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Hewlett-Packard customer service is ranked #471 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.66 out of a possible 200 based upon 1112 ratings. This score rates Hewlett-Packard customer service and customer support as Terrible.


1,058 Negative Comments out of 1,112 Total Comments is 95.14%.


54 Positive Comments out of 1,112 Total Comments is 4.86%.

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  • 2 months ago, I purchased an HP computer directly from the company. Its never worked, freezing multiple times each day. 3 phone calls to their tech support, who took over and went through the computer thoroughly, yielded no improvement...still freezes. Called today requesting a refund. Jason had me on hold for over 30 minutes, waiting to talk to his supervisor, who he assured me would help me. Once Joanne the supervisor came on the line, she immediately informed me that someone else would be calling me sometime over the next 48 hours, however that person does not work on the weekends. When I asked Joanne for her employee id number, she refused to provide. In summary, a company is known by its customer service....HP has none and their computers dont the headache and purchase from a reputable company...dont buy HP...

    Kurt Smith 7/18/14 5:33PM
  • Three days after setting up my new ProDesk 600 the HP Drive security software quit unlocking the Hard Drive. The encryption software is WINMAGIC. HP was contacted on there "chat" service line and the case was elevated to L2 and I was promised a call by End Of Day(EOD). No call came. Three days later still no call. I have called and emailed and chatted with L1 support to no avail. L2 just ignores me. I am told you will be contacted. This is just not acceptable.

    DT Tech 7/12/14 11:44AM
  • Tried to get a replacement cartridge for my printer because the one i bought was empty they want to do a diagnostics on my computer.
    And i couldn't understand them
    I will not buy HP product again.

    al 7/3/14 11:35AM
  • I have a simple question that could probably be addressed rather easily. I wanted to add a solid state hard drive to the my newly ordered desktop computer. Super stoked to get it, but I think I should have added this SSHD to the original configuration. Spent almost an hour talking to people over seas who I can not understand transferred in circles twice. What a terrible waste of time. Still not resolved. Already thinking I should have sacrificed some computer specs to have more local customer service. US/English..

    newpurchaselv 6/30/14 11:47AM
  • After receiving two HP printers that did not work properly (HP Officejet 7610) I am asking for a refund. Tech Support takes FOREVER and is not able to help beyond a very basic level. when I reached Supervisors they did not respond as promised. Finally I have this excalated to a Case Manager for a refund. Have waster HOURS with these people. I am NOT getting another HP product EVER.

    Elainet 6/25/14 1:52PM
  • My HP Desktop display would not illuminate. Had a black screen. Called customer support. They wanted 59.99 first as my computer is out of warranty. This would be credited if the computer was not fixed. After they got the 59.99 they said, unplug the computer for 30 seconds and plug back in and start it up. Well it started up like a charm. Why couldn't they have told me that in the first place and not charged me $60.00 Hwy robbers.

    Anonymous 6/19/14 3:20PM
  • Very poor service from HP - AVOID PLEASE

    Found issue on brand new HP Envy 17 Laptop screen. HP Refuses to replaces it but accepts the repair. It is still under manufacturer warranty but I feel I am holding piece of $hit.

    Already done one repair within 6 months, still problem persists, requested for 2nd repair or refund but HP doesn't take the responsibility of this laptop.

    I have even shared the videos of the laptop when it malfunctions and they don't even look at it. Pathetic Service !!

    aadeel 6/17/14 9:53AM
  • My mom was having trouble with her printer a few months ago, where certain colors wouldn't print at all, so the images would be distorted and in the wrong colors. I was busy so I couldn't fix it myself, and she called up HP's tech support line to get help on fixing the printer.

    Soon she was redirected to some subsidiary of HP's tech support department in India, and the guy had her install a remote access tool onto her computer that let him operate her computer remotely. This is already where my review becomes negative because the capability for abuse and exploitation of this software already outweighs the convenience of having the tech support person be able to operate your computer easily.

    However, it gets even worse. The guy started to try to convince my mother that her printer 'had a virus' and wanted her to purchase a $300 license for 'cleanup software'. By this time I had walked in the room to see what was going on and I stopped my mom moments before she was about to pay for $300 of junk software.

    I went to turn off the remote access tool and the guy on the other end was resisting my mouse movements, trying to keep me from turning it off! This is completely unacceptable and, in my opinion, shows that Hewlett-Packard uses hacker ethics to try and get their customers to purchase hundreds of dollars of useless software.

