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NetFlix customer service is ranked #49 out of the 724 companies that have a rating with an overall score of 78.75 out of a possible 200 based upon 658 ratings. This score rates NetFlix customer service and customer support as Disappointing.


482 Negative Comments out of 658 Total Comments is 73.25%.


176 Positive Comments out of 658 Total Comments is 26.75%.

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  • Very poor service. I have been a customer since the service started. They have sent no movies this month despite my paying for 3 movies at a time. Customer service was friendly and cheery when telling me they dont order enough movies and since I already got some new releases in the past, they are sending other people the new releases they have. No resolution, no credit. What am I paying for?

    Anonymous 7/12/14 7:57AM
  • Netflix contacted me via E-mail to inform there was a problem with my PayPal account (there isn't) and that I needed to update my Payment Method. Though there is/was nothing wrong with my Paypal account (continues to work) I decided to switch to a Amex card, just to expedite the process.
    I immediately received verification that my payment method (Update) was verified a success, I couldn't access my Netflix account!
    I decided to call their support which was a complete runaround with the Cust/Rep telling me there was nothing they could do to turn my account back on, as their credit dept hadn't yet received payment! HUH???
    Let me get this straight....I am a customer for 2 full years, having allowed Netflix to access payment from my account without fail, and now, without warning, they severe access because their credit dept needs time to access my credit card funds?
    What a fine business model these guys run! If there was ANY competition, I would cancel my account forthwith! They don't believe in customer satisfaction, or they would allow at the very least 24 hrs to sort out whatever issue they have on THEIR end!

    Absolutely disgusting treatment of a once loyal paying subscriber!

    Anonymous 7/7/14 9:23PM
  • I called because I haven't be able to look at my account, when I log in it sends me to movies and it doesn't let me look for the telephone number it also sends me to movies. I haven't used the Dvd by mail service and I finally get to cancelled it , and Netflix will not give me credit for the months that I haven't used it. they told me NO CREDIT, keeping some ones money what would you call that!

    Anonymous 7/7/14 3:28PM
  • twice thought i had cancelled my account only to find out months later i am still paying for this service.

    Anonymous 6/23/14 3:37AM
  • Having found unauthorized users on my account while I was trying to watch, I found that a "sign off all devices" feature is indicated to take up to eight hours to take effect. I called customer service and was informed that it would take 15 minutes to resolve the issue. After thirty minutes of being unable to access my account, I called customer service again and was treated rudely and impatiently throughout the process (even being told that this was customer service and not tech support), at which point I was informed it would take at least an hour to remove unauthorized devices (my account was apparently hacked) from my account. It eventually took six hours to once again have access to my account.

    It is fairly reasonable to expect an online streaming service to have the ability to quickly and efficiently disrupt the connection to any device and shocking that I was not offered any consolation or even courtesy for the ridiculous amount of time it took to remove unauthorized devices from my account.

    As Amazon Prime's streaming library improves, I plan on leaving Netflix.

    Anonymous 6/12/14 1:37AM
  • I tried to sign in the other day because I have been with Netflix for years. It made me sign up again so this month I have been charged twice for Netflix. Once on 5/5 and once on 5/29. Please discontinue my second account and place the second charge you made for June's payment. Please get back to me by email or I will be calling later on today. Sincerely Sharma Smith

    Sharma 5/30/14 3:58AM
  • its been more than 3 months since netflix put on more Mako Mermaids :An H2O Adventure episodes I am about to forget about this account if yall dont put no more of this shows or other new movies.

    luis 5/29/14 2:21PM
  • Netflix UK has stayed the same for 2 years I should know I'm the neive idiot who believes they will upload new content don't bother mate I've signed up and cancelled 4 times never again, Netflix USA is much better and is worth £6 a month but the dns always fails when they catch on, not worth it, given up with streaming services

    kris 5/21/14 10:27AM
  • I have canceled my Netflix in Jan but still seem to getting charged on my credit card each month

    I would appreciate that this be taken care of asap and a refund for $7.99 for 5 months

    Thank YOu

    Anonymous 5/14/14 7:37AM
  • Through a mistake of my own, it appeared I had 2 different accounts. An automatic withdrawal was being taken for both monthly. The service representative and her supervisor were EXTREMELY friendly, professional, and helpful in resolving my issue. Though I was unable to recoup the total amount of overpayment, I did at least receive half, for which I am greatly appreciative.

