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PNC Bank customer service is ranked #465 out of the 723 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 29.97 out of a possible 200 based upon 454 ratings. This score rates PNC Bank customer service and customer support as Terrible.


426 Negative Comments out of 454 Total Comments is 93.83%.


28 Positive Comments out of 454 Total Comments is 6.17%.

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  • PNC bank does not keep in touch with customers and the customer service is terrible bad !!!!!!.

    Jaar123 7/9/14 12:22PM
  • Why do you not have the business hours for the Brownsville Pa 15417 location for Saturdays listed on your web site. I need to get cash out of my acct tomorrow morning and Browsville is my bank.

    Anonymous 7/4/14 9:29PM
  • Customer service sucks and the pnc representative are rude and does assist the customer in a friendly manner.

    melissa 6/6/14 6:25AM
  • PNC bank is starting in my case to be a nightmare. I have been with this bank most of my life back when it was Ohio National. Recently or so they tell me they have discontinued free checking accounts and changed me to first interest checking and when I complained about 13.00 dollar fee to the one I have now standard checking which im sure has a monthly fee and charges 2.50 ontop of the 3.00 charge the non pnc bank charges for atm cash withdrawals. When I called to find out what this 2.50 charge was for the CUSTOMER SERVICE person didnt know.
    OMG THEY ARE THE WORST BANK ON EARTH. I went from no fee checking to fee POOR checking.

    Anonymous 5/20/14 4:32AM
  • Boycott PNC Bank....I had a car loan...The first sign of trouble was being "held captive" when I went to set up auto draft....The C.S. would not let me conduct the business at hand til he had thoroughly attempted all tactics to obtain more accounts. (I was sick and kept begging for him to please process my request) I should have switched the loan immedicately!

    The dealership made a payment to PNC bank. Even though the pay off was made..they over rode the cancellation of the auto draft and continued to draft. It has been 6 weeks and I do not have my money back! They are holding appx. $700 of my money for the last 2 months. Lord only knows when or if I will ever recieve my money! (of course, they are not going to pay me interest on my money for the error that they have made. I have now spend about 7 hours attempting to get my money) They claim to have sent the check to the wrong address (twice)...however - none of them have ever told me the truth...they say a check is cut and in their mail serviceing....and wa check arrives.

    Don't put yourself through it! Use a bank with a solid reputation!

    RUN FAST!!!!!!!!

    Sweetie 5/13/14 12:41PM
  • I am an existing mortgage holder with PNC. On 4/4/14 I went to PNC Office in Hunt Valley MD to discuss refinancing and rolling my personal checking/savings with PNC. Also consolidating my school loan. I never heard so I went back to same person on around 4/22/14 and discussed with same person. He was going to look into it. On 4/28/14 I was discussed with it all and called the representative and he again looked into it and called me back to tell me someone would call me today. She did at 5:50 pm and left me a message. I returned her call 5/29/14/ 10:04am and never received a call back. On 4/30/14 the representative from Hunt Valley called to see if I received call I said yes I returned her call 24 hours ago and she has not responded yet. I told him I would call her again ASAP. I did and she never apologized just she was in meets all day the prior day but never anything on the 3 weeks it took??? So I told her that I would not be interested in putting my business with PNC and she sasy OK AND PROCEEDED TO HANG UP ON ME!!! I will not stay with PNC and will not recommend them to anyone and I am in the Insurance Business.

    Anonymous 5/7/14 9:38AM
  • The worse customer service. Will not escalate a matter or transfer to manager when asked. Try to make all matters slow and dragged out. Not familiar with GSE loan policy or guidelines.

    brannbi 4/8/14 9:05AM
  • Worst treatment I ever had from a bank specially from its retail escalation team which was supposed to facilitate the resolution of my case. I paid my line of credit at the Washington township NJ branch. I told the bank officer I needed the account paid off and closed. She just told me to pay it off at the counters. She did not inform me that I had to request for the account to be closed in writing and that PNC will not give this letter of closing the account until 10 business days from the time I send in the request. I only found days later of this requirement. Meantime, I needed PNC to tell my mortgage lender where I was applying for refinancing that I had paid off the loan. The amount was $14,000+. To date PNC retail escalation, specifically Matthew Clark, has been playing phone tag with me. If you ever get him, ask for another specialist since he does not pick up his phone nor tell you right away what else is needed to facilitate the process. Precious days have been wasted and my refinancing deadline is coming past. Meantime I find out from another specialist, a Joanne Cooper, that aside from my letter request; I had to send a copy of my cancelled check to them. Again nobody told me this. Also, the credit to PNC has already occurred a week or so ago. The account has already been closed to their satisfaction. Yet they want a copy of the cancelled check which their check processing department has clearly processed, stamped, and captured optically in their data files when they processed the payment through their system. If someone where to contest payment, I am sure they will produce a copy of said check through their archival system. Yet they prolong the process by asking for my copy. They have yet to issue the letter of closure. I wonder what else they can think of in the meantime to prolong the agony. Never ever bank with this bank. I have been with them since the 1980s when PNC ventured into NJ by buying my bank Midlantic. My whole family kept their savings with Midlantic. Since then our account has been moved several times and 'redefined' for the bank's convenience. They are quick to offer services, entice you with new programs, but they lack in 'bedside' manners. The bank officer at the Washington township branch did not care to help in my request. In fact she was trying non stop to convince me to do refinance with PNC. Imagine if I did. I probably will have the worst experience yet.

