself and tons of other customers lose games because they felt they should be taken down for some reason. I'm never getting my game back, and there's no way to get my money back either. I guess GameFly will never have any more of my money.

    cool70sfreak 6/4/14 12:57PM
    Official company reply

    We will have a Rep reach out to you directly with a resolution.

    GameFly Support 6/5/14 6:23AM

  • Hey my name is William. So I sent you a game back like about 8 days ago and it don't even say you have recived it. Or anything and it's been going great I send it bak two three days top you send me a new one however that is not how this time was and I honestly need to know if you have it and plan on sending me a new game any time soon.. Cause I'm kinda getting annouyed with the fact. That's it's never tooken this long to get a damn game. It's always been like I said one two three days tops till you atleast recive. It. And then send me a new one and I haven had a update at all saying. That you have recived it. Or anything please let me know. ASAP! Thank you.

    Emokyo 6/3/14 12:30AM
    Official company reply

    Hi William, we are happy to help you. Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post. Also, please include the e-mail address linked to your GameFly account.

    GameFly Support 6/3/14 6:17AM

  • My account is being charged when it has been cancelled for some time. I have not yet received a refund and have called about this already,

    Anonymous 6/2/14 9:45AM
    Official company reply

    We are happy to look into this for you, just need a little more info about your account. For your privacy, you may e-mail us at [email protected] and mention your post. We look forward to assisting you.

    GameFly Support 6/3/14 6:18AM

  • I cancelled my gamefly account after 6 days of use(shipping response / turnaround was too slow) under the mistaken pretense that A) I would receive a partial refund for the loss of 24 days of service or that B) I would be able to continue my paid for service until the 30th day. Unfortunately neither was the case. I contacted their customer support to request a reinstatement of my account and got the following response: "Thank you for contacting GameFly. Please note that all cancellations are effective immediately and GameFly does not offer prorated refunds." So not only did I make a mistake but they basically stole money from me at the same time. This was an extremely rude response considering I only received 2 games during the 6 days of service and 1 of the games I ended up purchasing! I will never rent games from them again and please take warning when dealing with this company. Their customers are obviously not important.

    hoss3000 4/25/14 5:42AM
    Official company reply

    We are sorry for your experience and would like to help you. Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post. We can then have a rep reach out to you directly.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    GameFly Support

    GameFly Support 4/25/14 6:24AM

  • Hey I don't understand why there isn't one person I can call to figure out where my game is . its been 8 days and still there's no update saying it was sent out I need to know by tomorrow. If not I'm pretty sure I'm going to cancel my membership

    Anonymous 4/6/14 10:13AM
    Official company reply

    We would be happy to have a Rep contact you. Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post, as well as a good contact phone number. We look forward to assisting you.

    GameFly Support 4/7/14 6:06AM

  • I recently canceled my account while still having a game out. Got an email from you guys telling me to just return my game within 7 days for a refund of 1 month. I sent it in the next day, got my refund. Then 2 days later I was charged for another month of your service and shipped another game. I've checked your website I'm still not a member so fix this garbage I will just deactivate my card if I get charged again.

    coricans 3/28/14 6:20AM
    Official company reply

    We would like to speak with you directly to provide a resolution. Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post. Also, please provide a contact phone number.

    GameFly Support 3/30/14 10:08AM

  • I purchased a download on GameFly on Sunday. Also ordered some stuff from Amazon. The Amazon package arrived Tuesday morning, but I still don't have access to the download on Wednesday afternoon. The support ticket prompted an automated reply (after well more than 24 hours) with links to some random faq articles. So much for their claim that "a Technical Support Specialist will respond personally to your inquiry in 24 hours or less."

    Everywhere else, this is an automated process. I purchase a download, the moment I hit the "checkout" button, I have access to the game. I cannot understand why this simply doesn't work on GameFly.

