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Samsung customer service is ranked #451 out of the 706 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 30.24 out of a possible 200 based upon 1584 ratings. This score rates Samsung customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


1,501 Negative Comments out of 1,584 Total Comments is 94.76%.


83 Positive Comments out of 1,584 Total Comments is 5.24%.

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  • Well going thru exact same thing as other guy,had phone 6month with pure technical issues, then they claim liquid damage. And mine so happen to be around April 5th as well. Coincidence, ugh I think NOT. they obviously need a recall on the 3. BS pay damn near 1000 for phone an refuse to help. No point in a warranty. And customer service sucks they all say same BS an refuse to put on phone with manager. Probably going to sue company. Not fair at all.

    Anonymous 4/15/14 8:43PM
  • Samsung customer service is terrible they simply refused to repair tablet saying it was physically damaged in the charger port its more like poor design apple has 100 times better customer service

    anonymous 4/15/14 7:21PM
  • Hi,

    I have not received my 10% Cash back which was supposed to be credited by last on 15th Jan 2014 on Purchase of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 mobile on 05 Nov 2013. I have contacted Samsung support several times from the past 5 months. Every time i call on Contact support i receive a response that they have raised a new query and waiting for their backend team's response. They would never ever give the manager's email or contact number to escalate the issue.

    Please let me know how to proceed on this.



    Gayatri 4/10/14 1:03AM
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Sudden Death after 14 months!!
    My son's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 suddenly went dead. It just shows a blank white screen with no response at all. I purchased this phone in Saudi Arabia at the end of 2012 for my son who is presently studying in Canada. It is incredible that an expensive phone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (I paid about $650 for it just over a year ago!) can just suddenly stop working while in absolutely normal use!
    Totally Unacceptable that Samsung cannot do anything to assist.
    Seems like I'm not the only one with this type of problem too.
    Shame on Samsung!!!
    Great potential but losing it fast with such shocking service!

    fuzzy 4/6/14 3:50AM
  • Samsung Canada: Re Samsung S3, six months of technical issues, when returned for warranty Samsung indicated the phone had been exposed to liquid thus voiding warranty...hmmmm, poppycock for pooorly designed and supported products!! The closest that phone came to liquid is light body perspiration.

    Trying to reach them is a waste of time, even their 24/7 live chat line is broken! be expected!

    I now have an great!!...LIfe's Great!


    Anonymous 4/5/14 11:29AM
  • Adrian Hello I'm fedup when I call Samsung I have a trade account & when I call I carn't seem to get the right person top talk to About a price list I need to know I can but there products for then sell them on ie to make a profit , I was told this company makes over 2000 products by a person at the other end of the phone at Samsung I said I know this .& even went to westfild in stratford neer london to talk to a sale person & the lady took my info this was a week or 2 now no phone call from Samsung uk what the hell going on if u value your trade business to business why do I keep getting this type of treatment it's not tahe aperson with less the half a brine cell to give me what I need to know , so how can I trade when I have't got any ider what I can by then sell products from Samsung . I carn't move forward can I to tading online & Off line So pls help , I don't think I'm asking for Much

    Adrian 4/5/14 7:27AM
  • Samsung customer service is the worst that I have ever experienced in my life.Their people cant speak english and it was impossible to communicate with them. In the end, we threatened to go into stores and tell people not to buy Samsung products due to our awful experience for a simple repair of a TV. We had purshased numerous Samsung items and were looking at buying 4 more major appliances (Samsung) but not anymore. I will certainly be warning everyone that I know about the poor customer service and communication. It has been a week since our original complaint good luck. We will make sure that it will cost Samsung sales and lost business. The idiot customer service kept telling me to plug the TV in.

    bigwayner 4/4/14 1:10PM
  • i have galaxy note 3. the front sensor doesnt work.
    i sent it to customer center in Texas. customer center said " the phone has water damaged." what the hell! i dont believe it!
    there is no water damaged. thousand complains about samsung customer center are on the google.
    Now i know why people love Apple. no more samsung products. the company is not reliable.