    guchi 3/25/14 5:42AM
  • I had a credit report that showed my PNC mortgage as being a paid foreclosure. It was not PNC had been paid in full through a short sale. Big difference. I got caught in a never ending phone loop or menu loop with no correct selection for my problem, which was to get PNC to report correctly to the Credit reporting firms how the loan was reported to them. HERE IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO!!!! Call PNC's corporate phone number not any of their 1-800 numbers and ask them to direct you to the department you need. NOT CUSTOMER SERVICE those people are idiots. Ask for retail escalation, it is their job to expedite things. I did this and was sent to Mortgage escalation with only one transfer. The lady there took my information on a Friday and had the issue resolved on the following Monday.

    anonomous 2/24/14 12:07PM
  • Our business has accounts with PNC. We are a custom home builder. We get our revenues through bank draws that our client's release to us. PNC's policy is to now refuse to sign my client's bank draw forms, so I can deposit funds into my PNC account. When I spoke to them about it and ask why they thought this was a good idea, they indicated that is just the policy and did not care what I thought about it. We will have to go with another bank that values business customers and will help them grow instead of put road blocks in front of them.

    Frank 2/19/14 9:02AM
  • Don't ever go to a PNC Bank. They are the worst ever!!!! You can't talk to anyone and if you do leave a message, they never call you back. All you get is a run-around. If I could give negative ratings to them I would I am still waiting for my interest statement so I can file my taxes. It is February 18, 2014. They are supposed to be mailed out by the end of January. I have yet to get an answer as to where my form is. I am going to a lawyer tomorrow. NEVER, NEVER use PNC Bank!!!!! Any ideas where I can go next?

    Anonymous 2/18/14 2:59PM
  • This bank does not seem to know the meaning of Customer SERVICE! I have spent over two hours being transferred from person to person with absolutely no satisfactory action being taken on anyone's part. One manager gave me an address for the Escalation Department but told me they could not be reached by telephone. I went online and found a number and started over again. After 25 more minutes I was told that the person I needed to speak to was "in a meeting" I finally got his name and hopefully his telephone number...but he has yet to answer me!

    Anonymous 2/4/14 1:10PM
  • William H. Schlicting-I have your overdraft protection and I want $400.00+ returned to me -NOW or I'll take you to court-GET IT!

    billys 1/23/14 4:53PM
  • Has Anyone Received Harassment From Pnc Regarding Caring Flood Insur.on Your Property. Since My Loan With National City, I Have Carried A Flood Insur. Policy With Usaa Every Year Since Date Of Deed Of Trust, 2006. My Deed Of Trust Specifically States That Escrow Is Waved. Oct. 16, 2012, Pnc Bank Has Breach My Contract, Deed Of Trust, And Is Forcing Me To Escrow A Year In Advance The Amount They Want For Flood Insur. Increasing My Mortgage Payment By $155.00. I Am Taking This Complaint To The Federal Gov't. If You Are Suffering This Contact Me

    Anonymous 1/3/14 4:54PM
  • PNC Neglect!!! When dealing with fraud or emergency situations DO not trust PNC!!! Read the summary at the bottom.