    ANITA 5/12/14 4:39PM
  • Thank you for your notice of price increase. I can't help but believe that this increase, though it is not for me right now, is an action as a result of your company partnering with comcast. They always want more money and they never deliver on the service the lie about providing.

    When in two years my rate increases I will consider leaving because all comcast does and intends to keep doing is rip people off. They will swallow your company whole and It's too bad Netflix joined with such an unscrupulous corporation.

    I can never have the same view of Netflix as I had prior to this horrible union it has made with a known predator. Maybe somebody thought this might increase profits for Netflix but it will increase profit for comcast. That company wants to get back customers it lost from cable then drive up the price for internet service and control streaming.

    I hope HULU and other streaming services uses better judgment.

    dm 5/9/14 6:52AM
  • This is for all the people complaining about being billed for a year or more and never using the account. Why should Netflix have to refund this money? If you join a gym and you pay for it for 2 years and never go, should the gym refund all the payments? Hell no! You are responsible for cancelling the membership and keeping track of your funds. Don't try and blame your laziness or pure irresponsibility on the company.

    Pwnsy 5/6/14 2:27PM
  • It seems that when the price changed Netflix decided to go worst.
    The DVD side is a scam that I just got tired of, the movies are never available, long wait scratched or unplayable on top of that they never seen to arrived to Netflix the day they supposed to even if you mail them by 4 pm the same day of arrival.
    I just dropped the DVD side and I think the stream is not far behind, I am tired of bad service and excuses.

    Anonymous 5/4/14 3:40PM
  • My netflix stopped working on April 29'. The website is unavailable as well. So what are you supposed to do when this happens? Does netflix not have a customer service department?

    Anonymous 5/2/14 9:17AM
  • Im very upset in what just occurred. So i started a tv show called the secret life of the american teenager and as soon as the episode was over i clicked the arrow to continue to the second one. It closes down saying some sort of error had occurred. I restart the netflix page and search the show i was watching and it no longer exists?! What is this and why did it happen. Not impressed.

    Anonymous 4/14/14 1:34PM
  • You took $14.95 twice out of my account and was wondering why? If it was a mistake could please refund me one. Also i only have the streaming plan so the fee should only be $7.99. And not almost 15 that i was. Could you look intto think foe me? My phone is and my email is .please let me what happens i really appreciate you helping me in this.


    Regina Sweckard.

    Ras1979 4/10/14 1:47PM
  • What's the point of subscribing to a streaming service when they are unable to provide sufficient speed to stream a tv show? What makes it even more ridiculous is that they are aware of the problem.

    YbekoYlimaf 3/27/14 7:06AM
  • The telephone call center in a one way road. That is you can contract them but they cannot make outbound calls.

    I was trying to pay my bill. Their system failed and locked me out. I need to recontact them to fix their problem.

    I did not get on sorry for your inconvenience. There concern was rather I understood what they said rather than was I satisfied. They could take some lessons from DIRECT TV.

    Anonymous 3/24/14 2:29PM
  • I have had a lot of trouble with Netflix lately. When I first got it, it was great! Then, about a year after I got it, things started going wrong. Whatever I was watching would stop to "load" every two minutes or so. An I have discovered that Netflix isn't putting full tv series on instant. The episode are all out of order and there are even episodes missing! I'm very disappointed. I would like to see all of a show, and in order thank you very much! I would very much like to know why they are keeping me from watching my favorite shows and movies. If this continues I'm going to take my business elsewhere.