    Dk 4/3/14 4:34PM
  • My kids got me a Samsung tv for xmas last year worked for almost a year ,then no picture only sound..called customer service they said send tv back to them they would e-mail a shipping label .had to call them after a few days because they didn.t send label..finally got it sent tv in and weeks later get a call they will send me a check for 80 per cent of cost ..not happy but okay ..didn't hear from them ..called again and now only getting 70 per cent since price of my tv went down..not my fault ..will never deal with Samsung again ..customer service very lax

    Anonymous 4/3/14 1:59PM
  • I sent a new but defective Samsung sound bar in for repair at Koambra, Samsung's repair agency in Long Beach, CA. They called me to discuss the problem and clearly hadn't received the diagnosis given by the person I originally talked to. However, I soon received a notice that the item had been repaired and shipped. Imagine my surprise when UPS delivered a giant subwoofer in an inadequate, damaged box to my door. I opened it, copied down the model and serial numbers, and then called Samsung Support. They took down the details and promised to get my sound bar to me within 48 hours and to pass the info about the subwoofer on to the right people. The sound bar arrived and now works fine, but, after almost a week, I haven't heard from anyone about getting the subwoofer picked up and sent back to its rightful owner. I don't think any of the many people involved in the Customer Support chain ever communicate with each other through any kind of centralized computer filing system. What a mess!

    Anonymous 4/2/14 12:14PM
  • I purchased Samsung Grand Mobile a year back and within 1 year(10 days past), I am experiencing problem with the mobile.

    I went to service center for repair but they told that replacement of mother board is needed but as phone is out of warranty(only 10 days more), I need to pay around 5,500/- for motherboard replacement.

    I am really wondering that there has been no breakage with the motherboard nor any kind of damage detected during repair of the mobile, then how come suddenly its not working?

    I have taken the phone on EMI as it was costing to me and not even 6 months have passed, suddenly it has stopped working. Prior to this also, I faced a lot of problems like hanging of phone, restart etc.

    I have been asked by the service center that I need approval for motherboard replacement from Samsung Support after which they would be able to replace the motherboard.

    Samsung Grand Issue 4/1/14 7:55AM
  • Purchased a new over the stove microwave and the box was missing the paperwork and hanging brackets. We are building a house so did not immediately open the box. Found out we only have 30 days to contact them. This is the only manufacturer I have dealt with that had a time limit and would not help at all. I will avoid Samsung products going forward since they will only stand behind their stuff for 30 days. This was after 3 phone calls and submitting my information twice. They never mentioned a time limit until they refused to send out the missing pieces.

    Red 4/1/14 7:35AM
  • I have had the most frustrating time getting my samsung galaxy S4 screen replaced. After weeks of harassing the service centre and eventually escalating my complaints through the call centre, i have been told my unit has been LOST! The are now going to replace my unit as if it is a favour to me... ALL my data is lost and my SANITY after having to deal with this sheer incompetence!

    Aadila 3/28/14 12:32PM
  • I am shocked, disappointed and completely frustrated with the lack of customer service and access to basic questions regarding faults on the the internet. I estimate I have spent around two hours scouring the internet for any forum or service centre that will respond to my specific question, and appalled that some sites even quote prices for asking a simple troubleshoooting question. I expected far more from such a "reputable" company. Very angry and frustrated.

    Anonymous 3/27/14 9:03PM
  • Told the incorrect things by 95% of the agents. Hung up on twice. Item caught fire while under warranty and I am currently two weeks in and still don't have my proof of purchase on record--All due to their own errors. I will find better outcomes in a courtroom than I will with 1-800-SAMSUNG.