    I'm frustrated with the order/download process and equally frustrated with their support (which apparently consists only of the 'Ryan' chat bot who doesn't help, and automated mail replies that don't help, either). Guess I won't order there again.

    jj81 3/19/14 5:57AM
    Official company reply

    JJ81, we want to help you. Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your order # and the best time and number to reach you at.

    GameFly Support 3/19/14 7:05AM

  • I purchased a game(or tried to), from Gamefly Digital. They have charged $1.00 to my debit card several times, yet have not gone ahead with the actual transaction. I am beginning to worry that I got jipped now. They do not respond to any emails, and calling them on the phone is an insulting timesink.

    dickblick 3/18/14 9:56AM
    Official company reply

    We can help you. Please e-mail [email protected] and tell us your order # and the best time and number to reach you at.

    GameFly Support 3/19/14 7:04AM

  • Canceled my trial before time and sent in the last game I had out to the mail and still got charged for it Thanks gamefly

    John 3/8/14 6:58AM
    Official company reply

    We are happy to assist you! Simply e-mail [email protected] and mention your post.

    GameFly Support 3/9/14 10:40AM

  • i have been told that something is wrong with my account but i don't know what same to be the problem pulse i don't get the games that in my game Q

    seydu 3/7/14 7:18PM
    Official company reply

    We can help you out. Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post.

    GameFly Support 3/9/14 10:40AM

  • My activation for gamefly is failing due to a "Connection problem". I have tried to do it manually but they decided they wouldn't send me the unlock key that I needed when they sent me my email even after I gave them all the required information. I'm very frustrated.

    Frustrated 2/5/14 1:45PM
    Official company reply

    We would like to help you directly, but we need more information.

    Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post. Also, please include the e-mail address used to create your GameFly account and a contact phone number.

    GameFly Support 2/7/14 2:15PM

  • Please help me, by shipping the games I purchased online at Gamefly website ,for my Grandson's Wii console . The games were,Bully Scholarship Edition, Harry Potter. 5-7 And Lego Pirates of the Carribean, I thought I was purchasing these games for a Wii console, and was waiting for respondence to be shipped to me .Can you change that order to those same games to be shipped to me? Please contact me at

    Ms Lettie 1/24/14 11:01AM
    Official company reply

    We would like to help you directly, but we need more information.

    Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post. Also, please include the e-mail address used to create your GameFly account and a contact phone number.

    GameFly Support 1/26/14 12:19PM

  • my name is Robert d. still and I need to know where my games that I've ordered and prayed for.

    robert 1/6/14 6:51AM
    Official company reply

    We just need a little more information to help. Please e-mail [email protected], mention your post and also tell us the e-mail address linked to your GameFly account. We look forward to assisting you.

    GameFly Support 1/6/14 8:46AM

  • I was about to signup for gamefly but after reading all the reviews I'm glad I didn't. How does a company with this many bad reviews stay in business.

    changedmind 12/31/13 9:53PM
    Official company reply

    We'd like to opportunity to speak with you directly. Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post.

    GameFly Support 1/2/14 8:43AM

  • Gamefly Still Try To Cahrge Me After Complaint Of Service At Start Of Accoutn. First Complaint Is To Charge Me Where Is Suppose To Be 1 Month Free And Than I Cannot Get Any Pc Games I Wanted.

    Anonymous 12/28/13 8:18PM
    Official company reply

    We are happy to assist you in this issue, but we need more information about who you are. Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post so that we can privately discuss a resolution.

    GameFly Support 12/29/13 9:20AM

  • I put my credit card info in and registered, they immediately suspended my account saying there's a problem with my account and charged me 15.95 for my first free month, I cant get in contact with anyone on the phone or online I believe this is a scam and will get my money back threw my bank.

    g mo 12/16/13 10:51AM
    Official company reply

    G Mo, please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post and your phone number. We would like to have a Rep contact you to resolve the issue.