    Yours truly,
    A disappointed user

    Hercules Fan 3/19/14 5:47PM
  • Netflix spawns the same yarn whenever i contact them to complain about constant stops and reloads. they like to blame the isp, in my case Comcast. when i tell the i have 50mbps service, and my blu ray is hardwired, initially they ignore it and talk about wireless connectivity issues. after i repeat several times it is HARDWIRED, they blame Comcast. then they say i should contact Comcast and have my signal rerouted. its all BS. And after i tell them the problem does not exist with amazon, youtube or crackle. they come back and say they just made a deal with Comcast to improve service...its about time but when will the Netflix customer see the service would be great if all Netflix customers cancelled their service for a month

    Anonymous 3/16/14 7:45PM
  • alright so just found out that netflix is going downhill spiral again cause there are no good movies to watch because netflix puts up movies on the free side that everyone has already seen a million times its boring watching all the movies we have seen netflix you need to put some good movies on the free side cause no one wants to watch crappy movies on the free side anymore netflix you can do better than that

    Anonymous 3/5/14 12:42PM
  • Why when you try and call corporate office you can not talk to any one at all, just asking ?

    Ghost007 3/4/14 6:57AM
  • cant get on to Netflix now when I do get on it freezes also tells me I am not connected and try again later I keep repeating procedures but nothing works for me

    getting very frustrated

    I used to pull the plug and re set it but that doesant work anymore

    the box is 2yrs old I paid 100$ for it


    Anonymous 3/2/14 2:02PM
  • Dear Mr. Reed Hastings. I hope that as a business man you take time to read my story and the below stories. In business, you need to be relational and realize that reputation is everything. These are real consumers who used your business in honest ways. We continue to see the fallout of US business because the words honesty and customer service are gone. I wish you well in your future with Netflix and would recommend searching/goggling all of the social media remarks and turning the stories into positive endings. I believe that all of the below stories of charging accounts wrongly occured within the time frame of your companies growing pains. It is our honest money that your company dishonestly took.

    I found the following clip from an article Seeing RED published in Vanity Fair February 2012 interesting. This is a clip taken from the article written by Wiliam D Cohan.

    Since this was not rocket science, it took about a nano-second for Netflix's 24 million or so customers to realize that they were being hit with a 60 percent price increase; what had once cost $10 a month would now cost $16. Even though the price to see a first-run movie in a theater on the nation's two coasts averages around $13 per ticket, the social networks and the blogosphere lit up with such instant fury you might have thought Hastings had dropped a nuclear device on his customers. Greg Heitzmann, a University of Missouri graduate, was typical of the nearly 13,000 people who went on the Netflix Blog to express their anger: "To say the least, I am shocked and appalled at your recent behavior," Heitzmann wrote. "Your nominal price increase, while unexpected, does not deter my loyalty. However, your mouthpiece Jessie Becker's presentation of this upcharge-as an added choice for my own benefit-insults my intelligence and reveals the breadth of your arrogance. Had I been treated like an adult and informed of these changes in a straightforward, honest manner, perhaps we could rekindle our spark. Unfortunately, this course of action is no longer available; your condescending and manipulative tone has irreparably ruined our relationship." Heitzmann canceled his subscription. He was not alone. More than 800,000 Netflix subscribers dropped the service within months of the July announcement.

    As customers continued to flee, Hastings leapt into the fray to try to explain. "I messed up," he wrote on the Netflix Blog on September 18. "I owe everyone an explanation. It is clear from the feedback over the past two months that many members felt we lacked respect and humility in the way we announced the separation of DVD and streaming, and the price changes. That was certainly not our intent, and I offer my sincere apology."

    "We weren't doing the price change to raise profits or something," he elaborated to me. "We were doing it because we were so focused on becoming the streaming company and the global streaming company that we always wanted to be, and always have wanted to be." He said that he sees the future of Netflix similarly to how big telephone companies see their futures in wireless, rather than in landline, phones. "Most companies that are great at something-like AOL dialup or Borders bookstores-do not become great at new things people want (streaming for us) because they are afraid to hurt their initial business," he wrote on the blog.
    Taken from an article found by Googling Netflix CEO
    Hastings took the blame for the failure to communicate better with customers. "In hindsight, I slid into arrogance based upon past success," he wrote. "But now I see that given the huge changes we have been recently making, I should have personally given a full justification to our members of why we are separating DVD and streaming, and charging for both. It wouldn't have changed the price increase, but it would have been the right thing to do."