    Anonymous73628 3/27/14 2:49PM
  • I sent my tablet in because it wouldent take a charge. All the lady told me was I emailed you a ups shipping label, send it to us will fix it and send it back. So now a month later I get it back and the paper says the cord for the charger was bad. This is after I bought 2 different charger to make sure befor I sent it off. So I turn it on and it was like takeing it out of the box new everything was gone. I check the sd slot and my sd card was gone.ill call right away being that the last 2 years of my familey and I life pics were on it, at frist thay dident want to do anything sayimg its my falt for not taking it out.I was never told to. So after 45 min on the phone being put on hold over and over and getting transfered over amd over thay ask what gig it was I tell them 16 gig hold pleaze. Another 7 mins and she says were going to send you a 8 gig. So what about my pics . Im sorry she says but were jot sure what happened so were going to send you the 8 gig is there anything else I can help you with today? No you fed me enough by loesing ky pics thanks for stealing part of my life and sd card and repleaceing it with a sorry

    pissed dad 3/27/14 11:07AM
  • I have dealing with Samsung for month now in the last month trying to get my money back on a table I have faxed -emailed and just the other day mailed the recipe see if they get that???? they are trying very hard not tp refund my money I did not buy it from them the tablet is a joke sound even went out dealing with them is a joke to they do not even listen to you what is going on it is the same story every time you call.what is wrong with these people??? and it is still under warranty ,they close my account out twice and I have 3 ticket numbers and they still do not know what is going on they never call when they say they will and it is a cat and mouse game

    mememay 3/26/14 5:14PM
  • By far and away the worst customer service I have ever had. I have been dealing with them for a month trying to return a dishwasher that stopped working less then a month after purchase. First I had to endure four service calls into my home none of which could fix the problem. IT was then "unrepairable" and the real problems began. Trying to return has been problem after problem. First you must send in receits, wait for them to call you. If you miss this call they will close your claim. I tried over and over to call back and left messages, to no avail. Once I finally (after 3 weeks) got a call back I was told "it was not her problem once she gave me a ticket number". I have been unable to reach a supervisor without waiting over a hour on the phone. And the will not release the form I need to fill out until it is approved by corperate office. As of now I am still waiting to get the form and hear from a supervisor!

    Anonymous 3/24/14 3:29PM
  • I bought the latest and greatest unf8000 60 inch tv that was highly recommended by cnet experts. To make a long story short, tv has been repaired six times from dec. 2013 to date. After many frustrating phones calls and repair samsung is finally offering me a refund. Stay away from this model. Voice activation comes on by itself for no reason and tv powers on and off. After mother board power supple camera have been replaced many times. Samsung has finally thrown in the towel by giving me my hard earn money back. I'll buy something more worthily then this piece of junk!!!

    Anuman 3/19/14 7:43PM
  • Needed a repair on GS3 that was in warranty. Not a scratch on the phone. They denied service. Such a racket.

    samsung sucks 3/12/14 4:26PM
  • Well it's been 9 days since Netflix stopped working on my Samsung "smart TV". In my opinion it is not that smart at all. I've called samsung repeatedly and they won't agree to contact when it is fixed, give me an estimate of when it will be fixed, compensate me for the netflix subscription I can't use, or reimburse me for the cost of the TV. It is not performing as described,but their story is that Apps are not covered in warranty. SAMSUNG'S CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS AND I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER OF THEIR PRODUCTS. IT SEEMS THAT THEIR PERSPECTIVE IS THAT THEY ALREADY HAVE OUR MONEY AND WE CAN GO GET SCREWED IF WE WANT ANYTHING FROM THEM...LIKE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    Anonymous 3/10/14 12:30PM
  • Hi all,

    I wanted to post the below on all available forums to bring forth Samsung's pathetic customer service. They have been sending me the same response that they have supposedly put my case on priority. If this is priority, I wonder what normal cases would be!!

    I am using Samsung grand Quattro, model GT-I8552. Year of purchase : 07-May-2013.I had given my mobile on 03-03-2014 to replace the touch screen and the home key which were broken and service center people told me that it will take 4 working days to replace and they will call me once the device ready. But i had never received any call from them.

    On 4th day (07-03-2014) i called them for the update and got the update that still they have not received the parts and it will ready by tomorrow.

    On 5th day (08-03-2014) i have only called and got the update that the mobile is ready, on the same day i went to the service center to collect the mobile. But when i visited the center they told me that the part has been just delivered and it will take 2 hours to replace it. I have waited even after the confirmation. Again after given time (2hrs) i have been told to wait for another 30 mns. Finally end of the day they told me that the problem is not resolved and you need to come on Monday again.