    After I had uninstalled all the malware that their tech support line had convinced my mom to download, I started investigating the problem and realized that the printer was broken because one of the printer heads was clogged.

    IrateConsumer 6/8/14 5:14PM
  • More than 1.5 hours on the phone to India two times. After 40 minutes the third time I have up. I have a printer that does not work. They say they will send me a new one, but it never happens.

    MadMass 6/5/14 4:06AM
  • Called to day to arrange for repair of broken screen on Pavilion laptop. After taking the basic info (name, address, phone number and specs on computer) I was told I would be receiving emails from HP regarding special deals etc. I told the CSR I did not want to receive the emails, just wanted to arrange for repair of the laptop.
    The CSR told me to hold for a 'supervisor' who would take payment information.
    32 minutes later, after being on hold with the worst music in the world, I hung up.
    Within 2 minutes the CSR called me, asking why I hung up. After making it clear I just wanted to make arrangements for the repair and nothing else, the CSR transferred me to a supervisor. The supervisor came on immediately and asked for me to hold. I said "I will not be put on hold again." At this point the supervisor asked me for my payment information.
    I told the supervisor, before giving any credit card information I needed to have a quote for the repair. It is a simple repair, replace the display that had been cracked.
    He quoted $344.00. The laptop cost $600.00. A quick web search while on the phone with the supervisor revealed the replacement part available at Amazon for less than $50.00. A YouTube video showed me how easy it is to replace the display.
    HP Customer Service said caller volume was the reason for a 32-minute hold time.
    HP get your act together, hire the necessary number of SRs and bring your repair costs down from extortion levels.

    Beju 6/4/14 1:25PM
  • I will NEVER buy a HP Product again. Its too complicated for here, just to say that I purchased a HP care pack almost one year ago, and they still cannot validate that I bought it. Never Again!!

    Greg 6/3/14 10:10AM
  • i am using hp printer. i complained for my printer is not woriking properly for 20 to 25 days. they are not attending it. wasting my time not receiving phone properly. very poor service. after 25 days they are saying that part is not available. i am saying that this is my roji roti please attend my complained. but at last they are not doing anything. & at last saying that part is not available. already sendd me wrong part which is not necessary after 25 days their reply is not positive. so very poor service. i advise everybody not to buy hp product

    Bharati 5/28/14 10:56PM
  • This was the most horrible experience my tech department and my school has ever experienced. First you have to speak to somebody in INDIA and you can barely understand them. Then to return the hard drive they are for some reason asking for our credit card and then they are telling us the credit card cant go thru which is ridiculous because calling the credit card there is no problem with the card. When asked how much they are authorizing the person doesn't know. My IT and me were on the phone for 2 hours and it's still not resolved. EXPLAIN this crazy procedure. Also if I would like to speak to someone in AMERICA that can speak english.

    Anonymous 5/12/14 12:25PM
  • A hacker in a nearby apartment continuously wrote on my laptop screen

    I shut the computer off and heard clicking so I REMOVED ALL WIFI CODES, SSID, ADDRESSES etc and THE HACKER STOPED.

    FREE WIFI is how I ACCESSED the INTERNET for 18 months. I am LOW INCOME and RETIRED

    April 2014, Called HP SMART FRIEND TECHNICIAN SERVICE and asked them to enter my WIFI ADDRESS and CODES. They had three technicians type on the screen and DID NOTHING. One technician said "why don't you like broadband." My broadband bill is now $100 more than normal.

    Called two weeks later April 2014 and technician controller HUNG UP on me.

    Thudula 5/12/14 1:02AM
  • After being a HP costumer for many years, I will never buy another HP product, I bought a top of the line wireless printer a couple months ago and called them several times about the number of copies from my ORIGINAL STORE BOUGHT cartridges I got all the XL colors and I was getting very few pages. HP costumer service NEVER cared and said I was exaggerating. I am very happy to report now that I started buying XL refurbished ones for 1/5 of the price that work excellent and give me more that twice the pages as the originals. I don't care it voids their "warranty" if they cant even solve a minor problem, I cant imagine if I really needed their warranty. They lost a costumer over ink, when this printer is useless I will not by HP again. Thanks to their poor costumer service, I decided to try "not original" fortunately I am spending much less money for excellent quality. Their loss my gain:)

    Anonymous 4/24/14 8:38AM
  • wireless keyboard for my HP Pavilion computer model 610-1031f is already broken
    I am the only person that uses and I am very careful.
    The support thing snapped already.
    I find this to be unacceptable and am very disappointed.
    The wireless mouse that came with it is also horrible.

