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Yahoo customer service is ranked #618 out of the 706 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 22.61 out of a possible 200 based upon 2106 ratings. This score rates Yahoo customer service and customer support as Terrible.


2,030 Negative Comments out of 2,106 Total Comments is 96.39%.


76 Positive Comments out of 2,106 Total Comments is 3.61%.

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  • Please help me, Iam overwhemed with ads for pc back ups, downloading sites, advertising in general takes up the whole page. Yo change the foremat just as we are getting acustom to the one we have.

    Buddyhwoods 4/20/14 1:37AM
  • This Number doesnt work.

    Vicky 4/20/14 1:16AM
  • Up until recently I have used primarily only g mail. Because of interviews and school related needs, i thought to give yahoo a try. Several weeks after joining yahoo, I lost my ability to sign in automatically. The site insisted I receive a text to my phone to recover my password which once was automatic sign in but my phone number had changed. It gave me other options which never took me where it said it would, so I began trying to phone yahoo. I called AM I called PM and I called numerous days and various time, sometimes being on hold for 30 minutes before they auto hung up...And then I tried the support and recovery link online which still gave me no viable options...Several days ago after several attempts, the email contact they talked about was available for the first time so I used that and expressed my problem and urgent need...After three days, and after the "auto" saying they had received my email...still no response...Long story short, THEY SUCK! worst email experience by far that I have ever experienced. They could not pay me to use them again... beware...Be Very Aware...It is a damn shame what they have become.

    wade 4/18/14 7:28PM
  • I have been trying all day to talk to someone. I feel that my e-mail has been compromised. I have called 3times and been told by a recording that there is a 30 to 40 minute wait, or they may just hang up on me.

    Right now I think Yahoo stinks.

    Judy 4/18/14 12:47PM
  • I have been trying to contact customer service for a week now but to no avail. Been on hold forever and no one ever answers the phone. Worst service ever. They say to send them an e-mail but if you cant access your account how are you going to do that to read their response? I hope someone reads this and does something about it.

    Anonymous 4/16/14 3:40PM
  • HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE customer service. I have heard "your call is important to us, please hold on" at least 500 times. I have spent several hours trying to get through multiple times at all different times throughout the day to no avail. Regardless when the call is made, the same recording is always played, then it always disconnects. The message also directs me to Yahoo help online, which does not answer my question. I owned shares of stock in Yahoo and sold them all, because of the sheer ridiculousness of the pathetic customer servie

    stilabowerbooth 4/16/14 6:16AM
  • Yahoo is a vast enterprise, but it has a lousy communications system. I can design a better software for the company if I will be given the chance to do so.

    Anonymous 4/16/14 4:51AM
  • Why Yahoo Employer No Answer The Phone To Help Customer

    Anonymous 4/15/14 8:03AM
  • Yahoo has the absolute worst customer service i have ever experienced!!!! I have been trying various avenues to try and speak with someone regarding my major email problem, but have been unsuccessful for the last several months. I cannot commit anymore time trying to reach someone in customer care to resolve my problem (by phone- spent countless hours at all times of the day only to be disconnected each time / email - tried countless times to send help requests with no response). My advice to anyone signing up for a new yahoo account - DON'T DO IT! If you have a problem you're left high and dry. Go for gmail or icloud. From online reviews they seem to be way more reliable.

    Anonymous 4/14/14 8:51PM
  • I can't get my contact list--my boxes to check all for deletes-I don't have my attachments to sent pictures-ect-there seems to be always something wrong with yahoo mail

    Anonymous 4/14/14 1:41PM
  • Yahoo has the WORST customer support. I had to wait for 57 minutes listening to the prompt until I was disconnected.

    isuhaja 4/14/14 12:34PM
  • I have been calling you all for the last 3 days trying to get a issue resolved my name is Katie phone number my yahoo account has been hacked

    kaye 4/14/14 10:50AM
  • Not enough customer service availability.