    Here is my story. My husband asked me about the Net Flex charges coming out of our checking account. I told him that after our last conversation about "budget cuts" I called to cancel the account with Net Flex via phone because the charges were going to double with the new pricing Netflix announced. Of course, Net Flex shows no record of this~ I went back into my archived emails and have not received any marketing materials via mail or email since the date of closing my account in 2012 So honestly,I considered this account closed. They continued to charge my account every month. Spoke to Home Office today and all they can do is say sorry and refund me 1 month. I asked politely to reconsider? look at my account do you see any activity? any emails to me? Even meet me half way? The answer reluctantly was sorry we don't but that is all we can do.

    I found these too. Looks like I am not the only one. Customer service and long term profitability all rely on one thing~

    I have been being charged twice every month on my credit card for Netflix service for 2 years now, ever since going to streaming instead of CDs. I called them and they said they only show that I was being charged once a month and said they searched their entire system and they have no other charges under my number. I called the credit card company and they investigated with me. They found that it had been going on since Jan. of 2012. This is now Jan. 2014. I didn't realize it had been that long. I procrastinated on this for a few months but they refuse to admit that they are double charging us. I cancelled that card number out of Netflix and we're still getting charged. I am out $191 so far, need to see if it comes through again this month. If someone decided to do a class action suit, I'm in as long as I don't have to lay out any more money.

    Netflix has been double billing me for months (after I requested that the double billing be remedied). They were unable to find my double accounts via my name and had to check via the credit card #. They could have done this back in March when I called, but did not. They are now waffling about whether or not I will get a refund for anything else but last month's double billing. I will definitely cancel my membership if the refund is not for the complete amount. Especially since I've called about this problem already. This is not the way to keep customers.

    Netflix over charged me for over a year by charging 2 different accounts even though one had no account activity on it. Once I finally realized it, I complained and was told they would only refund 2 months' worth of charges on one of the accounts. I told them to close the accounts so I would not be charged any more. After some time I wanted to sign up for Netflix to watch a show that is only available on cable which I don't have and Netflix. When I tried to sign up, I was told a permanent block was put on my debit card and my account was listed as having fraudulent activity. There was no fraudulent activity except on Netflix's account and I never told them to put a hold on my card. They refuse to take the block off of my card or take the fraud label off of the account. I suppose so they can try to justify overcharging me for so long.

    The only people that will communicate with you are first level lackeys that keep repeating the same thing over and over. This company has horrible practices, horrible customer service, and no one who is willing to take responsibility for any errors they make. I understand I am just one of many who have been overcharged by this sham of a company and also not able to find someone who is willing to fix the problem. There's needs to be some oversight and investigation into Netflix.

    Schultz 2/21/14 1:08PM
  • Netflix has been double billing me for 5 months. When I opened an account in August 2013 I accidently established an account as I immediately corrected my mistake and established it with They have been billing me on two different credit cards for one real account and one unused account since September. When I called customer service, they would only give me 2 out of 5 months credit. This was after talking to a manager. Abysmal customer support

    clarkeconsumer 2/14/14 1:58PM
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  • They did what geek squad couldnt. they fixed the problem (conection issues to internet(why i called geek squad) on both netflix and other websites.

    Yesssssssss 7/15/14 3:34PM
  • I just got off the phone with customer service. My phone call was answered in about 30 seconds and I was greeted by a very pleasant and helpful man by the name of Tristen. He fixed my situation in not more than a minutes time and the conversation left me smiling and in an overall good mood. So I got his name again so I could take a minute to write this comment out as thanks for such a pleasant experience. The world we live in right now doesn't have enough of customer care employees like the gentleman I am referring to. Thank You again for such great service which is why I love being a netflix customer!

    willowClearwater4 6/21/14 11:05AM
  • I am furious that my daughters favorite show "Trotro" is no longer available... neither is "Taratabong, Land of the Melodities"... she was to the point where those shows are the only ones that calmed her before bed and now BOTH OF THEM ARE GONE JUST OUT OF THE BLUE WITH NOW WARNING?! I ask her if she wanted to wtch trotro only to find myself in the center of a meltdown when i couldnt find it...the least Netflix could do is monitor our recemntly or as an email to I us if preferred shows are going to be removed. This is horrible cutomer service.... JUST HORRIBLE!!!