    To whom it may concern 12/31/2013
    I am a PNC customer and have been a member of the Westchester bank for 30 years. Recently, I cashed a check from an employer that I believed was an opportunity. I cashed the check into an old account that I had not used for about 5 years. When I was hired as a secret shopper, after filling out an on-line application, I received a letter and had over the phone interview for confirmation. I completed my job by visiting a Wal-Mart store to make purchases using the funds from the check. After making a mobile deposit on 12/23/13 I called the bank on 12/24 to see that the check cleared. The banker reassured me that the check was a good check. I explained to her that the check was a new employer and that I needed to make a confirmation of the quality of the check because the purchases would be for the company. The teller reassured me that the check was of excellent quality. She explained that I could make a transfer from that (older) account, we can call that account #2, to the other more recent account. She said I could make purchases using my newer bank account; we can call that account #1. I made a purchase at the Walmart of a $1000 pre-paid pay-pal card. Afterwards, when I contacted my employer he asked for the account serial number to up-load cash to the card. I realized on 12/26, that this was a scam when account #2 was negative and the check bounced. I did not have sufficient funds and the account remained negative until 12/27, on a Saturday morning when I called the bank to let them know that I was unaware of the fraudulent check. If I had been set up for automatic transfer, then the transfer would have already taken place. However, it wasnít set up for automatic transfer. I spoke with Loss Prevention and told them that I believed I was a victim of fraud. They reassured me that they would start an investigation and that the result would be to look further into the fraud that was committed, they would contact me on Monday or I was to go to my branch, and that the account would be frozen until a decision was made. They guaranteed me that they would not make additional penalty charges and that they would notify me of the next steps.
    A day later they made an unauthorized transfer. When I arrived at the bank I asked for a manager again, there wasnít an available manager. I spoke with another bank teller who tried to reach the over-draft department and lost prevention. Lost prevention then indicated that they authorized it. This was the second lie. Then the banker returned to the rational that I was set up for over-draft prevention. Finally, the teller told me that itís a bank law that they can take any funds from any linked account to supplement lost funds without any authorization. Another reason why there was a transfer. Why wasnít I told this on 12/27? Why did it take five days for the 10th person to tell me that the bank would make that transfer (because itís the law) instead of telling me lies and reassuring me that they would leave that account alone until lost prevention contacted me? Why didnít lost prevention call me to notify me that there would be a transfer instead doing so in the middle of the night before a holiday? ON 1/1-1/2 I will have many transactions/bills that will post and either cause $36 charges for delinquent funds or those accounts will charge me. Either way I will have to recuperate that money. Everyone is closed for the holidays and I would not be able to cancel any of my bills that quickly. If the bank would have notified me of the transfer in advance, especially since I asked them directly, I could have cancelled my bill payments.
    In summary, I was lied to repeatedly about how this fraudulent situation was going to solved and the next steps. I was reassured that they would not make a transfer and they made one without my authorization five days later. The decent and honest step would have been for the bank to advise me to wait for the check to actual clear, freeze the account or at least notify me of the transfer, and that lost prevention should contact the customer. In those five days I went to my bank twice spending at least 3 hours there. I spoke with 10 people, called at least 8 times, and wrote two police reports. The first report was in regards to the situation and the second police report about the neglect by PNC. I did everything that they asked me to do. The least that PNC bank could have done was notify me of the transfer instead of making an illegal transfer. The fact that they lied to me on a recorded phone call and in person; and that PNC made excuses for the transfer only reassures me that they have lost all integrity and are not honest.

    Angry 12/31/13 4:28PM
  • Dealing with this bank is a nightmare. You can't even ask a simple question without being interrogated.

    I tried to open an account online, completed the web pages, mailed in the required signatures, and then nothing. I tried calling several times but each time I was put on hold because all their account representatives were helping other customers. No matter how long I waited, no one ever picked up the phone. Finally on my fourth attempt and a 10 minute wait someone picked up the phone. Unfortunately, it was right back to the same old thing, they can't help unless you give your life history and DNA.

    I told them to cancel my new account request. I'll find a more friendly bank to deal with.

    Ken 12/31/13 11:31AM
  • NEVER GO TO PNC BANK IN DOVER DE STATE ST . There manager is no idea how run branch . I been keeping patient with then for 1 year now & they never have enough staff . Manager does nothing about it . She never help even though there is big line : this people should close the branch . How date they don't pay attention to customer services .

    Anonymous 11/12/13 1:50PM
  • I had accidently sent a payment out two days earlier than my payday. My account showed 4 checks ready for payment and the accidental payment showed up at the end of the reast of the scheduled payments. However, PNC decided to rearange the amounts which caused me to incure 3 overdrafts totaling $108.00 instaed of the one I should have gotten. This happend one other time to me and when I asked I was told it was bank polocy to honor the larger checks first. The thing I dont get is PNC would have honored the accidental check and assessed me 1 $36 overdraft instead of now 3 in which would have paid out tomorrow. The funds were available at the time for the other checks until PNC decided to rearange..... Seems they don't care about their customers...

    Pissed Off 11/7/13 1:57PM
  • I am tired if overdraft charges-many. they are because of FALSE IDENTITY And you know it.I've read your numerous complaints and I will probably report you to the FCC.
    William H. Schlicting

    billys 11/5/13 12:14PM
  • Arbitrarily charge fees, such view deposit or check reorder. They did give me a refund for view deposit. But the extra fee they arbitrarily charge me for check book is intolerable. First they said it's the tax without even carefully read my email which clearly stated that I have paid the tax already. Then they said it's the cover for the check. I said I didn't even asked for any cover, a cheap plastic one. The 3rd version said that the fee is actually for the font that I selected.

    kkkaku 11/2/13 7:12PM
  • WORST BANK EVER. You get different answers from a teller inhouse, virtual customer service and email. All they do is spout from a form letter and handbook versus actually attempting to correct an issue. I have been attempting to get my original free checks for 65 days. They say we'll order but when I follow up 10 business days later only to find out they did not yet order. Amazing yet they keep asking me for my account number, which they actually tell me is on my checks. Huh? My 7 year old niece can figure out that I wouldn't have it if I had no check. Their system has defaulted my correct addess no less than 10 times randomly and the main account address doesn't correct it in all places. This of course has caused multiple transactions tying up cash. I have yet to have one positive encounter with this bank.