    Also they donâ??t even bothered to explain what is happening when we visit to the customer care and people will be in queue every time when the person comes inside from the store and he will just call one person and say wait for some time to others.

    I hope this escalation process will be taken as priority and then the concern person will act on it.

    Customer care Address:

    Jaga 3/9/14 9:37PM
  • I am having problems viewing netflix on my Samsung smart TV. This started 6 days ago and it is still not fixed. I called to ask for help. The only thing they could tell me was that it was a firmware issue and could take around 10 days to fix. SAMSUNG WOULD NOT AGREE TO NOTIFY ME WHEN IT IS FIXED. I AM SUPPOSED TO CHECK BACK PERIODICALLY AND SEE IF IT WORKS. THEY ALSO WOULD NOT REIMBURSE ME FOR MY WASTED NETFLIX SUBSCRPTION COSTS. I paid hundreds of dollars for their product and it is not working as described. Samsung has been unable to help me in any way. UNFREAKING BELIEVABLE....I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT AND I HOPE YOU DON'T EITHER. May their board and executives be forced to use their own customer service center daily to get their company phone fixed.

    Anonymous 3/6/14 9:15PM
  • i am having problems with my 1 month old Samsung S4. i am from South Africa but is currently in USA on business. The phone does not want to charge. I called Samsung USA and was directed from one call center agent to another. they eventually informed me that they could not offer me any telephonic assistance as the phone is from South Africa ana Samsung USA does not affiliate/assist Samsung SA cutomers. I asked the lady why and she informed me that the productd are different.??? I asked how is this possible and se responded that she could not assist even telephonically.
    this is extremely poor from Samsung. The phone does read Samsung South Africa when activated. Samsung i am appauled at this pathetic service. I will definitely be changing mu electronic branding. Samsung you suck!!! I am now in USA and cant communicate with my family back in SA due to a poor product/product service.

    Mukesh 3/6/14 8:43PM
  • I purchased a laptop in June 2013 and it stopped working not once but now 4 times updates from Windows 8. I have followed the wonderful instructions from Samsungs customer service representatives to send it away and was told the last time if I sent the unit 3 times for repair they would replace it or refund me my purchase value. They lied and have told me I have to send it away for a fourth time. The hard drive has supposedly been replaced 3 times and the motherboard once. It was suggested to me by a IT person the issue is the model of laptop I have is not compatible with Windows 8 and I think he is right because the first time the laptop crashed the customer service representative said to me the model of laptop I have should have Windows 7 on it not Windows 8.
    More than frustrated and really don't know what options I have

    badlaptop 3/5/14 3:41PM
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  • I rang Samsung with regards to a problem with my chromebook last Thurs 13/2, they picked it up on Fri 14th and it arrived back to me this morning 20/2 fully repaired.

    Great service thankyou

    Diane 2/20/14 5:39AM
  • I have always owned a samsung phone without any problems for 20 years. I had to contact samsung for the first time with my latest phone S3 mini. Their customer service agent was brilliant. I received a registered envelop/Jiffy bag posted my phone all done and dusted back to me within 3days. Their service was excellent

    val 1/9/14 4:37PM
  • I purchased a laptop in Dec 2012 and yet forgot exactly when it was purchased. I have had huge blue screen of death problems that i have tried to fix myself, unsuccessfully. Just as i was about to trash this POS, someone told me to contact Samsung to see what they could do. I dug in and found my receipt from Dec 2012 and immediately realized I was 10 days past the warranty period! I called Samsung support and explained to them the situation and the guys I talked to, Carl, was so sympathetic and admitted I was 10 days out of warranty but he gave me an extended 60 days to get the problem fixed. There was never a doubt in his mind or voice that things would not be worked out. Kudos to Samsung, for really having some empathy for their customers. So opposite of many customer service outfits these days!

    phil s. 1/8/14 2:16PM
  • This is the best customer service I have received in a very long time. Had a problem with my phone - Samsung arranged to collect the next day and returned the repaired phone within 3 days.FANTASTIC SERVICE well done Samsung!