    Tim 6/4/14 7:42PM
  • Netflix customer service is exemplary...always pleasant, knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful.

    Anonymous 5/28/14 4:43AM
  • I just have to compliment your customer service. I am SO impressed !
    Every time I call, the wait time is less than a minute and you have such friendly and knowledgable staff.!

    You really have great employees and keep up the great work!
    My account email address is [email protected]

    [email protected] 5/14/14 12:41PM
  • I have never talked to someone so nice in customer service support. I spoke to two different people and they were both exceptionaly nice. Very happy with netflix

    kharissa 5/10/14 2:16PM
  • Geez. I forgot the expiration date on my credit card and we wanted to watch Gunsmoke. I mean literally, as soon as I hit the enter key and updated my credit card, the show started. Talk about fast. Thank you NetFlix.

    vicarnes 2/11/14 7:11PM
  • Please Add To Your Selections Some 70's And 80's Nightly Or Weekly Soap Opera Type Of Drama. Etc, Knots Landing, Dallas Series I Know I Would Like To Just Sit And Watch These Classics.

    Thank You For Your Time
    Gloria Hardin

    Netflix Customer.

    GLORIA HARDIN 2/10/14 11:27AM
  • Oh and there are a lot of negative comments on here about Netflix, but anytime I have a problem which is rare, they quickly and kindly help me! I find something new to watch everyday, yes I watch tv everyday, good selection could have more but honestly you are paying 8 bucks a month that's less than a meal for two at mcdonalds! And it's a lot cheaper than cable! And it's stupid to get mad when they don't have a certain movie or show you want, idk how it works but I'm sure not everyone would be ok with their show or movie being on netflix for a bunch of people to watch for pretty much nothing example,, if Netflix had friends I wouldn't of bought it on DVD!

    Anonymous 1/14/14 4:38PM
  • I love Netflix! Customer service is awesome. They helped me faster then I thought possible it was great! Thank you so much!!!

    Anonymous 12/3/13 7:02PM
  • Followed your instructions, guy picked up in no time. took the time to discuss buffering issue and made some suggestions that actually helped!

    netflix user 11/8/13 3:11PM
  • I have never got so much for so little. English speaking customer service and on hold for 30 secs. Amazing.

    Anonymous 10/19/13 12:25AM
  • Love netflix. Best company to work with. I work with them daily and have never had a problem. Just remember, it states in their terms and conditions, the trial is not a "free trial". It states in their terms and conditions. :) thanks netflix. love you all

    Anonymous 9/30/13 2:07PM
  • Working for netflix has good and bad things about. I see a lot of comments about money not being refunded or just one month being refunded. Some people get annoyed by it and i totally understand how that can be a problem, but when it all comes down to it, YOU YOURSELF SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO THE MONEY BEING TAKEN OUT OF "YOUR" ACCOUNT. So yes you were charged 12 months, it is not netflix's fault you just now realized your account wasn't cancelled. So keep track of your own financial issues and you will have no problems.

    johnnywetsocks 8/26/13 6:19AM
  • Very pleased with customer service -- problem not solved but service tech recommended I change browsers and I will do so, hope to resolve problem that way.

    Anonymous 7/15/13 7:54AM
  • Netflix customer service is absolutely fantastic. Quick, no scripts. The rep i spoke with sounded like he loved working there and actually cared about helping me. I wish all customer service experiences were the same.

    JLA 7/7/13 8:53PM
  • I just joined yesterday and my family is really enjoying it. I also would like to say that Netflix has the nicest and most helpful customer service dept. I have ever dealt with. I have called 3 different times with questions and every person I talked to was so nice and helpful! Thank you!

    Joy 6/22/13 7:01PM
  • I went online to the chat and was connected to a Rep within minutes. She was friendly, courteous and very helpful. Thank you so much Crystal.You were fantastic!