    Anonymous 4/13/14 3:13PM
  • I have just purchasedd an HP OfficeJet and the website is incimprehensible and the "support" is non-existent. I'll never buy another hp product again.

    Anonymous 4/3/14 4:02AM
  • I have an HP All in One Computer that I love. But I can't begin to tell you all the problems I have had for the last two years with HP Total Care, resulting in repeated security breaches. One of their "agents"(heavy ESL accented agent) repeatedly called me to say I had a serious problem and they needed to take control of my computer. I just hung up on the person who refused to give me his name, and said he was contacting me because I had an HP Total "contract." I called HP and reported the problem. After 4 "escalations" on Hp's part, including sending them a "cease and desist" order, I asked them how this person got my phone number. They said they "didn't know." Looking through their own records, the person I talked to said "Do you know (insert Said). Toldthem "never heard of him. They actually showed me on their site, and said "his phone number is (xxx-xxx-xxxx)". I said "that's MY phone number!!!" and told them to remove it immediately! To my surprise, they said they wouldn't. I said they had no right to put my phone number on their internal website and associate it with an unknown person. After several months of communication with HP, including a letter from my lawyer, I again demanded they remove my number- they refused, and quit responding to my emails and calls. The only thing that I can figure out is that their "contractors" have access to my phone number within HP's internal process. Have captured and blocked them, but calls continue from other "contractors."

    Anonymous 3/31/14 7:48AM
  • I have purchased an HP envy 17 notebook about six months ago. This is the worst lap top I have ever purchased. Customer service is terrible.
    Waited on hold for over an hour. When some body answered could hardly understand them. We have over 500 offices around the world and this is the last HP product I will ever purchase.

    Dale 3/15/14 10:19AM
  • The HP website is like a maze that never ends and keeps going in circles. It is impossible to find the list of authorized repair centres in the United Kingdom and to find out how to have your laptop fixed when it is out of warranty.

    Ana 3/4/14 6:24PM
  • i bought a new HP2000 Sunday ---- it hasn't worked right yet ---- after hours on the phone and them resetting everything --- still don't work. i'm just going to take it back to where i bought it and get money back

    kingas57 2/27/14 1:30PM
  • Absolutely USELESS. Less than zero support. I am going to go back to the BX at Tinker AFB and stand around the computer department and advise everyone I see shopping NOT TO BUY any HP product as it has NO SUPPORT.

    NA 2/24/14 9:43AM
  • Just spent more than two hours trying to reach the billing dept. for tech. support. Was transferred to three departments (one in India but none were billing office). Finally out of frustration I contacted my credit card company and they immediately put me through to HP billing. Without going into details I will just say I am very disappointed with HP. I think it may have grown too big to be efficient. No more HP for me.

    unhappy customer 2/21/14

    Anonymous 2/21/14 2:14PM
  • WE bought a laptop 2000 and have used it for 5 days when the hard drive died. I can not begin to tell you how many hours I have spent on hold trying to get HP Customer No-service to replace this computer. I have also sent emails to them and to the CEO. I am still waiting. I will never buy another HP product again.

    chileez 2/10/14 6:12PM
  • Called re warranty issue regarding my officejet 8600 all in one printer/fax machine. Been on the phone for over 55 minutes. Reached someone in the Philipines who could not resolve my problem. He said he had to ask someone at HP in Texas. Been holding on again forever and don't know if anyone will ever get back on the line and help. Someone did just get back on and advised that a higher service tech would contact me within 2 hours. This is the worst service anyone could receive. This is the last HP product that I will ever purchase.

    Jaytoo 2/3/14 12:57PM
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  • Was very pleased by the help I received from technician Shangaranarayanan. He was so nice and knowledgeable. Many technicians would not have spent as much time and had as much patience as he did. Good feedback for an exceptionally good technician.