    Deejay1979 11/12/13 7:16AM
  • My son's laptop hard drive started to fail so I called the Samsung helpdesk (via PC World number) and they (Digicare Ltd on behalf of Samsung) were extremely efficient. As we live some distance from the nearest drop-off point they organised a courier to collect the laptop. The service centre phoned me to say they had it, checked if I wanted any data rescued off it, then repaired it and returned it in the 7 business days they stated- all under warranty. Could not have been better. Very pleased.

    Ian 10/2/13 5:59AM
  • I just had the most amazing experience with a Samsung customer service representative, Theresa, in their executive level review process. She spent over an hour on the phone with me twice to really resolve the problem with my refrigerator. I'm only hoping the company itself is as good as this employee.

    LLB10 9/27/13 9:06AM
  • i have called Samsung customer care today. they have help me a lot...

    Anonymous 9/21/13 8:50AM
  • I have only needed to contact Samsung customer service's once, even though I have bought many of their products. I found the service A Class. The warranty on my product had run out by a couple of months, and even though I was expecting them to help, I was sure it would only be upto a certain point. After I explained my issue, they really helped me and offered to look at my product and replace it if need be. I was so happy that they actually listened to me and offered to help. I love Samsung and will continue to purchase their products.

    romee 6/21/13 1:21PM
  • Hi,

    Personal Experience Review for Cellnet (Authorized Samsung Mobile Svc Centre) in Mahavir Enclave, Dwarka.

    My Issue: No Audio on my 2 months old Samsung Galaxy Grand smart phone.

    Nature: Friendly and Polite.

    Conduct: Excellent.

    Professionalism: Top Class.

    The best part of these two staffers is that they are very patient and polite. They listened to me very carefully, the entire issue.

    The headphone jack had to be replaced and they got it done in less than 24 hours. I submitted the phone on 19th June 2013 at around 5 PM in evng and I got a call from them around 1 pm saying that the part has been replaced and the phone is ready. Amazing. What else you ask from Customer service.

    I would give a thumbs up to them for their service and would highly recommend them for any sort of appreciation.

    Thanks n Regards

    Devpriyo Bhattacharya

    Devpriyo Bhattacharya 6/20/13 7:42PM
  • At first I agreed with most reviews that samsung has horrible customer service and well theirwarranty also not so good but I had a change of heart recently I purchased a 60" led hd tv best of that year wich was 2012 ( I wanted a2013) but anyway saved long time payed like 2000 bout 2 months after christmas I was liking it u know it was that one thing in your house that made u look better then lower middle class lol anywho long storie short it got
    broke not even 30 days later ( wii remote by 6 year old) so after samsung relized it was not damaged beyond repair from my fault I got it fixed yaaaaa took a little while but it back lookin big and shiny and SAMSUNG WAS MY HERO AND FOR THAT I SAY FIVE ★★★★★ SERVICE THEY ROCK . customer service out this world thank u so so much I now only buy samsung .