    Kimberley 6/22/13 5:47PM
  • im a new costumer. so far so good . i have no problem. watching movies. . i think the problem is internet provider.... but other than that . is awesome.

    viroleño77 6/14/13 1:06AM
  • I've found NetFlix customer service to be very good overall. Any time that I've received a disc that wouldn't play they've sent a replacement right away. When I've contacted customer service with billing questions or account questions I've found them very helpful.
    When they changed to Silverlight recently I didn't have as good of an experience but the customer service reps responded quickly and tried to assist the best that they could.

    TJ123 5/29/13 10:53PM
  • Okay, I contacted asking about info on why "Hey Arnold!" and other Nick shows were going off NetFlix. I contacted through online chat. A woman named Tiffany responded. She responded in detail, quickly, and was willing to answer my other questions. I love NetFlix, and I also love "Hey Arnold!". It meant a lot that she was able to answer my questions.

    BlahBlahGirl 5/21/13 11:34AM
  • I had two separate charges within days. Turns out I have a DVD account and a streaming account. After finding out why. I cancelled my DVD account. Problem resolved!

    Anonymous 4/23/13 6:29AM
  • I had been trying to hold out on contacting customer service the longest I could, because usually it was horrible. Not this time. There was a man named Karl that was extremely helpful. Not even five minutes and it was fixed. He looked up a link for me to go to fix it and everything. I was very, VERY satisfied. And they don't make it hard to get a hold of anyone. Numbers and live chat are clearly placed.

    Hannah 4/11/13 6:16PM
  • Every contact with real NetFlix person has been ideal.

    Anonymous 3/20/13 6:42AM
  • I think Netflix is great. Customer services are fantastic, they are so friendly over the phone, which personally I feel is difficult to find these days. Great for watching films or TV shows and very easy to use. Its the little things like the "top 10 for you" and "Because you've watched", and all the other categories, that make a difference. Its a lot easier to find a film you will enjoy, if you don't know what your looking for. I also like how it records your account, so if your watching a series and you watch it on your phone then your computer and it will catch up to were you last where on either device. Yeah some of the films are older, but there still great movies.

    I can't actually complain about there service ,great value for money.

    Anonymous 3/12/13 3:39PM
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  • How can Netflix employees complain that they treat their employees terribly? Netflix has an unlimited PTO policy. UNLIMITED! If you ask me, it sounds like Netflix trusts their employees enough to get their work done and rewards them handsomely. The negative comments made by the employees are definitely ones that would have a difficult time working for any company, due to their own personality and work ethic flaws.

    anonymous1985 10/17/13 8:24AM

  • I used to work there - didn't make it through training, as they want you to be a robot who spits out pretend understanding and "care" but really just is a robot with a fake smile. They only want money.

    Their database is a pathetically difficult to navigate high school-like stream of unorganized information presented as "well organized resources".. makes it hard to please customers and provide service!

    They ought to reimburse customers automatically per day of outage - based on monthly charge - it would stop a lot of other fleeing customers. They are egotistical idiots.

    anonymous 6/29/12 10:08PM

  • My hushand used to work for NETFLIX and they are very unethical. I wish someone would give them a taste of their medicine. As they out right treat employees pretty crap that are not in management. Another thing they need to send their supervisors and Mgrs to classes on how to treat employees, I would be surprised to hear in the news that someone is taking them to court. It would serve them right...

    Usedtolikenetflix 1/4/10 9:36AM

  • Having worked at Netflix for more than a couple years and seeing how they treat customers who have been billed incorrectly, I feel the need to let others know that Netflix will generally always default to NOT refunding money that was billed incorrectly. Most of the time there are not billing errors. However, I can recall countless cases, especially where gift certificates were involved, whereby Netflix outright just took people's money without providing any service in return. It hard to say how many millions of dollars have been removed from people's accounts as a result of some of Netflix's practices.

    Now that I recently took a job elsewhere, I feel that people should know Netflix has some questionable business practices. They do provide a fairly decent service for a reasonable price; but you do have to deal with a company that in some regards is not ethical to get that service.

    Do with this information as you will. For what it is worth, I use Blockbuster.

    jason 9/5/09 8:03PM

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