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AT&T Wireless Customer Service

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AT&T Wireless customer service is ranked #186 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 47.59 out of a possible 200 based upon 955 ratings. This score rates AT&T Wireless customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


808 Negative Comments out of 955 Total Comments is 84.61%.


147 Positive Comments out of 955 Total Comments is 15.39%.

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Disappointing Overall Customer Service Rating
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  • Need help from tech support and you just ignore texts and forget phone help.

    PLEASE HELP ME ! ! !

    PLEASE !!

    Should have one face book acct.
    . The. One with the picture. Help me correct this ! ! ! ! !

    [email protected] 7/20/14 6:07PM
  • Very unhappy with AT&T. Once my contact is up I will not renew. After 13 us with you guy. My phone drops calls all the time, and all you guy do is pass the buck. You send me a new sin card, and still phone drops calls. I'm sick of getting the run around. You are to cheap to send a new phone. I will get others know of the bad service I'm getting, and can't wait to be done with you uncaring customers service people. Done done done. Bottom line poor customer service. Peace out jerks. Cheryl Boltz

    Anonymous 7/18/14 10:08PM
  • I have had a at&t home phone for years (8+). We moved and after 6 months Internet charges just stated showing up on my bill... it took me 4 months to notice and I call to inform them of the problem, after many phone calls and two more months of being charged (250.00+) the issue was still not resolved so I stopped paying my bill. A month later and more phone calls with promises that the credit would be applied to my account they turned my phone off and sent me to collections!! We were then offered Internet for the first time and started a account in my wife's name since the problem still wasn't resolved. So Internet will be ready July 1 we were told. Now it's July 15 no internet, 5 calls and hours on hold later still no Internet and no refund, and the collection agency still has not notified that the charge was wrong!!! If there is ANY other option in your area us it. At&t has THE WORST customer service I have ever experienced! STAY AWAY FROM AT&t!!!!!!!

    reelpleasure1997 7/15/14 3:59PM
  • AT&T has to have one of the worst customer services I have ever seen. IN MY LIFE. I call in to activate a sim card and told them I could not use my old AT&T SIM card on my Verizon iphone 4s because it isn't compatible with AT&T service. WIth a new SIM Card in my hand, I call in to make the change. To make the change, they would need to call the number I used, which is not accessible with no phone, and therefore caused me to be in this situation. If I had a functioning phone, why would I be calling in the first place?

    Please AT&T, even though I still use your service, due to financial circumstances, fix your customer service. FYI: Expect me to be badmouthing your company.

    If there is one thing I learned about business: Businesss' need customers. CUSTOMERS DO NOT NEED YOUR BUSINESS. I have options and if you piss me off anymore with your horrendous service, i'll even make the drastic change of switching to t-mobile to spite you.

    Anonymous 7/12/14 7:29AM
  • I hate at&t customer service. Today I was bounced from representative to representative and ended up on hold for nearly an hour. This is not the first time I have had this experience and consequently dread calling att for any reason. I am looking into switching to another carrier as soon as my contract ends.

    Anonymous 6/26/14 9:03PM
  • At&T has been providing services and customer assistance (I do not want to call it care as it is very obvious that they do not care) thinking the customer has no rights. They do not consider the customer anything and treat them shabbily.
    Their agents are completely untrained and even a school going kid has more knowledge about troubleshooting internet connection issues.
    Their IVR is so ridiculous that it keeps hitting your ears until you are tired. On some scenarios it collects all the information from you (around 10 mins) then kills the call the call saying the department is currently closed for operation. Pathetic is the only word which can completely describe anybody,s AT&T experience.

    Manish 6/26/14 5:18PM
  • I'm about to call for the 3rd time to get my bill corrected. I need to take a Xanax first. I have started recording the calls using an app on my cellphone.(in NC you don't have to tell who you are calling that you are recording the call) The calls normally start with me having to clarify my issue 3 -4 times, I attribute primarily to language barriers. Here I go with the call,,,,,ugh!!

    deb4amber 6/23/14 8:38AM
  • If you were grandfathered into an AT&T Unlimited plan that whole 'Unlimited' part is a complete lie. Once you reach your data cap (which is insanely easy to do) your speeds will be so throttled that you can't even load pictures on your phone - making it almost unusable. AT&T customer service won't do anything about this or explore any options with you. SCREW AT&T

    AT&Tblows 6/20/14 3:39PM
  • Pretty horrible. The representative who sold me the plan lied about what was in the package, and the girl we called to rectify the matter repeatedly tried to sell us a product we were uninterested in instead of fixing our actual problem.

    Screw ATT 6/19/14 9:41AM
  • I ordered a Uverse bundle 2 weeks ago and even paid for the equipment. They sent a refurbished equipment with scratches all over. A technician came to my house without notice and disconnect my DSL access and we couldn't do the upgrade. He left and never came back. I called AT&T technical support, sales department, and DSL department to restore internet access and request for new equipment. I called AT&T every day and spoke to 13 operators. All operators told different stories, provided fake information and said the technician will come out. Day in and day out, they said the technician will come, but they never come. AT&T sales told me that the gap is only on the day of activation. Now it's more than a week and still no support from AT&T and no internet access. I highly don't recommend AT&T to anyone.