    LMG 11/1/13 12:42PM
  • I tried to use an ATM owned by PNC, only to get a receipt stating that my "card issue unavailable." I had tried to withdraw $400.00. I received no cash, but PNC took $400.00 from my account and refused to give it back. They say I have to file a complaint with Direct Express to get my disability money back. This is my RENT money that they stoled and refused to return. All I got from PNC was excuses and "call here, or call there, or contact your own bank-It's a United States Treasury debit card! There was an 89 year old lady behind me, and the ATM did the same thing to her, leaving her with $27.69 for the rest of the month, while she tries to find someone to help her file a complaint with someone, somewhere, to get HER money back!
    PNC needs to be audited for fraud, theft and needs to pay interest on the money they have stolen from quite a few people on 11/1/13-ATMS out of money, doesn't dispense, but does steal out of your account! Will be contacting the Attorney General, BBB, and anyone else I can find. However, from the crappy reviews I see over and over again on this site, PNC apparently just doesn't care.

    leannshea 11/1/13 10:28AM
  • If there were a worse bank or customer service than PNC then I would really wonder how the banking world continues to exist. PNC is the worst the very worst banking institution that I have ever dealt with in my 60 years of banking. I will be moving my account altho it is small it will not be at PNC after November. Horrible service.

    mercury57 10/16/13 8:01AM
  • PNC bank has raised my signature credit line rate to 24.9%. This could be understood if they could give me a reason for doing so. I have been trying to find this out for 3 weeks now! no response! I did receive my contract from 12 years ago. In states that after two consecutive missed payments they can raise the rate, I missed one! The only reason it was missed was due to the fact we thought it was paid off. 3 months later I notice on my statement that I am paying 24.9% interest! I believe they are knowingly taking their time to respond as they make me pay this high rate until this issue is resolved. No one at PNC can give me an explanation. Or they are trying to get out of these contracts carried over from national city. RUTHLESS WAY TO DO BUSINESS!

    frustrated 10/11/13 5:22PM
  • Have been a customer with PNC for ALMOST 25 YEARS. Every so often I have an issue with a teller and later I will never have that tell wait on me or I will no longer enter that branch. In the past few months I have been running in with a male teller at the West Orange branch. The only reason Iave been going to that branch for years is because it is close to my home and convenient when getting off of 280 from work. Since I have been dealing with this tell new policies have been put into place but mysteriously only when he is on staff. A few weeks ago I was asked for another form of identification to cash a check with my savings account. I had to go back out and to my car only for a week later not to be asked at all for secondary identification. Today I go in and they ask for secondary id which I could not supply. I was told by another teller "that is my supervisor and you have to provide secondary id". I do not think it is fair that staff only want to do things right when their superiors are not around. If I was asked regularly, I would not be upset. But to inconvenience me and then apologize for it does not make me any less frustrated. I will be branch shopping and even thinking of bank shopping to take my business elsewhere.

    Anonymous 10/11/13 3:35PM
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  • I had the most wonderful experience with a customer service Representative that i can remember in my life. She was friendly helpful and resolved my issue quickly and in a more amicable way than i could of imagined. I am a 27 year customer of PNC and will continue to be for a long time to come. I have other accounts with other banks and they are not as friendly and when they change their name promise you nothing will change with your account then the next thing you know your getting fees for checks and billed for your safety deposit box then when you try to address it they put you in a red tape loop...see you later Wachovia- Wells Fargo!!! We'll see how they like it when i move all my money over to PNC!!

    dont have one 5/24/13 8:04AM
  • I have been a NCB / PNC customer for over 30 years. I recently had an experience at the Southland Middleburg Hts, Ohio Branch that you need to be aware of.

    Due to a serious financial issue created by a son that I am joint with on a checking account, I needed help. It was my good fortune to find Julie Szczepanski, an employee of only a few months. In an effort to explore all solutions for my issue Julie spent a considerable amount of time with me, even 30 minutes beyond the bank closing time. We found several viable options for solution. She followed up with me the next day when things with my account took an unexpected turn.

    Her customer service skills are outstanding. The empathy she showed for a father in crisis is seldom seen in todays business world, especially in the youth.

    You are fortunate to have a rising star like Julie Szczepanski to lead PNC.