    GameFly Support 12/18/13 9:03AM

  • I recently "purchased" Civilization 5: Gold Edition from GameFly. I never agreed to the purchase at the end, didn't confirm it.
    I got an e-mail saying it was pending, and figured all was well because I never completed the PayPal purchase.
    The next day, to my surprise, it had gone through. I e-mailed their customer service about getting a refund, and they informed be they "confirmed the purchase with my mother."
    I haven't lived with my mother in a year.
    They took a few days to get back to me, too.

    Ourindar 12/15/13 4:37PM
    Official company reply

    We'd like to look into this for you. Please e-mail [email protected] and tell us the email address used for GameFly.

    GameFly Support 12/16/13 8:47AM

  • I downloaded a game from their site and was not given a serial number so I am unable to play. The only contact they provide on their site is an email. Terrible customer support. And to the 'official response' team . . . let me save you some typing and copy paste the following for you:

    We are happy to provide a resolution. Please e-mail and mention your post. Please include your contact information. We look forward to assisting you directly.

    achilles8985 12/13/13 10:14AM
    Official company reply

    Your GameFly account cannot be located based on the limited information provided in your post.

    Please e-mail [email protected] and tell us the e-mail address you use to log into Once we have this information, a rep can contact you to provide a resolution.

    GameFly Support 12/16/13 8:48AM

  • I cancelled 3 month ago and game fly is still taking money off my card and when I was getting game they were messed up and coulding play. Them I miss blockbuster I will get my money back

    Terry 12/9/13 2:12PM
    Official company reply

    We are happy to provide a resolution. Please e-mail [email protected] and mention your post. Please include your contact information. We look forward to assisting you directly.

    GameFly Support 12/12/13 8:40AM

  • I have called the support number for the last 2 months to cancel this because the credit card you have on file that person has passed away unfortunately unable to ever reach physical person cancel this membership ASAP

    anthony 12/8/13 1:53PM
    Official company reply

    We are happy to assist you in this. Simply email [email protected] and tell us a good time and number where you can be reached. We hope to hear from you soon

    GameFly Support 12/9/13 9:16AM

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  • I've been with gamefly for 5 years now and I've only had one problem which one of the games they sent me got lost in the mail but they immediately shipped the game to me again. Other than that small problem I have had 0 problems with Gamefly and I am a happy customer of their's

    True_assassin717 1/7/14 9:50PM
  • I have been a subscriber to Gamefly since around 2004 and experience with Gamefly has been mostly positive. Reading through the negative comments has prompted me to write this positive review.

    The first 15 negative comments that I read mention everything from Gamefly sending a dead rodent instead of a game and accusing Gamefly of stealing their credit card information. Any intelligent person should be able to suss out that these are either fringe cases or outright lies. Gamefly could not remain a viable business for over 11 years if they took everyone's credit card info, mailed them a dead rat, and wished them the best of luck getting their money back.

    Others were claiming that turnover (time from mailing to receiving)was taking two weeks. Gamefly will never admit to "throttling" your usage, but being a subscriber for as long as I have; certain trends begin to stick out. I have experienced long turnover at a time when I was sending back three games a month. It doesn't take an MBA to recognize that most subscribers are paying $18.00/mo. to lease products worth $35.00 [my guess at avg. value of game and postage] and that the service would "throttle" the heavy-users to entice them to upgrade their level of service. In my experience; if I play a game for a week or two and send it back on a Friday, I will receive the next game five days later.

    Many others are upset that they don't get the new release game on the day of release. Again, it wouldn't be a viable business if Gamefly purchased a copy of the latest game for everyone that wanted it.

    Not to say that I have never received the latest game(once I got a game before the day before its release date); but, for the most part, Gamefly is a good service for people that want to play games in the back catalog. It is not for people that only want to play the newest, most-popular games.

    I feel that Gamefly is a good value and I highly recommend it.

    Shalograve 7/4/13 9:27AM
  • Ok, minutes after posting a negative comment here, they responded to my email and called me twice.. And now I am just waiting if it works. that's if it does. At the moment they did respond and fix the problem.