    Anonymous 6/11/14 6:00PM
  • AT&T has the worst customer services and support. Their departments don't communicate and they tell lies to customers so that to get customers off the phone.

    Meimei 6/11/14 5:51PM
  • there is no words to explain how bad is the customer service of AT&t. spent 4 days trying to solve a small problem with my line.

    Rani 6/11/14 12:30PM
  • After 10 yrs with their competition I decided to jump to AT&T. Big mistake. Ordered a phone, 3 days to get it.

    Talk to supervisor, nothing. Wanted to talk to his superior.... forget about it " It will take the supervisor 72 hours to call you back"

    I guess this is my initiation to being a new customer. Hooray !

    sabego66 6/9/14 4:13PM
  • I have been trying to resolve a billing issue for a week now .. 4 calls and still dicked up . and att is the ones that give me the promotion to stay with there service . my bill is 21.50 more then should be .

    Anonymous 6/7/14 7:40PM
  • My name is Angela and I have been a customer for more then one for several years.I just have to say you all customer service representatives are very, very, very rude!!! Place an order for service on Saturday May 31st was told service would be on Monday June 2,2014 made her aware I work from home and I need the service connected she guaranteed service. So I get up Monday no service first call took 45 mins just to get to right department to be told order show June 9,2014 then spoke to someone else which took another 35mins to get supervisor Chuck out of Atlanta to guarantee me today June 3rd called back today took another 23 mins to be told order says tomorrow June 4,2014 have spoke and called 4 time to try and speak to a manager concerning this matter I have been hung up on twice and the reps are rude as heck. I'm tried of calling I need to cancel this order I don't want to deal with a company that allows your reps to be so rude to your customers.And I need to have my money out back on my card.

    Anonymous 6/3/14 7:52AM
  • My name is Angela and I have been a customer for more then one for several years.I just have to say you all customer service representatives are very, very, very rude!!! Place an order for service on Saturday May 31st was told service would be on Monday June 2,2014 made her aware I work from home and I need the service connected she guaranteed service. So I get up Monday no service first call took 45 mins just to get to right department to be told order show June 9,2014 then spoke to someone else which took another 35mins to get supervisor Chuck out of Atlanta to guarantee me today June 3rd called back today took another 23 mins to be told order says tomorrow June 4,2014 have spoke and called 4 time to try and speak to a manager concerning this matter I have been hung up on twice and the reps are rude as heck. I'm tried of calling I need to cancel this order I don't want to deal with a company that allows your reps to be so rude to your customers.

    Anonymous 6/3/14 7:50AM
    Charlie Diaz with AT&T customer service hung up on me after he couldn't change my mind on what I wanted.

    Christopher Cross, another AT&T customer service, tried to put me on hold without answering me to annoy me.

    I don't know if these are the real names of these customer service representatives but they and/or AT&T have no respect for their customers. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE

    anonymous 6/2/14 8:25PM
  • One bad apple spoiled the rest. I called AT&T customer service and they REJECTED the call. After the second try, 2 minutes later, they picked up. I've been with AT&T for a while and when I decided to cancel my account for reason they don't need to know. The person answered my phone REFUSED to let me cancel.
    A male, probably black, representative named Andre is RUDE and DON'T CARE about what I, a long AT&T customer, want. He DEMANDED I give him a validated reason for wanting to cancel. He lied about one of my contract term so I can stay. He talked over me and tried to push me to listen to him.
    He is RUDE, DEMANDING, and DOESN'T CARE what I have to say straight off the fist sentence that came out of his mouth. I was trying to be nice during the first half of the phone call but the gloves has to come off. I've been a supervisor in customer service, and this guy need to be fired.
    I dare AT&T to pull up our phone conversation and listen. I called Saturday, May 31st 2014 pacific time, around 5pm to 6pm. We argued for 20 minutes. He did not resolve my need.

    Anonymous 6/1/14 2:22PM
  • I have been paying phone insurance for 2 years, now that I need to file a claim, suddenly I was told there is a $125 deductible! Why would I pay $125 for a refurbished phone? And this practice of ATT is SO BAD!!!!

    Anonymous 5/31/14 11:09AM
  • I was tortured while on hold waiting for someone to help me at A Tand T. There was continuous advertising; repeated ad nauseum. I never did speak to a human because I found the ads so stressful, loud, obnoxious, that I finally hung up. Maybe that was the point.

    Anonymous 5/12/14 7:30PM
  • My husband and I have a joint account but have been separated since November 2013. I started a transfer of service for my iPhone 4S and then my husband reported my iPhone as stolen. So it was cut off and blacklisted. I have the proof the phone was purchased by my company under my name from Fry’s and shows I activated it under AT&T the same day it was purchased. Again… MY NAME. MY COMPANY CARD with MY NAME. RECEIPT with matching IMEI number in MY NAME. Despite the fact the IMEI number on the receipt and the iPhone matches and despite that the receipt shows I personally activated it on AT&T, they absolutely refuse to unblacklist the phone. Effectively allowing my husband to steal property that does not belong to him while telling me they can’t do anything about it.