    Keith Booker

    Keith B 3/1/13 11:29AM
  • Excellence experience with a local branch PNC employee, Andrew Trayna
    Very well educated with PNC accounts and service, extremely professional and followed up on my transactions.
    PNC should acknowledge Andrew Trayna regarding his Customer Service skills.

    ezs302 2/26/13 7:44PM
  • I have been a PNC customer for at least ten years back when it was called National City. Today and two weeks ago I received the best customer service from a branch on the west side of Chicago. The first experience for me was two weeks ago when I needed to pull money from savings account during my lunch break. I was stressed because several of my students did not have the money to attend a field trip that I had planned since November. I went to PNC with the intent to quickly pull money out, but there were two elderly men being serviced. The two tellers that were asisting the men had a conference with each other other. I assumed that it was personal and I was pissed off. One teller said something to nice to me and i cannot recall what was said, but I responded with "This is the worst PNC I have ever came to. After she finished with the older man, who was in a wheelchair, she came behind the glass to help me. She was not rude and in fact so was extremely helpful giving me information on how to change my saving account into one that would better suit my needs. I left with the intent to write a nice letter because I was ashamed of my behavior towards her, I appreciated the care and attention the tellers gave to older men that they serviced but because of a conversation they had with each other I automatically assumed they were making us wait. Will be a PNC customer for life!

    Keita 2/21/13 11:40AM
  • I like PNC - they have an online chat feature which makes life WAY easy. Also I've never had a problem getting a person... try callng the phone number on the back of the credit card - I've never waited more than 10 mins --

    Happy PNC Customer Ann Arbor, Michigan

    AshleyMarie 1/2/13 1:18PM
  • I've never had any problems with this bank. Only matter is I don't like that I can't cash my check unless I have the matching funds in my account already. Which is really stupid. Because the day before they were able to cash another check of mine with no problems. Figure that one out.

    Kat101 11/27/12 10:31AM
  • Ms. Bonnie Naugle. from the pnc in wilkes barre pa northeastern. took and treated us with the best customer service.. she went beyond her mean in helping us with a new pnc smart card.. we want to thank her!
    yours truly
    Julio Rodriguez

    marge.rosa 11/16/12 4:49AM
  • debit card was cracked so i called the 888 number and within a minute of prompts i got to talk to a nice lady who ordered me a new card for no cost. they have always been nice on phone and at bank

    Anonymous 10/17/12 4:14PM
  • We will like to acknowledge all the help and the wonderful attitude your employee, Anthony Marraffino from the downtown Ft Pierce Branch, Fl. He turned what could have been a real pain in a neck into a breeze making phone calls for us for solving an issue. He went above and beyond and we could not say enough about his great personality and customer service. Thank you very much. Ann Marie Antino

    Anonymous 9/30/12 7:46AM
  • While in my local Giant, one of your representatives approached me and was so genuine and sincerely interested, courteous, and polite that I decided to open an account and have been with you over a year. I choose to go to that same branch whenever I have questions or concerns regarding my account before I will call customer service. As a matter of fact, I have only called customer service once, and that was out of convenience of time. Every other time, the representatives have been able to help me or escalate it to Lawrence who was the branch manager. Yes, I know every worker in that location but name and face as they do me. Jonathan, Basim, Craig, Shante, and Lawerence all blew me away with their customer service skills every time I went. Even when I was just passing by while in the market they spoke. The few times there were a line, I didnít mind waiting because I knew they were providing that same level of customer service to the person in front of me. I do not know how you were able to find such qualified people and managed to put them all in one location but the two times that I went to another PNC location, that level of service was never comparable. I was saddened to learn last week that the entire staff had been let go. The new person was pleasant enough but I do not see how you can find a better crew than the one you already had at that branch. The location is convenient to my job however there are more convenient banks that I could choose to go with. I went to PNC for them. You lost five great employees and one enthused customer. I regret that I didnít sing their praises a long time ago but I can promise you that I am not alone in feeling this way about these employees. Please get them back.


    MsApril 9/21/12 12:09PM
  • I am writing a letter that I should have written a long time ago. While in my local Giant, one of your representatives approached me and was so genuine and sincerely interested, courteous, and polite that I decided to open an account and have been with you over a year. I choose to go to that same branch whenever I have questions or concerns regarding my account before I will call customer service. As a matter of fact, I have only called customer service once, and that was out of convenience of time. Every other time, the representatives have been able to help me or escalate it to Lawrence who was the branch manager. Yes, I know every worker in that location but name and face as they do me. Jonathan, Basim, Craig, Shante, and Lawerence all blew me away with their customer service skills every time I went. Even when I was just passing by while in the market they spoke. The few times there were a line, I didnít mind waiting because I knew they were providing that same level of customer service to the person in front of me. I do not know how you were able to find such qualified people and managed to put them all in one location but the two times that I went to another PNC location, that level of service was never comparable. I was saddened to learn last week that the entire staff had been let go. The new person was pleasant enough but I do not see how you can find a better crew than the one you already had at that branch. The location is convenient to my job however there are more convenient banks that I could choose to go with. I went to PNC for them. You lost five great employees and one enthused customer. I regret that I didnít sing their praises a long time ago but I can promise you that I am not alone in feeling this way about these employees. Please get them back.