    Anonymous 7/18/14 6:33AM
  • A wonderful company! After years of declining quality in laptops from Dell, and to avoid the expense and inflexibility of Apple products, I switched to my first HP laptop 4 years ago - an HP Pavilion DM4 (metal casing, commercial style). Never a problem until last week, when I left my laptop on the top of my car. I took off down the highway at 60 mph, and it decided not to stick with me partway to my next stop. My last sight of it was seeing it in the rearview mirror flipping end-over-end on the pavement on the highway. As high as it bounced I first thought it was a folder or something blowing in the wind. I quickly turned around and recovered it before any other cars hit it, and found the battery about 20 yards away in the ditch. The screen was cracked, noises of parts rolling around inside, and dents and dings all around the edges. AMAZINGLY....When I got it home and put the battery back in it I turned it on and it brought me RIGHT BACK TO THE SAME WEBSITE on Google Chrome that I was on an hour before!!! Everything works - wifi, sound, webcam, keyboard, USB slots - everything! And although the screen has a big crack in it, I can still open and close it and it works just fine! Customer Service took my call very quickly to help me transfer the data to another PC just in case. An amazing product from a solid company. I'm hooked! If HP needs a story for promotional purposes, my name is Mr. Knox in Lexington, Kentucky, and I'm going to post on the HP feedback site, too.

    HappyinLexington 5/30/14 7:05PM
  • the kind of support i received from an HP tech was just awesome.his name was vj.had a very good technical knowledge.would like to talk to him again!

    Anonymous 12/13/13 2:30PM
  • I have just spent about an hour on remote service with Kenneth Monge. He was fantastic - well informed, and fast. Please tell him I appreciated his help very much!!!

    Elaine Moore

    Anonymous 12/4/13 4:03PM
  • Recently we purchased an HP Officejet Pro 8600 plus to replace our worn out HP 6100 all in one. Your Techs were super when I ran into problems. I had to call in two times but the first time I did not get the ticket number. Today Angelo helped me on ticket . He was very helpful and pleasant to work with as was the Tech who helped yesterday. I look forward to using the new printer.

    Dan Markell

    Marshall, MN.

    MN user 8/16/13 2:28PM
  • Gosh! I must be lucky! I called HP support today and I'll be damned within 10 minutes I was talking to a tech!! Not only was the tech in India (probably) I was also able to understand him. And dang it, he fixed the problem within minutes. Remotely. Politely too. That being said I have to say that I believe at least a good 25% of these complaints are actually indicative of the ignorance, laziness, dishonesty and/or stupidity of the complainer. Examples; Let's see, hmmmmmmmm. Broken paper tray a year old, broken how? They want your SS#, DOB, and mommy's maiden name! Whose card were you using? I bought the pc I'm using to post this from HP direct and I wasn't asked those questions. Oh, and I paid with a credit card too. Daddy can't write something trivial down like a password? Please. And by the way you can reset the password without HP's help, Google it. Can't turn off those pesky HP update pop-ups? Google 'hp updater notification turn off' I did and a solution is there IN THE FIRST LINK! Waaah! I can't get the rebate because it expired! Read much? Like, oh lets say, the conditions of an offer. How about "lost all my information stored on my computor (sic)" Uh, new concept... BACKUPS. Ooooohhh! Class action lawsuit! Let's make some attorneys RICH and we'll enjoy our 57$!!! And lastly my favorite...."Today thursday (sic) i took it to Geek Squad at Best Buy where I purched (sic) the tower. They checked and printer in compatible. But when they open my computer up there was 26,000 viruses in it. " 26,000 viruses? If that were EVEN possible I take it you've never heard of a firewall or antivirus/malware software? GEEK SQUAD!!! I can't stop laughing, no more please my sides hurt! So in closing let me say get if you want but please in the future take a little time to teach yourself and stop expecting the 'nanny state' to fix all your little boo boo's. Research, read, reflect, and refocus.