    This is supposed to be a feature that protects people from REAL thieves… but it is actually allowing someone to steal from me and AT&T just shrugs and says “oh, well”?!?!?! So, not only did they used to benefit financially from stolen phones (check for the lawsuit), they now make it legal for the morally inept to steal your phone. That is what I call customer care.
    I have been an AT&T customer for almost 10 years. After this, I will never use AT&T again unless they do the right thing.

    Gwynn 4/16/14 7:49AM
  • Long time wireless customer for ATT and never file any complaints against ATT before, its first time. Because of recent promotions by other operators, I decided to switch to other company as I was getting lot better offer than my current ATT plan (in terms of both features and price). Since I am on contract with ATT, I decided to open chat session with ATT to find out what will be my ETF (Early Termination Fee) per line. (Kristine Young was the rep on chat session), During conversation she was curious to find out why I am leaving ATT and she was wondering if her manager can give me a call to see if ATT can give me options, She arranged a conference call for me, I got a call from ATT customer relations and after 26 minutes of conversation it was decided that ATT will honor me Unlimited Calls + Unlimited Text + 2GB of data SHARED BETWEEN 4 LINES, and total cost = 26 x 4 + Tax, this was not a great offer (as compared to what I was getting from T-mobile) but I still decided to give it a shot and try it out. During the conversation I made it very clear and repeated that make sure I should not be charge more than what was discussed and the rep repeatedly said 26 x 4 + tax – shared mobile data between 4 lines and rep mentioned it will be effective from 17-APR-2014.

    Next day (04/10/2014), when I looked at account, it was already updated with new plan. When I clicked on view plan details, I saw $130 as my new charges for that plan, this made me confuse and I connected to a rep on chat session (Shelby Johnson). I had to repeat whole story all over again to Shelby and she said, she is not seeing any other details on my account other than “Mobile shared data plan” and she was not able to confirm the price that I discussed day before – she said price would be 124.60 + Tax !!!
    I was really going mad at ATT and she says lets do conf call again, OMG, one more half an hour session. This time some lady from ATT calls me and says “I am here to resolve all your concerns” really, ok lets start, long story short – she was NOT able to help me out at all – so I asked her to put me bak on my previous plan.

    Now I want this comment/complaint to be reviewed by ATT officers and answer couple of questions.
    I) Is this how you treat your long time customers ?

    II) What kind of people ATT has hired – one day they talk one thing and next day they talk different, no consistent stories ???

    II) ATT lack marketing skills,they made me talk to them as I decided to switch to t-mobile, they offered me some package with some price tag that was discussed and now next day they come back and says “Ohh that is not possible”, att can not honor that price tag!!!
    ATT made me confuse completely, either I am *** or ATT customer care officers or both !!! I have a strong feeling that because of lots of customers are leaving ATT, ATT has started playing dirty games with loyal customers to retain them!!

    Bottom line sooner or later I am going to leave ATT and will never come back again as they lack professionalism.

    I hope, my concerns will be addressed and ATT will take actions against inconsistent behaviors by their customer care relations and stop playing dirty games with customers.

    munno 4/13/14 3:50PM
  • I have now officially been told 3 different cost quotes by 3 different customer service reps each time I call to inquire why my bill continues to change, and get bizarre reasons. When I asked for an itemized explanation of increased charges neither the customer service rep, nor her supervisor Sandeep could provide an answer, but instead said I needed to call a "specialist customer service"...umm..I was under the impression I was already talking with customer service specialist. HORRIBLE, ONGOING EXPERIENCE! I regret the day I signed up for this...

    jojo 4/7/14 7:35PM
  • Rating AT&T customer service is less than 1. Very rude, very unhelpful, neglegence, poor training. Waiting to speak to one is almost impossible due time in queue. They do not read notes from prior reps/conversation. Very very poor customer service skill.

    Anonymous 4/2/14 9:35AM
  • I am getting several harassing phone calls from a telemarketer use in your company. I call to report it and nobody will help me. I reported it online along with many other people about the same number. Please look into it and do something about it! I am leaving a bad review because nobody would help me with this problem concert in another one of your customers who I can I get back to.

    Anonymous 3/28/14 9:45AM
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  • I am posting this before I know the outcome of my request b/c I just got the BEST, most FRIENDLY customer service rep on the phone and she was a true JOY to work with!!! Oh, and her name is: Joy.

    My daughter and I have separately worked with several ATT reps over the last couple of weeks but this sweet lady went above and beyond in her efforts to assist me. should promote JOY to a CS trainer!!!

    trblmkr 7/7/14 4:01PM
  • young man who assisted me was very thorough and helpful.

    Anonymous 4/16/14 6:41PM
  • When I switch my service to the 10G shared plan for my family at a AT&T Wireless store, I got in a horrible place because the place my IPAD on the account but not cancelling my prepaid service on the IPAD at all (though they said they had).

    Edward Trice (customer service) went way above and beyond to ensure he corrected the situation with as little impact on me and my time as possible. The Pre-paid /post-paid service should under one customer service control.