    MsApril 9/21/12 8:05AM
  • The women working at the East Liberty branch have been nothing but helpful and nice when I am there. For my business, I'm there at least 10 times per month.

    j 9/15/12 6:11AM
  • I am in Ca. -where there are no PNC banks-
    I talked to the most patient- helpful employee
    Tiffany Lawrence; spent over 1/2 hour on the
    phone with me to help me set an account for my smart phone. Now I can make deposits
    anywhere I travel- then use my Virtual Wallet
    ATM card for withdrawals or charges.
    PNC personel are always helpful.

    Anonymous 8/27/12 1:18PM
  • I have an auto loan with PNC. I have been trying to make the payment for a few days with and wasn't able to log into my account. I was told to call back in a few days. I called PNC to tell them of this problem. I was told by Barb(representative) that I will be charged $10 for taking the payment over the phone. I told her that is not fair for me to pay a fee if their system is at fault and asked to speak to a supervisor. She told me he won't be able to help me and we exchanged words for a few minutes. Jim(supervisor)abruptly came on the phone to tell me he will transfer me to collections and cannot help me (wasn't not given a chance to explain what happened to him). Collections rep came on the phone and told me they did not have a home phone number but a cell phone number and the cell phone number was placed in the home number slot. I have been making payments on this loan for the past 2 years and never had this problem. So I asked her, how was I suppose to know that and I felt it was their responsibility to take care of that. She did not agree and gave me attitude and hung up.....Thanks for the wonderful experience today PNC. situation was not resolved, I'm still trying to pay my bill..

    tasha7672 5/21/12 11:35AM
  • Betty branch manager at branch 853 was very professional on the way she handles issue. Jason Dugan at customer service said that I would have to call the branch it self to handle my issue. So after talking to a customer service rep. Then Jason Dugan did me no good. Jason did not explain himself and how PNC would have to handle the issue. All he had to do is what Betty did and explain it better to me instead of saying a lot of dates and charge a month in the rear. Thank God for Betty, I will stay a PNC member. I was about to transfer all funds out of accounts. All rating is on Betty only.

    Anonymous 4/23/12 12:48PM
  • I am a PNC customer and every time when I visit the services are good, but their closing time is always earlier than closing hours which is 6:00PM. The location is 13826 Lee Highway, Centreville, VA 20120. I think they close like 5 minutes earlier than the closing time which is 6:00PM. I went there before 3 minute and it was locked and even drive thru were closed. I think they should have close the bank on time not early.

    Anonymous 2/14/12 9:51AM
  • This is a recent e-mail I sent to PNC, it speaks for itself.

    Dear Sir or Ma'am,

    I just want to take a moment to express how impressed I am with the outstanding customer service I both witnessed and experienced at your branch at 2665 Muegge Road, Saint Charles, MO 63303.

    I entered your branch about 30 minutes before they closed on Saturday, February 12th, 2012. I was greeted by one of the most polite gentlemen I have ever had the honor of meeting, named Bob. I told him that I needed to speak with somebody regarding fraudulent activity on my PayPal/iTunes account which was linked to my PNC checking account. He asked me to wait a moment to speak with Ishita Sanghvi. He even asked if he could make a coffee for me. At this point I was already impressed.

    During my wait, which lasted about 20 minutes (for which I am not upset at all as it was clear Ishita was providing excellent customer service to somebody else) I had the pleasure of watching Bob greet the customers by name as they arrived. He even knew exactly what type of coffee they liked and insisted on making it for them. I even watched him play with the children and give one a coloring book, and start friendly conversation with the customers.

    Once I was able to speak with Ishita I explained that these fraudulent charges (which were no fault of PNC whatsoever) had caused me to incur an overdraft charge. I showed her documents from PayPal outlining their investigation and their findings, as well as documents showing that PayPal was in the process of putting the funds back into my PNC account. She was extremely polite and immediately initiated a credit to my account for the amount of the overdraft fee.

    In a perfect world the hacker who stole money out of my account would be paying the overdraft fees, but unfortunately we all know this isn't a perfect world. This wasn't PNC's fault, or PayPal's fault, or iTune's fault, or my fault. PNC was understanding enough to not charge me a fee for being the victim of a crime, but not only that they went way above and beyond my expectations with their phenomenal customer service. I plan on staying with PNC indefinitely and will continue to recommend them to all of my friends and family.

    Thank you so much for giving me one less thing to worry about in this stressful world!

    bwduty605 2/11/12 8:38PM
  • PNC Gave me an Auto Loan of 2.09% on $74000 in Michigan. Two months thus far and no major problems. I called to change my address short, a 5 minute wait, the Woman I spoke with was "Super Nice" She gave me my loan number and a link so I could check my Loan

    Anonymous 2/5/12 12:09PM
  • I have been reading a lot of these comments and I can't help but laugh. To the person with the "retarded" daughter, she needs a POA or a guardian to take care of her finances if she can't do it herself. If she can do it herself, then it was her mistake to bounce a check and it's up to her to take responsibility for having done so. I've had overdraft fees before. Laws now prohibit any overdraft fees unless they are valid to be given. Therefore, even the government agrees the fees your daughter got should have been charged, not just PNC.