    HP operator (I run this machine 7/26/13 3:45PM
  • I turned on my computer (which I purchased in January 2013) and a message appeared that there was a problem with the cooling fan in the computer. I was informed by Staples to call customer service. I did so, and the tech was able to log into my computer and fix the problem. Only problem is her accent was very thick and I had problems understanding her. She informed me she would call me back the next day to see if the problem went away and it did. I asked her where she was calling from, and she told me INDIA. Don't we have any English speaking customer service techs around here??? I have no problems with foreign speaking people but I think we should be able to understand what they are saying to us!!!

    kathykitty 5/27/13 8:13AM
  • I called HP for an issue with my printer. The initial customer service rep went through the usual questions: name, email, zip code, and the troubleshooting quick fixes. This process in my opinion takes way too long, and was half of my 45 minute phone conversation. I understand they read off of a script to prevent mistakes, but it's just really annoying waiting 2 minutes for her to read me a sentence that simply asks for my name. When none of this worked I was transferred to the manager. He was very kind, but still seemed to be reading from a lengthy script. However, I was very pleased with my resolution. I was sent a new part for my printer for free, and for my inconvenience with the time it took on the phone, I was also sent a new set of ink cartridges. It is definitely a time consuming process, but the customer service is decent.

    jaygee 1/23/13 12:22AM
  • I want to say "great job" to Lange Dollar for helping me 12-22-12. He worked my computer back to where it was suppose to be,
    after I somehow created a clitch.
    I enjoy all the HP computer assistants, each and everyone has been super and customer service professional.
    This is the best service for me as I've needed assistance several times. Well worth the monthly fee. Thank you DaleYvonne Haanen

    Lange Dollar 12/23/12 12:45PM
  • OK people these are some policies for you to know. HP Home and Home Office Store has returns policy of 21 days from date of delivery, if you return a product within 21 days even if its buyers remorse then we gladly give you a refund and we pay for shipping however if its more than 21 days then we say sorry but please 21 days is long enough to decide if you keep it or not. If product is defective and its outside returns policy then tech support will help you. Tech support is 1-800-474-6836 with order no. format CA000000 or AAA-000-01 and press the right key for the phone menu otherwise you will be routed to the wrong dept thats why some cx would say i talk to several people thats because some of them can't follow simple instructions and whats worse is that they don't even take time to have their order info ready like order no., product no., serial no., . All orders made from tech support including recovery disc orders should be handled by tech support and all orders made from Cust. Service should be handled by Cust. service unless if its a technial issue then go and talk to tech. Cust. Service number for Home and Home Office is 1-888-999-4747 with order no. format H000000000 and press the right key to the phone menu. Parts dept phone no. is 1-800-227-8164 and has order no. format htpps-00000-0000 Remember we never leave a customer hanging and we don't transfer you unless if its out of our scope. We all have this impression that without a customer like you there is no HP without HP we would have work in a sewer or something so thank you and please bear with us and you'll get the help you need. :)

    Billy 12/5/12 5:04PM
  • i recently bougth an hp photosmart 5520 at best buy to replace my canon printer. i loaded the software and i thougth iwas tru..a few dayslater iwanted to print some photos and i push scanner on my printer and got nothing. after doing some reading and looking at the program list all i had was the printer on line, all the drivers were still canon and the scan also my old canon ..i called your tech support located in bombay,india, they were willing to help me but when i told that my hp laptop and my hp pavilion were not printing or scanning they quoted me and hourly rate to fix it well i am retired and on a fixed income i turn them down where does it say that.

    all i ever did was follow instructions

    help please my email is

    andreandre guiol 11/20/12 1:35PM
  • I only have had to contact H.P. customer on 2 occassions. Both were good experiences.
    The first time was just to gather information about my computer. The second time I had to order their rescovery disk and had a very difficult time getting the correct information they needed. I was being a total dufass. Sammy was his name and he was absolutely very patient with me and help guide me to get the right information so I would receive the correct rescovery disk. I could not ask for any better service. Thank you. H.P. I am kind of surprise at the excellence of my service because of all of the bad reviews. Maybe more positive people should write in.

    thomas986 10/8/12 8:29AM
  • Thanks for providing the HP Tech support no. I could not find it anywhere on HP web sites.

    Once I got to a tech support person at HP, I received excellent service.

    Robert 9/12/12 5:17PM
  • I have experienced only positive outcome with HP - my printer was not working so they replaced it with a new one ! And they called back when they said they would and were extremely helpful and efficient !

    Karinya 9/8/12 4:23PM
  • What An amasing Tech Support They Have...

    >> technicians like ViCki Moses and Venky are really top level techies...

    >> I wud like to Add that each co. has a tech support ...

    But HP has the Best...

    now I dont hjate being transferred to India...

    Rather i prefer...