    All the positive comments below are towards Edward only.

    A big thank you to Edward Trice

    Twijit 3/10/14 9:41AM
  • I have received GREAT customer service on two recent AT&T calls - one which I placed for my grandmother yesterday and one for myself today. The pick-up time was minimal - within a couple of minutes - and all of the agents I talked to were extremely helpful, waiving the charges about which I was confused and setting me up with the most current deals and applicable coverages (adjusted my data plan to a cheaper one because I haven't ever used anywhere near the amount of my plan). One agent gave me a one-time fee waiver "because it is such a beautiful day" wherever she is.

    I know AT&T gets a lot of negative publicity and attention for its customer service so I wanted to be sure to point out the 2 exceptional experiences I have had this week!

    Anonymous 1/28/14 5:10PM
  • Today, I spoke to a wonderful service agent named Betty, from Kentucky. I must say it was a most satisfying conversation. I found out all the information I needed, I felt taken care of and this was so helpful during this stressful time. Keep up the good work and support people like Betty. She makes ATT look so customer oriented.

    Anonymous 12/17/13 1:00PM
  • I would like to tell you of an employee of At&t Josh Warner who is in an office out of ohio. I had to call for assistance with my new wireless home phone base.Josh was so patient with me. He had to go over things numerous times as I am not very savvy on the phone issues. He was polite, never getting upset with me for asking the same questions more than once. He finally got my phone working.I feel very fortunate to have had him take my call. With so much negatively going on I wanted you to know what an excellent employee you have with this gentleman.

    [email protected] 10/21/13 7:53PM
  • Excellant service. Could not expect better any where. They took care of my needs and then took care of things I didn't even have knowledge of. Love this service will never change. 5stars

    Ladiblue 10/14/13 12:29PM
  • Dear AT&T Wireless Customer Service and Support Team. Today, Sunday, Oct. 13, 2013. I called in for help with my at&t wireless bill. I had the privilege to speak with, Ms. Verlena ( VS - 8752). She was very helpful, patient, kind and most of all, soooo delightful. Ms.Verlena, walked me through my entire wireless bill. She showed me different options to choose that will be helpful with lowering my bill. After speaking with Ms. Verlena, I became more knowledgeable understanding how to read my AT&T wireless bill. Ms. Verlena, "You're The Best" Thanks Again! Mrs. Wylena Young

    sporty1 10/13/13 12:41PM
  • AT&T employee
    Jeremy Morrisson Lafayette

    Dear Jeremy,

    Would like to forward our deepest thanks and appreciations, for the services rendered to us on the 4th of October 2013.

    We have been into the ATT shop Lafayette, on several occasions and had to leave unfortunately ”Empty handed”, due to the lack of knowledge of your colleagues !

    Your presentation of available services rendered by AT&T, where very professionally put forward and which suited our precise needs.

    We appreciated as well, your ”Sales personality”, although a true sales man, but not aggressive or pushy, but cordial, straightforward and to the point.

    Thanks again, and keep up your good work.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Sven Y Forsgren

    Anonymous 10/5/13 7:58AM
  • Corey was super helpful! My phone accidentally purchased an app and he happily refunded me the money and put app purchase blocker on my phone! Great experience.

    Trillion930 9/27/13 5:36PM
  • After working with (..TRYING to work with*) Tracfone, AT&T CS deserves a better rating... monthly billing issues and all*. I have No problem reaching them, talking to a Real person quickly*, and even though it takes a little while, my issue gets resolved*.
    A belated "Thank You" to AT&T Wireless, after having to deal with Tracfone.

    John253 9/22/13 1:58PM
  • I have an iPhone and AT&T wireless service. Recently my calls kept dropping and whenever I attempted to redial nothing went through. I'd already rebooted the phone, etc. and finally a friend encouraged me to call AT&T to see if they could help resolve the issue. After reading some of these online reviews I wasn't certain how that would work out. (I had to call on a land line since the cell calls were dropping.) To my amazement I got a customer care rep immediately! AND she was American! Very personable and professional with good knowledge. She reset my phone with the local cell towers and followed up later to see how things were going. By the way, the problem was resolved. So all is well. When AT&T called again they suggested another call tomorrow just to be certain everything was still working well. I couldn't be happier with their service.