    Chamba 2/14/13 6:59PM
  • posting this because i couldn't find it anywhere else game fly was fast on the call to verify my purchase of a PC download game it didn't take more than 10 min for them to call and the costumer service was friendly as well.

    steveo 1/27/13 7:03PM
  • Our credit card was hacked and we received 2 GF products in the mail. I could not find the phone number on the GF website, but was grateful to find it here. Unlike some of the other comments I read, I was able to reach customer service quickly. The CSR was helpful and efficient.

    notavideomama 8/30/12 10:26AM
  • I have been a member of gamefly for almost a year and i love it. I have no problems whatsoever. I usually receive my games in about 2 to 3 days depending on when i send them back in. In my opinion gamefly is the best.

    Arkansaswoman777 6/6/12 10:18AM
  • Gamefly to me has been amazing never had a problem at all with them their customer supports good and the games come to me very quickly i love gamefly! Its better because i go through games pretty fast and i hated having to sell them back and getting ripped off by gamestop! Gamefly for me is a dream come true.

    Hellos :D 5/31/12 7:34AM
  • its been at least 4 or 5 days allready ive still have not recieve any games i called i even talked to the manager him and his amployees are strait ass#@%$ talking to me with desrespect i hope i recieve it tommorrow or i will call again,,,,22 dollars aint a little ,,,2 off my friends waited for a whole month they never recieve the game or there money back,,,ya the thief

    megalodon 5/17/12 7:08PM
  • I bought a bunch of games from D2D a few years ago but was never fond of the extra Activation codes you had to put in to play their games, so I decided to stick with Steam for the rest of digital purchases. When I found out that D2D was going out of business and GameFly was taking over, I was a little distraught and wondered how I would play my old games.

    A few days ago I decided to try to login to my D2D account on GameFly and thankfully all my account information and previous bought games were listed in my history, just like it did for D2D.

    I felt like playing TQ + IT again, go to download the games and install them and D2D's activation screen came up... Checking GameFly's site, it appears they are still transitioning a lot of games into their game client. Most of my purchases seem to be already in their client but unfortunately the game I wanted to play was not.

    All I had to do was READ their support page on getting D2D games we want to play now to work. Unfortunately I had to e-mail them for a new Activation key.

    To my surprise, I got an e-mail response later on the same day with both activation keys and was able to install and play those games just fine over the weekend.

    I'm still not very fond of having another game client installed on my computer to play a few older games I bought from D2D but I understand how things change and how stressful it can be for another company to take over the one you've been used to.

    Overall, it was easy to follow instructions on their site (if you know how to read) and a nice and quick response from their e-mail support.

    Anonymous 5/1/12 2:47PM
  • In the 4 years I have been a member, I always get my new games promptly. The only times that I did turned out to be a post office error.

    I had no problems reaching customer service at the number posted above.

    It is very easy to cancel on their site. They will even hold it so the next time you sign up you still have your game history.

    MoonBeam 4/30/12 12:44PM
  • I have been a member for three months and I love it.... I have no complaints I receive texts every time they ship or have received my games.. Anytime I send a game back I make sure its on a Monday so in that case I have my other game by wednesday or Thursday I have love it I have no problems......

    For everyone's info I'm not a paid actor..... People need to read what they are getting themselves into before signing up..... So far for my self it has been a good expirience....

    Effy91810 4/30/12 9:52AM
  • Ordered mass effect 3 (8/3/2012 at around 1:15pm)

    Was stung myself by the whole having to wait after ordering to download, so eventually found myself here reading the negative comments.(in an attempt to see how long this usually takes)

    This prompted me to send them an e-mail straight away basically telling them I was going to block any cash coming from my account to them. 15mins later I get a reply, and im downloading + code + pre order code.

    I dont know if I would have been waiting days or not as some others have said.

    I can only say in this instance that they responded quickly, and the service was very good. (would still prefer insta download)

    For sure im not saying this is always the case, and they may well be as bad as made out.