    Rob 8/5/12 12:04AM
  • I couldn't speak more highly than of the service I received from Igsban on 7/25/12 concerning the subject matter of "scanning". I had never done this before. There was a lot of work needed on my computer before I would be able to scan because my computer had previously been infected by a severe malware problem and my hard drive had to be cleared (I can't think of the term it is called) and my recovery disks were used so a lot got deleted that is needed for scanning. It was a 2 hour service call because Igsban was one of the most conscientious technicians I have ever run in to, and he took a project that is so important to me and to my family and made it a project of the highest quality. I can never thank Igsban enough for the job that he did. He is extremely bright and 100% competent at what he does. I can't begin to tell you how important this project is to me and Igsban was exactly the right tech. to do the job. I hope the company takes note of comments such as this because this is the true meaning of a "valuable employee".

    Judy Latstetter

    The service I was utilizing was "HP Remote Services".

    Anonymous 7/25/12 11:34PM
  • I recently purchased a new printer for my home office and was having difficulty getting it to work with my new macbook. The customer service I received from HP was superb. The representative that I spoke with was extremely helpful. I couldn't be more pleased.

    tickledpink 6/13/12 9:07PM
  • Anil Kumar, made my experience very nice and easy. He was so very helpful and his friendilness was very welcomed. He has vast knowledge of the system and how it works.If I could give him 100% I would !you need more people in the world like him.He needs a raise or to be moved to a higher position! Thanks so very much Dana

    Anonymous 5/23/12 11:06AM
  • My name is Dana. I just wanted to say that I had a GREAT EXPERIENCE with the customer service tech support. His name was Anil KUMAR... I think he is the best!!! I was wonderful to talk to and he knew english very well! I wish him very well.. thanks and keep up the great job!
    Thanks Dana

    Anonymous 5/23/12 10:55AM
  • I have had nothing but good results from HP. Their customer service is the best there is out there as far as I am concerned. Super fast delivery, online support that is easy to access and their phone support is just as good. I wish more companies out there were this dedicated to their customers.

    Velenu 4/14/12 1:07PM
  • I only have good things to say about hp. plan and simple. I have been using my hp current laptop for 5 years now and still runs like a champ. I just got don't reading tons of reviews seems like 90% of them are because people are idiots. They make mistakes then when they get caught on it they get mad. before i call any customer service rep i make sure to have all my info down and to trouble shoot every, single, thing you can do so that if they ask I can already clear things out. I am a tech guy i guess you can say. Ive recommend them to friends and family and they all agree with me. do pcs have problems? yes do they break? yes. do they have errors? yes no matter where you buy or what you buy you might be faced with problems so learn how to deal with them and the people you are buying from. ive sent in my pc a couple times before. but always had no problems with them and or sending it in to get fixed.

    crabby 3/19/12 12:27PM
  • Customer service and support have been quite brilliant. I reported faults on a TouchSmart 310 PC , and in just over 24 hours it was all sorted !!!

    Haloes 2/18/12 12:11PM
  • Today I contacted HP cust serv to connect my daughters mac Book to wireless printer. The rep Heather was extremely patient and helpful, very personable as you can imagine it does take some time to install new drivers\connections\router info.

    Heather never made me feel as if she dropped the line very engaging on my issues, The call lasted at least 1/2 hour and like I said her demeanor was superb! it takes alot of patience when dealing with all the new products out there but I was impressed at her knowledge about the MAC system, and error messages she knew what to trouble shoot immediately.

    Hands down- The Canadian location for service is awesome, if for whatever reason I need to call back I can only hope my experience is just as good. Thank You Heather!

    Dgarcia1026 1/7/12 12:51PM
  • Okay, now that I calmed down I tried again to talk to Tech Support. They were very good this time especially when I was finally able to go to the supervisors to get my part ordered. The supervisors are really nice and I will be getting a new hard drive and my waranty was still good. I might have actually had a bad connection with the first call yesterday and because I was upset at my computer and wanted to run it over with the car, I might have been a little too touchy in my previous review.

    Patience is a virtue as they say. I thank the people I talked with twice today. A hard drive should last longer than 8 months though, so I don't have to go through these kind of things. I do advise having supplies like food, water, blankets and medical supplies by the phone because you may be on there quite awhile.

    Diane 11/23/11 3:01PM
  • I have a high end HP laptop, the EliteBook 8730W. This is an expensive workstation class computer, but it comes with an outstanding 3 year on site warranty.