    GeeZee 9/4/13 6:57PM
  • I was speechless and close to tears when my husband and I left the 9th Street AT&T store in Corvallis, Oregon 8/15/13. Let me tell you why I will forever remember our experience with AT&T that day.
    Before leaving for San Diego, California for two weeks I wanted to take advantage of the upgrade I had on my phone. On 7/29/13, the day before I left, my husband and I went into the 9th Street AT&T store in Corvallis, Oregon and was greeted by employee John aka Jasper. His customer service was excellent as he helped me with my upgrade, very courteous and professional.
    During the two weeks I was in San Diego I was having problems "getting to know" my phone. My old phone was very plain and easy to use. I wasn't used to the touch screen and I was beginning to miss the simplicity of my old phone. I ended up locking myself out of my new phone. That became a bigger ordeal than I'm sure it needed to be and I decided I wanted my old phone back.
    In the meantime my youngest son, Christopher, who is enlisted in the Army and is stationed at Fort Sam Houston in Texas, is having trouble with HIS phone. He doesn't have an upgrade until 11/2014
    so of course my first thought was to give MY upgrade to HIM. For Chris having a working phone while serving in the Army takes priority.
    Okay, so this is the bad part... I was one day late, ONE DAY LATE to be able to return my phone. I was referred to the manager, Curtis Walters, and I gave him a call the next morning.
    And this is when it really gets bad... Curtis said he's sorry, but there is nothing he can do about returning my phone. He tells me AT&T is very strict on return policies.
    So I said, "Curtis, can I tell you what I was hoping I could do if I was able to return my phone?" He was kind of taken back and said " you're going to tell me what you were wanting to do when you returned your phone even though I just told you its not possible???"
    And this is when I lost all of my composure... and with tears running down my face I explained the urgency I was feeling trying to get a working phone to my son who is in active duty in the Army and will be deployed in the next few months and we didn't even know where they were sending him. Curtis was very kind and patient as I tried to contain my sobbing and my tears. The kind of tears only an Army Mom can understand.
    To make this long story short, and because its hard to see through my tears, Curtis came through for me.... for us.
    I'm not sure what calls he had to make or what strings he had to pull, but he made sure I knew that my son mattered. This man bent over backwards to make sure this Army Mom had one less thing to worry about.
    Curtis told me to come to the store the next day and pick out the phone my son wanted. He helped me to get Christopher the phone that he needed, the newest model with all the bells and whistles!
    I will be forever grateful to Curtis Walters. I hope he is recognized and commended for his outstanding customer service and support to our men serving our country.

    Priscilla S. 9/2/13 2:08AM
  • On July 2, I received customer service from "Alice". She is located in the Phillipines. I am not that computer literate, but she was EXTREMELY patient with me. She solved my problem and actually explained some other things that I wasn't clear on. She spent a long time with me answering all questions. It was, by far, the best customer service experience I have ever had.

    Anonymous 7/4/13 8:54PM
  • I was having trouble figuring out how to activate my new insurance claim phone, I called AT&T customer service and spoke with a woman named Shawanda and she was one of the kindest, most helpful people I have ever had the pleasure of talking with. She was very patient when I was having difficulty finding infomation and she engaged me in real conversation outside of wireless issues. I didn't feel like I was a bother and her genuine kindness really made my day.

    Anonymous 7/3/13 7:51AM
  • Had a great experience at a t & t customer service on prospect in Champaign Il. The tech whose name was Chris was very friendly and very efficient. He corrected a memory error on my cell phone. He explained it to me completely without being condescending. Even though they were very busy, he made sure that everything copied over and that my phone was working properly. I appreciate this kind of service. It is rare now.

    Anonymous 7/1/13 7:35PM
  • my at&t technician just left my house. he was SUPERB! he was the 2nd one to address my problem (one of my TV's was not getting a signal & would not work.) the first technician they sent was TERRIBLE. he did not use his diagnostic equipment, just hooked up a different receiver & said, "i don't know. i think you have a frayed wire & will have to rewire the whole house!" i asked him what test he ran to determine that conclusion & he shrugged his shoulders. i called at&t immediately & asked them to send another guy. they did & he fixed the problem. don't give up, ask for another technician.

    susieQ 6/11/13 4:00PM
  • I called today with a big problem regarding my rate plan. Someone that I spoke with approximately two months ago messed it up. Well, I called Amanda from Ohio today who brightened my day. She was absolutely lovely and willing to help me. She fixed my issue along with documenting the problem. People like Amanda are very rare. I want to thank Amanda and AT&T for being so incredibly friendly. It is quite rare that I comment on someones customer service skills but Amanda "knocked it out of the park". Thank you, Amanda.

    kristincampos8582 5/31/13 7:45AM
  • I am a Verizon customer and have been having problems with my iPhone 4 for a while. I jumped into to at&t store in Grapevine, TX to ask a few questions on what I should do to fix it after getting the brush off at the Apple store in Southlake, TX.. The staff was AMAZING! They were so courteous and professional. I was helped by Bojan Petrovic the Retail Store Manager. He spent over an hour helping me sort out the out the mess my apple account had become. What incredible customer service and decency. The minute my Verizon contract is up I am switching to at&t. In a world where customer service is practically non-existent it was refreshing to actually be helped! I am eternally grateful! Thank you so much!

    Anonymous 5/28/13 10:50AM
  • I have dealt with three (3) AT & T stores, Manchester, KY; Columbia, KY and lastly, Russell Springs, KY. By far, David Godsby at Russell Springs provided the most knowledge about the phones and AT& T service. He understands the frustrations of a phone not working and was willing to trade out for a functioning phone. AT & T does its best to provide phones that are operational, but just like all mechanical and technical devices, things go wrong. David Godsby by far is the most profession and customer service oriented AT & T Representative I have encountered.

    Anonymous 5/22/13 9:29AM
  • So I know a lot of people have been having issues with AT&T's customer service, but I just had a really great experience.