    Heather1985 5/23/13 10:50PM
  • Hello everyone, A week and a half ago I would of agreed with all of you. My situation started when two (of my 5 speakers, including the sub) speakers stopped producing sound. After swapping wires between speakers, I found I just needed two of the wires replaced. The CSR seemed really helpful when taking down my product model number, serial number, and general info. He stated he was able to verify the date of purchase by looking up my serial # in his system, and confirmed I was still within warranty. After taking all my general info, I was told to expect my order to be delivered within 3-4 weeks. I followed up on the 4th week and found out my order was actually cancelled because the POP (Proof of Purchase) was needed to confirm warranty period. I was a little irritated for not being informed if I hadn’t followed up. I explained to the 2nd CSR (4 weeks later after first initial call) how the first CSR informed me the POP was no longer needed since date of purchase was verified by the serial numbers on the bottom of my unit. I was transferred at least 5 times after repeating exact same story to each, and receiving the exact same response from each CSR. The fifth person I was transferred to finally seemed to understand me. He also confirmed I was within my 1 year warranty, apologized for the situation and then stated I will receive my order in 3-4 weeks. I followed up on the 4th week again and had the same scenario for the 3rd time, however, was told my POP was now mandatory for my order to be processed. This CSR was like talking to a 3 year old, I stated to the CSR that it was unethical for any company to go back on something it’s said, she responded “Well I know other companies work like that, but we don’t.” At this point I was mad, irritated, and even more disappointed in people who are so unwilling to help even when it’s a job. Giving up getting my point across, I did fax my POP, following up the next day I’m then told it wouldn’t be covered since the POP was received outside the warranty period. I wasted two hours explaining to each rep I was transferred in how state law requires for my issue to get addressed since it started within the warranty period. The last 3 reps I was transferred to were said to be a supervisors, I gave up after the last rep I received literally only repeated himself saying, “ you’ll receive a call within 1 business day,” I joke not, that was the only response I received regardless anything stated or asked. After the rep (supervisor) repeated himself for about the 8th time, Customer rep just ignored me silently, after receiving not any form of response but silence, I asked if his job was to specifically pick up the phone and repeat only that one sentence to which CSR only responded “you’ll receive a call within 1 business day.” Irritated about a week for being bullied, I found Samsung had a facebook page. So I took my complain there, I got a response from a Samsung rep with a day or 2 who treated me with the highest level of customer service. 3 emails later, I received my package replacing all 5 speaker wires. So if you haven’t already, post you’re issue there. Sorry for the long post, hope everyone gets the help they need.

    tenksjz 4/20/13 12:18AM
  • I would like to thank Samsung for standing behind their product..We had purchased a television 18 months ago, in which we had not purchased the extended warranty. We were gone south for 6 months, when w got home the television was not working properly, I contacted Samsung, they agreed to fix our television, free of charge. It is nice to know there are some people that stand behind their products...Thank you.. I would recommend Samsung to anyone..

    Anonymous 4/18/13 4:50AM
  • I bought the above referred TV on 9th July 2009, namely 3,5 years ago. Last week I have had problem in getting images , I saw some lines appearing on the screen and I contacted the local service in my city (ANTALYA-TURKEY). The service after checking my TV informed me that the Panel is out of order and it has to be changed and the repair cost would be about US.Dolars 2500.- +VAT..

    I said to the person who gave me this information _are you out of your mind.. the new TVs with much more specifications are less than this price. He told me that this is company''s procedures and that he can do nothing about it. About 3,5 years ago I paid about 3,500.- US. dollars to this TV and now I either have to pay this repair charge or put it into the garbage. What is this..? As a customer (in fact I am a good Samsung customer.. I have at present at my home a mobile phone and a wash-machine and an air-condition, and a fax-machine they are all from your company) I did nothing wrong if this panel is not working correctly now. This is completely company''s responsibility.. It is a matter of course that the warrany was only given two years, but it is now justice that I have to pay an amount for repair with which I can puy a new one. You have to clearly note that I will not easily accept this unjuctice affair.. .

    Mr.ThreeDays 4/6/13 7:41AM
  • Thank you Samsung! Love my TV and that supervisor Pam was awesome and helpful! I did not think it would work out well but it did!

    Sunshine 1/21/13 10:19AM
  • I have samsung galaxy SIII and i want to update it to the jeally bean version 4.1.1 but it says contact to the samsung service. Could you clarify to me why my device didnt accept the update even it shows to me that there are new updare available in your device

    tommy 11/14/12 12:46PM
  • Samsung sucks no matter what you say about it, worst customer service ever. Takes for ever for them to get the problem solve and when they say somebody will contact you from 24 to 48 hours its all a lie they never ever call you back. You'll have to call them back, that's how bad it is with Samsung. Never ever buy a Samsung product please.

    APPLE 10/31/12 8:40PM
  • I just called Samsung about our 3 year old TV that takes 15 minutes to turn on. They were quick, very nice on the phone, and after getting the Serial and Model numbers, offered to fix my TV for free. I didn't have to ask. We'll see how it all goes, but I'm impressed!