    To the person whose GPS stated they'd arrive 1-2 minutes before PNC closed and you were upset that even after your husband called that they were closed when you got there: PNC has a 5 minute rule. Open 5 minutes early, close 5 minutes late. Therefore, they stay open for those who arrive late just out of courtesy. You could not have arrived at 11:58 unless your clocks are wrong. Besides, if you saw on your GPS you'd arrive 1-2 minutes before close, you should have left earlier.

    To the person who wants their money back for an unauthorized transaction: you already are. The company told you it could take up to 15 business days before you'd get it back but they said they'd credit it back. It was their fault they took it without authorization. You shouldn't expect a bank to pay you for another company's mistake.

    I could go on and on. It's not always the company's fault because you don't get what you want. PNC Bank is a great company who became the 5th largest bank because it's a good bank. Just like all companies, they have policies they have to follow- and you have to take responsibility for your own actions.

    just me 12/7/11 11:14AM
  • PNC bought out National City in Niles, IL and I was very apprehensive. However, everything was not only kept the same, but got better. As a senior citizen, I am very happy with PNC - they care about me as a customer, they kept on the National City personnel so the people I talk to in the bank are familiar to me and even the new personnel that were added seem like old friends. The only way I'll change from PNC is if they get that big bank syndrome and make changes that will cost me money. At that point, I'll just have to find credit union.

    Anonymous 11/6/11 7:09AM
  • i have a line of credit with pnc that was originated through nationalcity.the contract was prime plus 3 points.fee nc.whoops,pnc decided 6.5% wasnt enough so they raised the rate to 10.5%!i have great credit and have a business account wiyh them and several personal accounts with them.the used tax payer money to buy out national city and know they dont want to honor the contracts.corperate greed plkain and simple. 11/2/11 3:22PM
  • Several weeks ago I went to the PNC branch located at 6550 N Federal Hwy, Ft Lauderdale 33308. When I arrived, the bank was closed but employees were still inside. The receptionist saw me and opened the door asking if there was something I needed. I explained that I wanted to open a checking account but that since they were closed I would return the following day. She asked me to wait while she spoke with someone inside the bank. She returned not a minute later and asked if wanted to open the account now. I said that I did not want to impose as I know that when your day is over people like to get home and on with their personal life. At that point Anthony Bredwood who was sitting at a desk nearby addressed me and said that it was really no problem that he would be more than happy to help me, he advised me that he was going to be there for a while anyway so it was no inconvenience.
    He went ahead and opened the account as well as educated me on the options for each type of account and recommended the one that would best suit my needs. Furthermore, I received a hand written note from Anthony in the mail thanking me for my business, which currently is not that much. I was very pleasantly surprised at how well I was received and treated. Both the receptionist, I did not get her name, and Anthony were very accommodating.

    Vitabrevis 6/16/11 6:23AM
  • I am writing to compliment a very special young service representative. She currently works at 200 S. 40th st. Phila. PA, Her name is Clarissa Hobbs. She is always pleasant,professional and very knowledgable of all bank services and products. It's not often that you find such curteousness in todays times. This young lady deserves to be recongnized. Judy E. Philadelphia

    Judy E. 1/18/11 1:45PM
  • My experience with Manda Crawford, Branch Manager at 1400 Merritt Blvd. Dundalk MD. was more then I ever could have hoped for. I was in the process of ordering new checks and she went above and beyond anything I could have expected to insure that I got exactly what I wanted. I have had many bad situations at other banking institutions I have dealt with during my 61yrs., but thanks to Manda I am very glad that I switched to PNC. Everyone at the branch does a great job and I am sure this is due in part to the manor in which Manda performs her job. Thanks again Manda and PNC.

    Jim Kopicki 12/27/10 1:33PM
  • Been banking with PNC since I was 2-3 years old and had a savings account, so over 40 years. Had dealings with many different office in Pgh area, and now live in Central Pa - only use 1 branch out here.

    We do everything through them. Checking,Online Banking, Savings, Money Markets, Kids Savings, Mulitiple CD's. 1st Mtg refinance, Home Equity, Paid car loans, Paid personal loans.
    Safe Deposit.

    I have NEVER paid ONE fee for any account.
    When I got gyped at an ATM with a 10.00 in place of a 20.00...credited to my account in a day.

    My 1st Mtg and Home Equity were approved within 2 days with no hassles and minimal fee.

    I have been more than please with the service I have received over the years.

    Greg 12/12/10 6:59PM
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  • I worked for National City Bank. I was a telephone banker at their call center in Michigan. Trying to give real customer service was frowned upon. I'm not kidding. The bank was doomed because they had NO ability to retain customers. When the economy sunk, this bank's "growth model" became a joke. Assets were sold to various financial institutions and PNC became the new National City. I'm still a customer although I thankfully am no longer employed there. Same old same old. Try a different institution folks. I rarely use my PNC account for anything.