    Before, I had talked to three people where one told me the wrong information, another hung up on me, and the third hardly spoke English. I was getting pretty mad and about to switch to another company. Then today I called and spoke to a lady named Deborah who was the nicest, friendliest, most helpful customer service agent I have ever spoken to. She apologized for the way I was treated before, gave me the correct information, and even added money to my account for a mistake that was made earlier. When I told her about the first person hanging up on me, she said "Oh I never hang up on people. If they hang up on me, even if its an accident, I try to call them back and see if there is any other way I can help them." She was so friendly and helpful that she is the reason I am staying with AT&T. When you get off the phone and feel better than when you started, you know the person you talked to really cares. Thank you Deborah! You have made my day better.

    ry1206an 5/15/13 4:53PM
  • The Technician Was Very Helpfull. My Cp Work For One Day I'm Back With The Same Problem Cant Get The Internet To Open The Windows, I Click

    CHELA 4/25/13 2:19PM
  • just got off the phone with them they are really helpful playful and nice (: they even helped me out by taking off 100 dollars off my bill (:" thank you i really appreciate how nice they are '

    Ashley'Barbie Serna 4/25/13 8:49AM
  • Excellent customer Service by no other Representatives ever and wishing to switch service. One woman was extremely helpfull.
    I believe her name of Latisha A+ Thank you so much

    Jessica 4/24/13 9:10AM
  • Although my overall experience with ATT is good, as of recent it has been horrible. I have been with the monopoly for 12 years and I am about to cut the cord. I moved into a new home about 2 years ago and the reception has decrease. Dropped calls, phone showing signal but not ringing, and voicemails without # in the call long. Called ATT several times over the past year, once I realized the problem was consistent. Finally today I said enough is enough, called and the rep said we are still having problems with the towers in your area. But you are still charging me 80 bucks a month and the problem is documented. She suggested I go to the retail store and purchase a separate device to help me reach their signal, lol. Really, why in the heck would I buy an additional device to recieve the service that you are responsible for giving to me. Last month the rep took 40 buck off my bill (they are famous for that). If they had any sense they would lower my monthly bill to reflect the poor service to keep me as a customer. I am going to straight talk and taking my number. Half the $,for lower or same quality of service. I refuse to further comply with ATT cramp.

    30906 Area 3/31/13 12:18PM
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  • To the AT&T customers out there complaining about there services. Folks don't blame or get angry with the customer service employees you talk with,many of them are young and poorly trained by AT&T. AT&T now pushes quantity not quality. If you must complain reach out to the person responsible who is there new CEO (Randall Stephenson) who is responsible for the practices and procedures for AT&T. Call him up and complain to him,not that he really cares,but it can't hurt and who knows if he gets enough complaints he may do something to make life easier for you and the AT&T employees who work so hard.

    Anonymous 2/15/13 10:41AM

  • I use to work for the tech department for att. Once I started the training I learned a lot about how the network operates which is a joy when your interested in that type of stuff. Our trainer would always make the comment "you'll never even talk to our good customers" and boy was he right. Since I started taking calls every single one of them was because of an idiot not updating their operating system on their device. If their was a tower outage in an area I would always hear "I think I should be credited for this, I'm losing 10,000 by the min!".

    I actually had a girl next time me crying because a customer was yelling/cursing at her in which she quit after that one call. I never thought how bad society is until I started that job. I also think nobody works because it'll be a work day and somehow they are able to call in. Most of the customer that call in never pay their bill, but yet they are "valued customers". The policies set by att is kiss the customers ass, but try not to give credit, but try to wow them by selling them something.

    The company never trains their employees when it comes to a new service/products, which leads me to believe the company is so cheap and paranoid about losing money with training courses that they just hand you a piece of paper and say "good luck, use our knowledge base to find your answer". Since customers have no lives and they are to lazy to actually trouble shoot their own problems and the call volume is high. They actually force employees to stay in the call centers until the volume dies down.

    I have a family and I don't care about the customer enough to not help my kids with their homework and actually spend time with my family. I actually had one customer stated she wised we were open 24/7, in which I told her we have to get some sleep at least and her response was "I pay 100 bucks a month so someone should be ready to help me whenever i need to call". I found myself hating each person that called in because it usually never had nothing to do with the service. I probably had at least twenty or thirty calls about email issues.

    Also stop buying iphones because they are crappy devices and they are bad about dropping calls, which again is Apple not att. If you thinking about working for att; I suggest you look else where. Your life is basically owned by ugly people who always have a past due balance.

    techie 9/19/12 9:38AM

  • I just want to say that I'm a former att employee. I worked customer service in a call center and to be honest most of you are right. att doesnt care about customer service they care about money...but word of advice the representative youre talking to probably hates the company more than you do so if you want someone who is truly going to help you out be NICE...calling in and screaming first thing is the worst thing you can become just another angry customer at that point...calling in and asking for help rather than demanding...youre their new best friend for 10 mins...good luck everyone

    Anonymous 8/17/12 8:08PM

  • I do contract work for AT&T on the chat support. AT&T doesn't have a clue about customer service. They are too big to give a crap. We could do so much for customers, but AT&T not only ties our hands but our feet too. And as far as our situation. If we are not busy with chats, we have to sit at our stations, not allowed books, magazines, phones, browsing the internet, pens, paper, snacks or anything else they may think of. AT&T is the worst company I have ever worked for and I've worked for a few. I would rather have a colonoscopy daily than continue to work for them. They now have techs in the Philippines that are just awful and I feel so so sorry for any customer that happens to get one of them.

    anonymous 4/16/12 6:09PM

  • AT&T has become a complete waste of time and money. Over the past several weeks my wife and I have had recurring issues with receiving emails on our smartphones from AT&T. I've run multiple tests that show that messages show up in our email accounts almost instantly, but can take up to 8 hours to arrive on our phones.