    Anonymous 4/13/14 4:49AM
  • I hate the new yahoo email, and at one point was locked out for over a week. I had hard time getting a hold of customer care and didn't reach someone. The wait times on the phones are too long. So after awhile I gave up. Some how I managed to use contact yahoo, and used another email address and got a hold of them, and finally had them send a code to unlock my email address. Finally I was in the email account for one last time. I checked my email and then deleted them, then I deleted the account all together. I am glad I did that. I will not use yahoo anymore after 14 years too, a shame, but they ruined things and I hope other people switch to another email account.

    emilly 4/12/14 12:36PM
  • I have not been able to get my email for over a week. No information to get a hold of customer service. It says I have 8 messages, I click on it and it says lost connectivity. This is BS!!!

    cdamouse 4/12/14 9:49AM
  • Ive tried for over a week to get thru to customer care and zero luck. Left a call back number and nothing as well. Hire some people to answer the phone!!!!!!

    Anonymous 4/11/14 6:56PM
  • I have been trying to get help and So far, I have had no answer from your people

    Months ago you changed your format again and for month I can't send emails .I

    Need for you to change my set up back. When I click on contacts not one of my contacts come up and and I have files and Newsletters to send and I can't. I called and called also for half and they keep saying it's a two hour delay .I called five days strait so. Thing is wrong with that.

    Please email me a answer soon.

    Anonymous 4/10/14 6:33PM
  • You People Have To Be Incompetently Stupid. Ihave Been Trying To Contact You By Phone And It Is Busy. You Say To Send An Mail To How Stupid Is That, I Cannot Get Into My Account

    Anonymous 4/10/14 3:48PM
  • I have had nothing but frustration after frustration with Yahoo. Due to the problems with the new virus, I changed my password and when I needed to log in again, Yahoo would not accept the password which I had just changed to and then, after several tries, IT LOCKED ME OUT FOR 24 HOURS!
    WHAT THE heck KIND OF OPERATION IS THIS? This has ALWAYS happened when Yahoo decides that I should sign in again after a few weeks. I'd rather pay money to have something I can trust. I will be leaving Yahoo and having another second e-mail. My Comcast account has never given me problems EVER. I just get so much e-mail that I divide it up. Computers are ruining the world. You can never talk to a PERSON EVER!

    malitotucson 4/10/14 2:30PM
  • If This Is The Kind Of Service Yahoo Gives You For Your Problems Then They Will Soon Be Out Of A Lot Of Customers Because There Is No Help. I Use To Stand Up For Yahoo But Now I'm On Board With Everyone Else They Suck And I'm Leaving Who Wants To Stay With A Web Site That Has 0 Help With Customer Service Issues Especially At Work!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous 4/10/14 6:39AM
  • The link to Yahoo customer service is totally bogas....It just takes you to the Yahoo customer forum and then into an endless loop to leave post for other Yahoo customers to answer your post if you are lucky.

    Since no Yahoo customer will ever reach a Yhaoo support tech Yahoo need to stop advertising this link as a means to contact Yahoo support. This is complete & totally false advertisement and need to be reported to the FCC.


    CharO 4/6/14 1:36PM
  • Sent an e mail on april 1st at 19:57 (switzerland time zone)

    With an answer within 24hrs

    Concerning hacked account :

    No answer yet,

    Please need some help there.


    Sabina 4/5/14 1:11PM
  • support is a farce, circular process with no way to reach anybody either email or phone. nonsensical loops in trying to get anywhere

    Anonymous 4/4/14 5:48PM
  • Can't get ahold of anyone on the phone. On line they ask for your email account, but I closed mine because it was hacked and the hackers are still sending bogus emails from my account but I have no access to it. Terrible customer service, avoid yahoo at all costs.

    Anonymous 4/4/14 2:37PM
  • I PAY for Yahoo mail & they started blocking my outbound emails this week with NO notice. I now get a message about "suspicious activity" on my account. I am not a spammer & followed ALL the Yahoo instructions about what to do. None of my account info was changed & there is no indication of my account being hijacked. I have again changed my password... I am STILL blocked & I held 55 minutes, trying to reach Yahoo on the phone, but NEVER reached a human.

    It appears Yahoo has MANY similar complaints about UNACCEPTABLE hold times, which is pathetic.