    In this instance however I have to give them a positive review.

    Ldjg2002 3/8/12 7:36AM
  • I love Gamefly and have been a customer since 2005 and I plan on staying never had a single problem with their customer support nor their shipping or anything for that matter..

    Spunky1989 3/7/12 7:38PM
  • I have been with Gamefly for 3 years. I buy games when don't want to return them.For the first time I have had consistent shipping problems. I was shipped 2 games and never recieved them. 10 days later they find their way back to Gamefly. Two more games are shipped 1 of the same title as the previous 2 and the next in my Q.7 days go by and it is reported as lost.Another 2 games are shipped and 1 of the previous 2 games makes it's way back to Gamefly. Then on 2/15/12 I recieve two disc of the same game and the next day I recieve another one.This is about another 10 days after they shipped them. I go online to chat with a rep to let them know and I find out that Gamefly has closed my account due to too many games being lost during shipment which is rediculous seeing as 3 games made it back to them without ever reaching my address and another 3 make it to my address 2 of which are the same title, more than 10 days after being shipped to me. So aside for paying for a month worth 3 games and only having 1. They cancel my account after they say they are going to comp me a month for my troubles.I'm a reasonsble dude but this is total bull. I hate to Rate this company after 3 years of excellnce and 1 month of bad shipping,and bad luck and them just going the easy route and using they're get out jail free disclaimer when you sign up that says they can cancel your membership whenever they want.

    Mike G 2/17/12 11:55AM
  • When you start a free trial with gamefly, say you choose to take out two games, they will hold your 20.00 bucks until you cancel your membership, when you cancel they will continue to hold the 20 bucks until all games are received from you. When you call gamefly press 4 not 5, I called them and this was explained to me by one of their customer service reps. like any company you will deal with there are good reps and not so good reps so remain calm and think clear, dont let your emotions get the best of you or they will make you look stupid. Believe me, after seeing the comments on here I immediately freaked out but i did my research and called them and it was all handled just fine

    kitanaorenishii 2/1/12 1:36PM
  • Gamefly charged my card when I told them to cancel my account and they still charged me for the games .I spoke with someone regarding my account and my money was returned. Thanks Gamefly:)

    Anonymous 1/24/12 11:06AM
  • Gamefly has been nothing but good to me. It takes about a day for them to receive a game I ship back and about two days for them to send me one. I have been enjoying it thus far.

    One thing I have an issue with is the gamer que thing. I keep putting games in and put the ones I want the most in my top ten then put ones I want to play later after the top ten. Well I keep getting games past 10 on my gamer que and it is starting to get frustrating.

    I check the website daily and every game I list is ALWAYS either available or high in terms of availability yet I keep getting messages about games not being available when they ship them yet their website shows otherwise.

    Gamefly, you can be a great service but please don't lie to your customers about availability and please keep your website more accurate. I've been waiting months for games in my top 10. I just decided to delete everything past 10 and will wait for my next game. I know my top 10 are always available, I hate getting screwed around with.

    Dodgie 1/17/12 8:15PM
  • My only beef with Gamefly is, the games you want are almost all the time not open to rent or buy but still have a good selection of games to pick, and after renting from redbox for games i notice i could spend $60 a month for the one game from redbox and it would be cheaper to go with Gamefly with more selection so once i get a chance i will sign up with gamefly again, they also have a reward program for long time customers =)

    Kaiser 12/5/11 5:35PM
  • I have had GameFly for several months now & haven't had a problem thus far. My membership IS $24.95 & I AM ONLY charged $24.95! I receive ALL games from my Q in ample time & once i did receive a game that did not read & I called & they sent me out a new game in PERFECT condition. Personally my family & I LOVE GAMEFLY & WILL continue our membership. I suggest you people that are complaining about the "FREE TRIAL" read ALL of the fine print BEFORE you all go signing up for things you haven't FULLY looked into.