    When I got the computer, the DreamColor monitor, although fantastic in color and brightness, had a light color tinge at the bottom corners (reddish on left, greenish on right) that would be quite visible when viewing black and white pictures. So I went online and had the issue resolved in a matter of minutes through "Chat" with a CS representative in India, who quickly diagnosed an LED issue and sent a courier to pick up the machine the next day where I was staying at the time, and I had the computer back in a week (I am told if you live in a large city where they have technicians, they can fix this type of problem right where you are, while you wait!)

    This level of customer support and after sales service is unbeatable and is way beyond anything you could get from an extended warranty service from a retailer such as Future Shop. When you consider the specs of the laptop and the level of service, the price premium is definitely worth considering it and, in my opinion, it was well worth waiting six months after its launch to get it at a generous discount, comparable to mid-range consumer level machines while still enjoying that fantastic world-class warranty.

    Anonymous 11/2/11 11:20PM
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  • I have worked for HP for about three years now. I have worked in numerous departments and here is some points to remember when calling into HP.

    1. Please do your best to co-operate when calling in, our number one metric we need to follow is resolving your issue. If we do not resolve your issue our managers will ask us for a valid reason why we did not. Plain and simple: if we don't fix computers then we don't keep working for HP.

    2. Many departments (including every one I have worked in) only have one level of technical support, above us we just have nontechnical managers who will enforce policy even more heavily then the agents who answer the phone will. If you want to speak with Corperate level then go to the contact us section of

    3. We support the product you are calling in about for 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year. We take lengthy training before we take a call. Although this means if you are in the wrong department we do need to transfer you, we may know your product a bit but we have to transfer you to the department who supports this model exactly.

    4. Threatening or yelling gets you no where. Be curteous to us and we will happily return the favour.

    We want to help you. If no one calls we have nothing else to do but sit there. We have no games or other things to do and without a call our shifts crawl by at glacail pace.

    Anonymous 9/23/09 5:36PM

  • HP Warranties default to the date of manufacture. Keep your receipt and if told the warranty is expired be ready to fax it. Unfortunately they don't always update the warranty information in the case, so you might have to repeat this if you have to call back again. Keep your case number, it does speed up troubleshooting if you have to call back.

    It is helpful to write all the symptoms of the product before you call in. By having them written down, you can describe clearly the situation and not leave anything out. Try to have a clear understanding of what you require to resolve the problem. Replacement of the entire system or a credit toward a new product is usually not going to happen. If the system is less than 30 days old you can just have it returned and get a new product. Outside of the 30 days and less than the year, you can expect it to be repaired to the specifications of the device. Meaning it will not be faster, use less consumables etc, unless those were affected by a material defect.

    If you are unable to understand the service center person, you can ask to speak to someone who is a native English speaker. Higher levels of support are based in the US and it goes much faster.

    If you want to avoid calling in, you can use You can check warranty and submit a request for support. Make sure your description is detailed and a customer service representative will contact you either via phone or email. There is also a link for active chat if you prefer.

    In all cases, have your product number and serial number easily accessible.

    Many of the problems associated with HP computers are actually a result of problems in the software. A system recovery is usually recommended. If you back up your system and do the system recovery before contacting service you can reduce the time to get hardware service authorized.

    HP does not cover damage inflicted by misuse. Prior to sending in any hardware for any vendor, it is a good business practice to take a picture of the unit first. If the shipper damages the unit, you can see about insurance coverage.

    Hardware outside of the warranty period can be covered by an extended warranty, but if not, support can be obtained by posting in the forums.

    Most HP internal service manuals have been found on third party websites. Obtaining a service manual for your product can resolve many issues. There is usually a section in the manual for troubleshooting.

    If you have the service manual and your system is out of warranty, running a search on sites such as Ebay for the part(s) is usually possible.

    A final solution, any HP technician can use a feature called Voice of the Customer to submit a case on your behalf when regular service channels have failed.

    Finally, if the technician has been less than professional or unwilling to provide assistance, the request to speak to the supervisor. You may have a wait since they are usually with other customers. Tell the technician that you are done talking to them and will wait for their manager. Remaining calm is actually to your benefit. Have a clear idea of what you require to resolve the dispute also.

    Anonymous 8/3/09 8:00PM

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