    Any ideas how to get them to unblock me?

    karendbme 4/4/14 8:10AM
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  • Terrible....directed to several different numbers and not one number was reachable...I highly recommend live chat support and a slew of security options...and another way to access your account if hacked or locked out. 3/22/14 4:35PM
  • many time i request yahoo customer care about my lost spam mail,, how to re-load it but no any favour action from their side

    ptaj1966 1/24/14 11:01AM
  • i am reagan apenteng with yahoo.address i have forgotten my yahoo password and wish to get it back. my previou password was asdfgh12 but was prompted by yahoo to changed the password. unfortunately, i can not remember my password.if you could send it to my alternative email so i can access my mail again

    reagan 12/8/13 2:06PM
  • I recently had an issue with my account and called in to yahoo! customer care the center was located in Texas the customer care rep was so respectful and nice and walked me through the entire account and gave me the information that I needed to work my new yahoo! account. In my opinion the new yahoo! is good and one just needs to take the time and navigate through it and learn the new system. Thank you Yahoo! Customer care BRownsville Texas.

    Afterdarktattoos 11/8/13 10:11AM
  • I have been repeatedly critical of yahoo. Actually, constructive comments really. Must admit though, yahoo is mostly cool with me. Yahooo-oooo! So this is a thumbs up for a primarily good service.

    milicent 10/24/13 1:00PM
  • Here I am again asking once again for my old e-mail format. This new one sucks big time. You changed it back once a couple weeks ago & now messed with it again. WHY??

    This new one is not working well - not user friendly. I see that a lot of people think as I do. Please change me back yesterday! ASAP as thins is driving me nutso! AOL is looking better & better all the time! Why mess with something when it works & many are happy with the old?

    ginny_knarr 10/24/13 9:25AM
  • I have been with yahoo for many years. I am now considering changing due to all changes you have made in the last few weeks.

    To read an email, I hide the advertisement and then cannot properly scroll through the email. You have changed the contact listing when I wanted it otherwise. To add, delete, or edit and address is not time efficient. I am sure you have had many complaints regarding these "improvements". I think you should rethink a lot of the changes you have done in the past few weeks. I get used to one change and you change it again.

    shirley 10/16/13 12:19PM
  • I've noted your changes in your mail system with reservation. Your promo tells me how you are working hard and making it better. Sorry, that is incorrect. Your new system has massed e-mails together for me, without my asking and adds some of my outbox to my messages. It's harder to navigate and confusing. If I wanted confusing, I would go to gmail.

    Here's a comment from another Yahoo mail user that I received this morning:


    " Who ever is in charge of redesigning Yahoo has been making a mess of it!

    "A year ago, the web page was re-done to make it look like two pages overlapping each other.

    "A couple of months ago, the sport page turned to black background, making it difficult for the eyes and harder still to find links to articles.

    "Right now, during emailing, I'm not sure whether if I'm deleting or not, whether if I'm sending or not, and not even knowing if I'm writing or not! Over two years ago, I could chat on the mail page. Now I can't or I don't know how. Yet Yahoo keeps telling us its 'exciting' progress. I think these guys are really out of touch! Someone is dragging a really good brand down to new lows!"


    I know that one user has little effect on change, and that you seem to stall resolving problems, from what I read, but I would like to see Yahoo stay on top.

    J Ginsburg 10/13/13 8:04AM
  • I phoned Yahoo and sent one email, because
    I do not receive my Yahoo emails and many
    times they show up only for seconds in my
    Yahoo account. ... Yahoo did not contact me
    at all. I waited 3 weeks and then decided to
    open an email account with Gmail. Fortunately no more problems with my emails.

    Anonymous 8/24/13 10:22AM
  • After seeing all the negative reviews and already having been on hold for over an hour my hopes were not high for receiving quality service. I ended up waiting about 90 minutes (had my phone on speaker and did other things) I DID reach a live person. Though I was annoyed at having had to wait so long, the woman I spoke with was very polite and extremely helpful. She walked me through the process of changing my password and received my code for me as my alternate email had changed. When all was said and done she even sent me a free movie ticket for my troubles. I asked her about the $100.00 fee for resetting the account and she told me that other companies pretending to be yahoo will use phony numbers to make them look bad.

    VERY happy with the service I received, thank you very much!

    h_ramsdel 7/28/13 7:24PM
  • I reached then about after 20 mins of waiting time. Which I think is a good time for a free service. They guy that I talked to was very helpful and waited with me on the line till the problem was solved with no problems. All in all I am very happy with the service

    Matti96 6/28/13 11:56AM
  • Hi Customer Service,

    Thank you so much for your help. I am now able to sign in to my e-mail. YAHOO! I am soooo glad I was able to get through to you guys. However, it was a little headache but nevertheless I was able to connect to a LIVE person.