    I've run multiple recurring tests that point to an issue with AT&T, going so far as to create a documented log of all the instances over the past month of this issue occurring.

    Yet, every single time I talk to AT&T they tell me that it's either: 1) Problem with my email service provider, 2) Problem with my phone's software, or 3) Something else that is not within AT&T's control.

    I take great pains to point out to them that: 1) If it's a problem with my email provider, then why does my wife (whose service is with another company) have the exact same problem? 2) If it's a problem with my phone's software, then why does my wife's phone have the same problem when it's a completely different phone OS (Blackberry vs. Android)? 3) If it's some other problem, but not AT&T's then whose problem is it?

    I've been a customer of this POS company for close to 15 years and their customer "service" has gone from marginal to completely insulting and non-existent.

    I'm actually at the point where I'm willing to pay close to $500 to cancel my contract with this POS company just so I don't have to deal with them any more.

    Oh, and forget about upgrading your phone now. AT&T has recently implemented a new policy (didn't tell anyone about it) that as of March of last year, you don't qualify for an upgrade until you're three months away from the end of your contract.

    Mika_England 3/8/12 11:02AM

  • I started working customer service for AT&T back in August, and let me give some advice for some the people calling in for customer service. Never ever go to a store to get a new phone, they never make you aware of all the charges you'll have on your bill and prorated charges. The reps in the stores work on commission, they'll find any little thing to add to your acct. without telling you. Also, most of the reps that work in my call center have no problem applying credits to an acct. as long as they're for valid reasons. If you have problems making a payment through our automated system, I always waive the $5.00 fee, and always try to find the lowest price plan for a customer and ways to save them money. I know not all reps. take their job as seriously as me or care as much, they're just there to earn a pay check. But it's the same for any customer service with any company, not just cell phone companies. I've had Verizon since 1998 and they're technical support dept. is horrible. My wife and i upgraded our phones in October and after a month and a half had problems with people calling us and our phones weren't ringing, One rep advised me that my wife's phone had a software update available and to take it into a store, i took it into the store and guess what... her phone was already using the most current software version. It took 10 separate calls to their tech support dept. to finally get someone that knew what they were doing and fixed the issue with their network. And our cust. service is open 24/7, just call us at 800-331-0500 and you'll reach someone in the U.S. to speak to, not another country. Verizon's cust. service closes at 11 and is only open Mon.-Fri., only their tech support dept. is open 24/7

    attrep 1/28/12 3:18AM

  • I work in the customer resolutions dept and everyday we have to deal with ppl calling in wanting to cxl bc of issues that they themselves have created and for some odd reason they think that we can do everything for them. Yes we can give credits...but umm..for the ppl who call in all the time wanting ur credits ur accts are flagged and if it is then unfortunately no one in att can issue you a credit or make any adjustment on the bill.

    Also, STOP GETTING IPHONES!!!! these phones constantly drop calls, the ios system doesnt update right, you break it or lose it and didnt have insurance..etc, etc. we're sorry but we are not allowed to do any early upgrades unless you are willing to pay an add'l 250 for the phone.




    Anonymous 1/16/12 10:27AM

  • I work for a contracted agency for AT&T. We do support for a specific device (I can't say which one for security and they'd know where I am). I get calls for this device routed to me automatically. However, if the regular customer service line is full, you come to us to be faster. I'm sorry, but I'm not trained 100% for the other devices. I am trained completely in billing and stuff, but not in tech support.

    Also, half of the time when people call in, they want me to give them money for something that isnt there, or tell me how to do my job, or that someone else told them they can get money. I have news for you: TELL THEM TO NOTATE THAT. I physically CAN NOT do it if the adjustment is not notated. Please people, listen. Half of the time that is the problem. People dont listen to anything I say unless its preceeded by a dollar sign. I had a lady yesterday yelling in my ear about this 35 credit. i put her on a silent hold so i could look for the notes. i told her i can hear what shes saying, but she can hear me for a moment. THEN SHE STARTS TALKING TO WHOEVER IS IN THE BACKGROUND ABOUT HOW SHES LYING TO ME AND JUST WANTS MONEY. REALLY?????? I CAN HEAR YOU. IF I COULD, I WOULD CHARGE YOU MORE. have some common sense...

    I love people that say "its not your fault, but im venting". Thats ok. I personally cant go climb up your tower and turn it back on. It just doesnt happen over night. If ATT isnt that good in your area, dont get it!!!!!