    MotherOf1CA 12/3/11 2:06PM
  • I have had gamefly for a few months and had no problems. I send a game in and get one 2 days later. BUT.... I pay 24.99 a month. maybe because i leave in Cali and they are based here!!!

    Debra 12/2/11 2:22PM
  • I've had Gamefly for 3 years and have always had good feedback and good shipping times from them. Maybe because San Diego is close to one of their mailing centers I suppose. But they have always been helpful in getting my next game to me even if it takes longer than I expect to get back through their system. I've been able to get New release games and older games all the same and I have only ever received 2 games that were unplayable which they quickly replaced.
    I can't believe so many people are complaining but I bet if you knock out the $20 trial members complaints and the 'live far away from a shipping center complaint' you'd have a more believable complaint percentage.
    And for the people who complain about the phone number, I have NEVER had to contact them via phone. Online and email has always been quick and speedy response time.

    mastercoup 11/28/11 5:19PM
  • You can contact Game Fly at their corporate headquarters in California at 310-664-6400. A live person will actually come on the line and help you. Just follow the phone prompts. Game Fly should provide all of their customers with a toll free customer service number. I had to search for this number because the toll free number that I found for them on the Internet was only a recording.

    Not So Happy 11/17/11 11:24AM
  • I don't think it's as bad as everyone else. It does take some time to get the games, but people keep them for long enough to beat them I'd assume. The free trial charge is B.S.! But compared to paying $7-$8 for 5 day rental from a video store and re-renting & re-renting if you wanna beat it, is much better having GameFly. I also like the fact they give you the option to buy new or used games just as GameStop, but there's no tax on the internet. I'm not 100% satisfied either, but it beats paying $65 every month for an awesome game you want, ya know? I give it a thumbs 3//4 of the way up. Could make some major changes to improve their service.

    damonj_3 10/21/11 3:20AM
  • More user-friendly & superior to smart phone's capability my customer service in U.S.A. REPS/ experience was POSITIVELY POSITIVE! I'm enamored w/ the crucial benefits Garmin provides me. Because I spend a lot of time on the road traveling & in a lot of unfamiliar big cities, I was nervous when I called customer service. Someone in Kansas answered soon after I dialed "1" on the voice prompt. I explained that there was a loose USB & the chord had shorted but was OUT OF WARRANTY. It took about 3 minutes to get an RMA from AUTOMOTIVE, 10 to get it packed & mailed, & they'll replace it anyway w/in a wk! Now that's GOOD!

    VICTORALEX 8/17/11 7:55AM
  • Ok, So if you tried to use a debit gift card (say vanilla visa, green dot, etc) and you attempted to activate a free trial account, got denied, but still saw a $20 authorization fee on your transaction history, don't worry. Money WILL be returned back to your account in 3-5 days and gamefly will NOT charge you again for an account that was NOT activated. They DID NOT open an account for you and you WILL NOT be charged again. Gamefly customer service rep was great.

    Anonymous 7/20/11 12:24PM
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  • Obviously you people don't know how to read any terms of agreement. It clearly states that your credit card will be charged for verification of account. It also clearly states that the money will be returned to your account. If you had a business would you like giving people free trials then all of a sudden, hey look, they stole my game. Come on people! Get some damn business sense before you aimlessly sign up for monthly subscriptions. And as far as customer support goes the number is 1 888 986 6400 business hours are from 12pm to 4pm. There are laws and regulations about business and customer transactions, so stop thinking they're stealing your money. Also, learn how to type!

    Anonymous 11/2/11 3:19PM

  • You people need to read the FAQ section on GameFly. I bet half of you wouldn't be so angry if you read it. It explains the 1$ and 20$ charges. Quoted straight from GameFly FAQ, "we perform a temporary authorization against the credit card you provided upon registration. We do not receive any funds from the authorization. The temporary authorization could take 2 to 5 business days to clear depending on your financial institution." Do some research before you blow up on them.

    Anonymous 9/10/11 9:19AM

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