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Twitter customer service is ranked #675 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 18.40 out of a possible 200 based upon 101 ratings. This score rates Twitter customer service and customer support as Terrible.


101 Negative Comments out of 101 Total Comments is 100.00%.


0 Positive Comments out of 101 Total Comments is 0.00%.

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  • This is the most frustrating website and Customer Support Experince I have ever had

    You have ever had

    My account has been hacked so I can't get into it

    Every time I contact you by email, three times to be exact you respond asking me to change my password but I can't do that as the hacker has taken it over You have a telephone number that doesn't expect you to be able to speak to anyone and you want me to go back to sending an email when I have already sent three This is a very serious and threatening hacking and I will soom be forced to call the police and expose the incredibly poor response I am getting from you0

    joywol 7/23/14 5:00AM
  • I need a picture of me taken down asap the person had NO permission to take a pic of me its damaging my reputation at work and i have a restraining order on my ex and my pic with place of employment it on twitter

    melissasellew2 7/9/14 1:35PM
  • My account was suspended for being agressive. I have not used my account since 2/2013 & I think my account has been compromised or hacked. Can you prove that I have been agressive.if not restore my account. I would like to use it for business.
    Thank you.

    dreamcatcher 7/9/14 10:50AM
  • I ask you to close my twitter account for
    Fifth, times or deactivate my Account cause an hacked got into my account like there's are herbrew got into my Facebook also pleased shut down thank alice.

    chandler4643 7/8/14 2:07PM
  • Please let me know why I cannot follow others. This is affecting my business and I would like an explanation on why I am not allowed to follow others.

    I appreciate your help with this matter.

    Anne Plaggenborg

    CréateurDCMag 6/25/14 1:45PM
  • Dear Twitter

    My account says suspendeded

    I tried to access my account my phone number no luck so I signed up again.

    Please contact me email

    carol monk 6/19/14 3:37PM
  • Need to contact Twitter about notifications that I get about someone who keeps following me,they have followed me several times. Have gone on Twitter customer support but none of the options are relevant!

    Anonymous 6/4/14 8:28AM
  • I had a twitter account that I have been trying to get back into I have tried going through your technology support system online with no success, I would really like to speak to a life rep reset a Iver so as to rectafy this situation. I currently now have I don't know how many accounts with you so getting some help would be appreciated. You may contact me on cell phone or if nessassary on my gmail account which now should be :-

    a response as soon as possible would be nice

    Dominic Eredia 6/3/14 4:49PM
  • Please can you DELETE my old account? Someone has hacked my account changed my email and password!! im really worried can some please get rid of this account I have been trying to do this for the past few weeks now!!

    Arry_TakeMeOut 5/22/14 2:36AM
  • I am in Australia and cannot afford a phone call to America. I am using this comment box due to desperation and frustration at not being able to resolve a simple issue such as a Password Reset. The Twitter Help Page does not provide a way for me to resolve my problem. I have repeatedly requested a new password over the last week. I receive an email that says to press RESET. I am unable to reset the password as the old password is not accepted for me to change my password. Usually if I request a new password, a new password is emailed to me so I can login to Twitter and edit / change my password. Every time I login to RESET, it keeps telling me I'm logged in and goes to my Twitter page, but I can't leave a comment on twitter, because I can't change the password.

    VAHMM 4/24/14 12:33AM
  • I am currently in a court case with a girl on twitter who no longer follows me and has made her page private. Her tweets will determine weather or not jail time will have to be done, how would I get a hold of information as such? I also believe the girl has inactivated one account to start another but, I am not sure.

    @_AHRMAA 4/7/14 6:58PM
  • I wanted to reset my password because i forgot it. They sent me this message:


    We just sent a password reset to your inbox for the Twitter account associated with your email address. Click the link in that email to create a new account password. If you have any trouble selecting a new password, please try accessing the reset link from a computer while signed out of all other Twitter accounts.

    Please note: Password reset links expire for security reasons. If the link has expired and you're in need of a new one, please reply to this email.

    If you haven�t been receiving our reset password emails, check your junk and spam folders to make sure they aren't being filtered.

    Did you know you can also reset your password via text message? Just add your mobile device to your account settings. Instructions on how to add your mobile phone via the web can be found here:

    Let me know if you need any further assistance!


    but i haven't received any password reset in my inbox. I look it up in my spam folders and keep refreshing my inbox but there is none. Pls pls help?