    Thanks again!

    boyshighfootball 3/25/13 1:05PM
  • I got through to a service representative within 18 minutes. She was very helpful in guiding me through the possess of regaining my e-mail account. I was expecting the worse after reading the comments on this site. Didn't happen and am satisfied that I could use the same phone number and get the same results.

    Happy subscriber 2/7/13 9:54AM
  • WOW-shockingly I actually did get some real help from a real person. I've been locked out of one of my yahoo accounts since it was hacked and even though i changed the password multiple times, i could not gain access. At this point i just wanted to terminate the account, and since i was unable to do this online, i took my chances and called Yahoo. Surprisingly my mission was accomplished. I'm still switching to gmail, though!

    greenfossil 1/24/13 11:25AM
  • Hey Fellas and Fella-ettes,

    I likesies the new look, it has been great so far with minimal problems, keep it up and you may take over the number 1 slot on my browser.

    shainwhitt 11/27/12 10:52PM
  • Hi friends.... Yahoo customer service is really awesome since 2days I was facing the login problem. I spoke to customer service 5 min back and immediately sorted it out

    The one who spoke to lady ( Customer serivce). She was really damm gud. Thank you Madam

    Thanks to yahoo customer service...

    Naga Chaitanya 7/25/12 10:05AM
  • I just spoke with Yahoo Customer Service and the woman was very helpful and courteous. I got through in less than 10 minutes. Don't believe every thing you hear about bad service.

    Anonymous 7/14/12 8:41AM
  • Just called yahoo and talked to someone live so to all the people that say they can't get alive person need to learn to press the right key on the phone

    Sassybgirl 6/11/12 8:47AM
  • Please check your comment section because it is running very slow. I am having a hard time writing a comment because of this. Anyway, I had a positive experience with getting my problem resolved. I'm happy with the results.

    Anonymous 6/7/12 7:42AM
  • Well after reading all these horrible comments I was skeptical about getting any help at all. I too tried to do it on line 3x and got no reply. I called the number and pressed 2 and got the no one available message. So I hit 1 told the poor att guy what I needed and he connected me directly to a operator (ext 4) and she was kind and helpful and got me fixed up in no time. I am a very happy camper!

    Anonymous 6/5/12 2:48PM
  • Good news for those who have email address but no longer are att customer and use yahoo. My account was hacked over the weekend (by a Spanish speaker it seems). Hours on phone with yahoo and att, yahoo said I had to unmerge and transferred me to att, att didn't know what to do. After many hours over a couple of days I got lucky. It was done through att at 866-757-9808, prompt 1. Ignore that it is for Uvers customers, whatever that is. Justin was who was able to help me, he got me a temporary password reset by using an older system of att. Good luck!

    St. Paul Ruby 5/29/12 8:25AM
  • Thank you, Thank you. I had absolutely no problem speaking to a person. The call took 4 minutes flat. Yahoo stinks. There is no way to find a phone number on their web page. I needed to answer a security question correctly online and it wouldn't accept my answer. The real person did. Go figure.

    Anonymous 5/24/12 2:20PM
  • My account was inaccessible today. I was a bit freaked out when I saw all the negative comments. I was calling from abroad and I had to wait about 20 minutes to talk to someone, but when I finally did, they were very helpful. If you are willing to be on hold for a while, it's worth the wait for your peace of mind.

    anonymous 4/24/12 5:57PM
  • I actually had a great experience with Yahoo support through the phone # above. I was skeptical [but desperate - I was locked out of my email after a hacking]. A professional, articulate & diligent Yahoo agent took care of my needs quickly & effectively. A big help - thanks!

    onesweetpuck 2/11/12 12:42PM
  • After a 30 minute hold I talked to a very nice female representative about my hijacked account. I was given some tips like since I changed my password and downloaded additional antivirus, Microsoft Malicious Software Tool, etc., and my BitDefender Suite and ran tdeep runs,my entire computer, my account is probably now safe. I probably will eventually close it.

    I am retired military...I am used to long lines and waiting,,, and waiting,,,, and waiting.

    BTW one of my contacts on another service said he/she had heard of 5 of their contacts with yahoo addresses which had been compromised by hijacking.

    NitWit1 1/16/12 8:38AM

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