    Anonymous 5/25/13 1:37PM

  • I work for PNC and have to say that while it has some faults, no bank organization is perfect. By reading some of the reviews, I have noticed that majority of them are written by less than intelligent people who are not responsible for their own actions and now want to blame someone else for their mistakes. When you over spend your money through your debit card and now you are in a negative balance, dont blame PNC for charging you fees for overdraft. IF YOU DON"T HAVE MONEY, DON'T SPEND IT!!! We take care of thousands of accounts and unfortunetly we cannot babysit every single account and notify you personally the MOMENT you go in the hole. That is why we provide you mobile apps, text and email alerts and online banking as well as old school check register so you can keep track. We all have lives and I am sorry that we can't be open 24/7. so when you drive up after 5 and bang on our doors, I apologize that I will not help you out since i would like to go home and see my family as well. My motto is treat others as you want to be treated. So when you come in with an attitude, rude and act like your $hit don't stink don't expect exception service. Be kind, polite and patient and it will be a PLEASURE for me to help you out as much as you can. and for god's sake have your stuff ready before you come up and not hold up the line because you have to locate your ID or your card and fill out the deposit slip. Thanks!

    Kary 5/16/12 11:15AM

  • I've been employed at PNC Bank for 7 months now I work at the Call Center. What a lot of customers don't realize is that we have policy and procedures to follow. We can't always fix everything right on the spot, it isn't instantaneous things take time. What I really would like to point out is this, PLEASE don't yell or scream at the person you are talking to on the phone. It's not their fault we understand that things happen we are doing the best we can to fix it. Everyday there is a new issue that unravels itself. usually the first person you are going to talk to is going to do the best they can to get you to the correct department because NO one is trained on EVERYTHING!! That would be close to impossible, seriously. A majority of these comments sounds exactly like what I hear from people 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. I wish I could tell everyone that there is a quicker way to get things resolved but there isn't. Now I agree PNC does have it's down falls and needs to catch up in the technology area; especially with call volumes I'm sorry that when you call you have to wait inline to many people are calling. We are not just standing around talking we take call after call after call on right after the next usually taking about 100 calls per person a day sometimes more. Another thing the people at the branches do not know as much information as we do simply due to the variety of different questions we get. A very important piece of information; DO NOT CALL AFTER 5PM or ON THE WEEKENDS!!!!!!! 99.7% of our departments close at 5 or a little before and are not there during weekends. If there is something terribly wrong or you need special assistance do not call after 5pm or weekends we are a bank no one is in those departments. There are people there till 10pm to assist you with basic needs but we can't do much of anything else because we are not trained. I really could go on and on. I show up to work to make money to pay my bills not to screw customers out of their money. Please don't take it out on me. I will be nice to you if you are nice to me. End of Story!!

    swymer 4/5/12 12:05AM

  • I am a PNC employee for over 4 years. This is the worst job I have ever had. There is NO communication between departments internally. Treatment of customers is simply horrific, and management is aware of the problem, but does nothing to correct it. In fact, it has now hired former employees of NES (National Enterprise Systems) as collectors. NES was shut down due to illegal debt collection practices, and PNC is well aware of the former NES employee's illegal, harrassing and degrading treatment of PNC customers and co-workers. Yet, because PNC's management receive bonuses based on collection payments, the former NES employees are rewarded and praised. I do not even have a PNC checking account, and I never will do business with this company. PS - PNC is required to receive a portion of their business from minorities and CRA (low income) loans to enable them to open new branches, yet they discriminate in their promotions of minorities. Only those with bachelor's degrees are considered for management positions.

    Anonymous 3/17/12 9:12AM

  • I'm currently employed by PNC Bank and I do have to warn you that they are fee hungry bank. Day after day I deal with people who are fooled by the inconsistent information PNC on line banking provides. Unlike every major bank your purchase are not deducted from your available balance until the next business day. So, look out on the first business day after a holiday! They are also very self-serving. A common example; you deposit a check, it's returned by no fault of yours, PNC will freeze your account! Say it's a Friday of a holiday weekend. You will not be able to access your account until the next business day, you could go 4 days without being to use your debit card! Even if you have plenty of money in the account. The explanation is that they didn't want to face a loss to the bank of that returned check. Too bad for you Mr Customer. Sorry you couldn't access your money! As long as PNC is ok they don't care. They're one cheap bank and are getting cheaper and more fee hungry. So, if you have plenty of money you should be ok and if you have an additional account at another bank so you don't have to worry about accessing your money, you might be ok banking with PNC. By the way their website, especially their beloved Virtual Wallet is super slow and annoying. They are far behind in technology. They're too busy buying other banks and accessing fees.

    Pnc no better than any bank 1/16/12 10:59PM

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