    Kris 10/24/12 10:19AM
  • This message is for KC. Thank you for helping me fo my tab2 for the trouble shooting and it works. Thank you very much!

    Mj 10/3/12 12:12PM
  • I called the 800 number listed for Samsung customer service and spoke with one of their staff who was helpful and courteous in less than a minute>

    Anonymous 9/8/12 8:55AM
  • I have had my laptop for sometime now and it is doing great!:) I had an issue with the update but with a very patient customer service agent and a little time we had it fixed w/in the hour and he walked me step by step through the process! I guess it depends on where you live and all components together! Not all negative on Samsung!
    Stay positive b/c a lot of issues has arised with a lot of different brands!
    Thanks Samsung

    Anonymous 8/7/12 5:44PM
  • Aloha,

    I purchased a Samsung 56" DLP TV three years ago. we notice white dots on the screen and later found out this is a chip defect. Samsung has said they will not fix a chip defect in one of there TV's.

    I just cannot understand how a "Defect" will not be fixed when i did nothing to cause this. even though a TV is out of warranty a chip Defect should be fixed without the owner paying for it. also this is happening with DLP TV's. so Samsung is aware of the defect.

    I purchased another Samsung LED TV a few months back, then this problem happened. I hope Samsung would fix this is i can tell everyone good things about Samsung.

    Thank You,

    Rick Samorano

    Rick 7/12/12 1:00AM
  • Had a write a comment on the best customer service ever. Samsung fixed our 4 year old tv free of charge. The company they used picked up our faulty tv and gave us a temporary tv for the fews days while ours was away. Within 4 days our tv was back and working like new. Exceptional customer service and would highly recommend company.

    Anonymous 6/28/12 6:42AM
  • After reading so many of these bad reviews, I was afraid of not getting a good customer service experience. Well, as I called Samsung on 1 (800) 726-7864, not only were all of the reps really nice, they were very helpfull too. Samsung will provide a technician to come to my place and check out what is wrong with my old TV. Everything will be FREE of charge!! I find it unfortunate that many other customers were unsatisfied with the survice. Hopefully, you will have a better luck, like I had!

    AnnaS 5/21/12 3:34PM
  • I rang help-line this afternoon for help with a forgotten password for my brand new laptop.Iwas asked to participate in a satisfaction survey which i agreed to.Sadly as i was so excitedabout getting my computer to work once more i gave the wrong scores for the service i received.Iwanted to give total points for every question asked as i was completely satisfied with expertise , politeness, and promptness of response to my query.Somehow i did not achieve this with the scores offered.Please can you accept my apologies and correct this misunderstanding.

    Anonymous 5/18/12 11:39AM
  • May 5, 2012 I would like to compliment "Chercin" who was the nicest, most professional, and knowledgeable customer service person I have spoken with. My 2009 LED 46" TV totally stopped working with a "clicking" in the back. After research, I found there were hundreds of people with the same problem. She immediately sent a repair man to see if it could be repaired. She gets a "10" in every area !

    I cannot say the same for Adam who said he would return call after investigation..he never returned the call after May 3.