    - A Representative Who Cares For People Who Aren't Greedy Or Mean.

    Anonymous 1/2/12 2:07PM

  • some AT&T customers would lie with all their might just to get an adjustment, Hello?? we could track if what your saying is true or not, all your activities in your phones is being tracked by our system. AT&T is a big company and it doesnt cheat on people, some customers are just plain dumb.

    Anonymous 9/17/11 6:35AM

  • If you have a little piece of mercy in your heart, you won't make your call endure more than 6 minutes and you won't call for unworthy things. I just saw one of my partners crying because some imbecile customer was yelling to her like the nasty dog he is. Don't be that terrible way. Most of us are just 17, 18, 19 years old only. It could be your son, your daughter... don't do it, please. Don't be racist either, you don't know how much efforth and willpower it is needed to do this job. It seems easy, but it's the hardest many teenagers could ever have.
    We deal with real problems... all of the day; problems that have to be solved before the call ends. And I'm sure we will. We're only asking for a lil bit of patience, comprehension and a tiny smile - I can asure you we can feel it even when we can not see it by the phone.

    Thank you.

    -- Wireless service rep. Team.--


    Anonymous 8/25/11 12:29AM

  • I try to help customers as much as possible, but most of the time customers want the impossible. I understand some of you have been loyal customers and have been with at@t for a long time but we still have to go by policy. Most of you do not monitor your account and expect us to adjust your account for charges you have had on there for 6 months or longer. It is your responsibility to review your bill and take care of what is past due and what is actually owed. Listen to the expectationst that are set when changes are made on your account and read your customer service summary.

    Anonymous 8/10/11 4:02PM

  • Horrible company,as an ex-employee, this company does not care about their employees or their customers. Choose another provider.

    Anonymous 6/27/11 6:39PM

  • I am an AT&T billing agent. I handle billing for all services. Uverse, landline wireless DSL and everything in between. First I woulld like to say that in more cases than not I find charges on accounts to be valid. Now, that being said let me tell you why you have problems with billing and customer service. All AT&T agents from tech support, customer support, sales and billing have a quota. We have revenue target that we must meet. This means I am going to help with your bill, I will explain all charges and adjust if necessary, in mst cases I am adjusting to satisfy you as a valued customer. At this point I need to sell you something an upgraded a cell phone anything I can. If I am successful in this endeavor, you will next month again see unusiual charges on your bill, because I did not take the time to explain to you what happpens next. You will see prorated charges. if I upgrade you internat you'll a partial charge + a month on advanced. Because I did not explain this to you it will require another call by you to say to me every month I have to call! I then explain the billing adjust if necessary and again try to sell you something. It is a sad vicious circle of Hell. I have had cell phones with AT&T for 5 years and uverse service for lil over one. My bill NEVER CHANGES, because I know how much my services are and I NEVER CALL. If you have what you want the little freebies or promos are not worth the headache. Pick a lane and stay in it. Now as to issue of transfers. Agents are also held to other quota amount of time on a call. Hence why everything is not explained fully and clearly, I have to fix your issue, sell you something and get you of my line in 11 mikn or less, cause I've got calls in que anbd some has been waiting for 20 min to talk about a .10 charge on their bill or it could be someone who's service is out and they need help. I am a customer and an employee however I fear I will not be the latter for long, because I do take the time to explain things to a customer and my calls are way too long. God Bless all of AT&T's customer's for putting up with it!

    Anonymous 12/13/10 7:05PM

  • i am an agent for at%t customer care and what customers dont realize is that we can see everything...if you say your call dropped , we can see if it dropped...the comment about the sierra wireless card that was replaced by us , well sorry to burst your bubble but asurion replaces bad devices they send out...not at&t...if people were not so cheap then they wouldnt have to make up stories about their services not working...also learn some humility and just admit that you didnt take the time to learn how to use your phones properly...i guess we do have a chip up our is our customers always trying to take advantage of us...

    agent 11/1/10 8:10AM

  • Hey guys I work for att wireless outsourcer(not going to mention who) but what the previouse person said isn't true for all its employees. I work in the customer relations department-something verizon doesn't have-but we go through about 3 weeks of 40 hour weeks of training to make sure it is right. we try to make it right and usally help with whatever we can, sometimes what you ask for is ridiculas. Just think about it if you ran a business and all of your 80 Million cusotmer called in to get half of there bills waived or a 400 dallor phone sent out to them every day. We do what we can but think about what you want befor you call and make sure that it is realistic.

    ATT Agent 6/2/10 9:04AM

  • The customer service dept. is not run by at&t, but by a company called Convergys. they pay low wages & have trouble keeping employees. Employees are given minimal training, and that traing is very poor for such a complex service. Charging $1.50 for every voicemail and directory assistance is SUCH a ripoff. And why they charge for text messing is beyound me, since you're not using anything that costs at&t money. Ranked 3rd in nationwide survey for dropped calls. (Verizon ranked #1). Convergys employees have the power to immediately credit your account upto $250.00 AND give you hundreds of extra free rollover minutes, but this seldom happens.

    Anonymous 1/18/09 8:26AM

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