    PasswordResetPlease 4/4/14 7:54PM
  • Im hoping someone can give me answers. From the time I went to Bed to the Time I woke up this morning. I found out my twitter was temporarily suspended for sending multiple unsolicited mentions to other users. The only people I tweet or Mention to are the ones I follow or TV shows. So does that mean someone reported me or did Twitter pick that up on its own? I didn't berate anyone or send explicit mentions. I asked for a follow, live tweeted with the cast of tv shows I watched yesterday on abc some of the stuff I write i get quite a few RT and Favorites, can that get me into trouble for violating twitter rules?

    alishamarie28 3/21/14 5:33AM
  • I have two twitter accounts that's registered to one email address. I need to access the main twitter account but it keeps telling me the user name/ password combination is incorrect. Please help asap

    @ASHRIKA_RAJPAL 3/18/14 1:36PM
  • I have tried OVER and OVER to reset my pasword. It does not
    matter what password I use it is not accepted. I know some if not all could not have been used already.
    I have NEVER tried to contact a live person with any company that does not have the option of a live person.
    I have read every possible troubleshooting list and none
    answer my particular problems.

    love 3/17/14 6:24PM
  • I cant seem to type on my twitter page. when I login it just freezes on me. I can type on any other page but not this one please help me as I don't want to have this problem

    hollywood797 2/27/14 7:00PM
  • I need help! So a few years ago I made a twitter account under my email. I haven't used that twitter account since I created it. I have forgotten my password and username. I want to delete that account so I may use my email on my new account that I currently use. I need to know hw to delete it if I have forgotten my login information.

    Anonymous 2/22/14 1:29PM
  • My timeline has not updated since 10 Feb. 2014 (it's now 17 Feb.). The only assistance I've rec'd from Twitter is automated reply emails which have not been helpful to restore my timeline. I have to use Twitter's TweetDeck to view my most recent tweets.

    @TomFlowers 2/17/14 4:06PM
  • More cyber-no-support? WHY AM I NOT, repeat, NOT getting my confirmation email? Try me, I am btw RCaupp

    RCaupp 2/5/14 1:43PM
  • I have never had this much trouble with twitter in my life. they are refusing to sent me a reset password link. I know my email address for my account and yet they refuse to sent it to me. I get everything else from twitter to that account just not the email I need. I would like it if twitter just sent me the damn email already.

    bellakirraluvsu 1/31/14 3:49PM
  • Dear Twitter,

    Today Is January 10,2014~On January6th

    I Had That Account Almost Two Years.I Can't

    Stop People Of Another Party From Mass Spam

    Blocking My Account.I Can't Stop Them From

    Filing False Reports Of Harassment And Being

    Abusive On Twitter.I Kept Filing Complaints

    Against My Harassers And Abusers!!!They Are'

    Still On Twitter.Being Able To Mass Spam Block

    Me Is Wrong.I Would Like My Account Restored

    ~I Would Protect My Tweets.I Had

    Over 4,500 Followers.The Opposite Party Threatened

    My Account Often.You Got This One Wrong.Again,Please

    My Account This Time.Too Many Attacks.Thank You.

    Ms.Gloria Thompson

    @Progress4Ohio 1/10/14 1:40PM
  • Hello Twitter,please help me to restore my account I have filed a ticket and never got a response but I would really love to start using Twitter again.Please help me.Thank you

    @Iam_KimmyBW 1/2/14 2:57AM
  • When you are exchanging money with customers, as Twitter is now doing with their promoted posts and ads, it would behoove them to provide a way for customers to contact a person to discuss issues that arise. I have been overcharged for some advertising I did with them and have searched high low to get someone to help with this, but apparently, they don't talk to their customers.

    @lv_lewis 12/8/13 1:03PM
  • i have tried to contact twitter by phone and by leaving messages on the comp and noone has done a thing about my problem for almost a year now i have not been able to follow people on twitter when i first made my account i did not fully understand twitter, and added to many it said after a few months i would be able to follow again that was almost a year ago i have my music pages on reverb and are synced with twitter and i DO NOT WISH to create a new account it would take forever to change all my pages emails and etc etc my people also keepn up with my music on twitter i need this problem looked at and solved asap

    galendavis18 11/29/13 11:02AM
  • I would like to thank you for getting back to me about my problem with my Twitter account it still hasn't been fixed but aleast I got a response. I received a email saying that my Gmail account is a hot mail account but that is false. Since everything I get from Twitter is to this account at . Thanks for at least trying to help I appreciate your time

    keto23 11/27/13 3:33PM
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  • i cannot log into twitter anymore because of the new ios7 crap update. i hate it. ever since the update, nothing but problems and trouble have come to my iphone5. and now i cannot even log into twitter because it says that it does not recognize my email address, and i know the one im typing in is correct because i only have one email address. i have seen people with the same problem after the update, so please help me!

    Anonymous 10/2/13 9:22PM

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