    Anonymous 5/6/12 8:21AM
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  • I am a former Samsung customer service representative. Samsung uses BPO's (business processing outsourcing centers) to take customer service calls. I worked for Iqor and Samsung is their client. I see all of the negative comments and they are 100% valid. From a customer service agent perspective I can tell you that Samsung really had our hands tied when it came to providing viable troubleshooting/repair options to customers. Specifically our call center handled the telecommunications division of Samsung. We took calls for customers having issues with their mobile devices (cell phones tablets). We would exhaust our troubleshooting efforts over the phone and if we determined a repair was the only option, we had no other alternative than to have the customer send in their phone. This poses a great inconvenience to customers. Samsung never provides a loaner phone or replacement. The warranty is strictly a repair warranty and never offers customers better solutions like replacements. I encountered many situations and angry customers with those in which a phone had already been sent to the Samsung repair center 2 and 3 times. Customers reported having the same issues that were never really fixed. I had to somehow convince the customer that our technicians at the repair center put the phone through a rigorous quality check before sending it back to the customer. That was a next to impossible sell. I incurred the wrath of many customers. While I understood and agreed with their frustration there was absolutely nothing I could do to ameliorate their predicament. In addition to this, Samsung provides poor training to agents they have on the phone to take customer service calls. Samsungs main BPO Iqor is an example of a company that will hire anyone with a pulse. These agents do not care about anything but making it through the day to quitting time and going home. They are ill equipped to handle the multitude of technical issues customers call about. I, for one, did take pride in doing my best to assist customers but I was truly limited in many instances where Samsung's unreasonable warranty came into play. I had many customers tell me they had few issues with Apple products in comparison. Samsung may be on top for now, but if the customer service continues in this manner more and more will turn to alternative brands. I have seen many Chinese replicas of these Samsung phones that can be purchased for a fraction of the price and are probably just as good a quality if not better. I really hope Samsung visits sites like these to get an outside perspective of what customers really think. They need to, otherwise their ship is going to sink.

    formersamsungcustservrep 6/14/13 6:46PM

  • I was one of the reseller of Samsung mobile in the Asian area, to be precise in Thailand. however, one thing good about Samsung is they never been late in sending us the invoice for products that we've bought. but eventually they used to be so late in sending the products ordered to our store. it's probably because they're used to use a very odd and old style assembling system. they made all the installed and programs Operation system in Korea, then later send it to the available factories nearby, but it takes years before those products can arrived safely in our store. it happens for these past 3 years already (since I started to sell samsung mobile). So far i heard more than 65% of other retail store around Asia also have the same problems. The worst thing is, whenever I tried to approach them, they never give any sufficient response. they just said, wait, it's been processed.

    Anyone 5/26/12 9:48AM

  • I was an employee at samsung and you had to try to trouble shoot and get the customer off the phone in 6 and half minutes with a floor person in the back ground telling you , you need to hurry and get the customer off the line the call is taking to long. Hated this job never had so many rude people in my face. You can barely verify the customers information in 6 mins more less trouble shoot with them to try and resolve their problem. If you raise your hand to try and get assistants with a call you may get someone after having the customer on hold for 10 mins but they tell you dont leave the customer on hold longer than 3 mins
    so in the mean time you have to keep going back 3 and 4 times tell asking the customer to please hold 2 to 3 more minutes

    Anonymous 3/16/10 4:09AM

  • I agree with everything you all have said about samsung. I work for Samsung as a CSR and it gets harder and harder to work there. Can't believe that these products that customers purchase are that messed up. I try my best to help but with limited resources and the BS training they provide us, it's hard. Believe me, I feel your pain. When you all call in and want to speak with a supervisor, basically, they can't do anything either. I'm going to give you all how this stuff work. In order to get you product replaced, it has to be serviced atleast 3 times, pathetic, I know. We then set up a claim and it goes to our Executive Customer Relations dept, and its not much they can do to speed up the process. They submit the claim to samsung corporate and then have to wait for approval, sad aint it. And I know when you all call in, the customer service/so called tech support really suck. Again, when they hire us, we only get 2 weeks of training then they put us on the phones. Some of the people on the phones are technical at all. Fortunately, I'm one of the technical ones but I'm not able to provide quality service because after 5-6 minutes I'm being rushed off the phones. And so you know, Samsung contracted a company name Alorica to handle the customer service duties. If you look up Alorica complaints, you will see the BS that this company is about. Just know that there are some of us that really care and want to help but again, we are very limited on resources. The same user manual that you have, some of us are looking in it also. And since I've been working for samsung/alorica, I will never in a millions years purchase a samsung product. Even if it was given to me for free, I would give it back. One time I was in Best Buy and this guy was looking at a samsung tv, I told him to don't waste his time, it's a piece of junk. Here are some contact info if you want you complaint to get across: Samsung Corporate 973-601-6000; Executive Customer Relations(ECR) 800-522-7341. Thanks ! ! !

    CustServRep4Samsung 1/10/10 8:49PM

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